Graphic thoughts to end the week by:

It’s funny how that happens isn’t it?

Slick Willy’s sincere concern?

That goes without saying…

Being deplorable never felt better.




  1. He knows her for who she is…a 'fuck-up' who has a history of being wrong about everything. She was a useful tool of the Russians, now discarded. The Russians feel that Barack is sub-human and that happens to be a fact even though it's not politically correct to say it. (check out LSP's latest blog post) The whole Obama Flying Circus has been an international joke.

  2. The word "patriot" is a dirty word in the Obama Administration and Hillary has claimed that patriots are despicable. That notwithstanding, I accept the term "patriot" despite their disdain. Old School is a good place to be.

  3. In the current political climate, being a "Deplorable" is being a good citizen. Not only are the Shillary supporters drinking the Kool-Aide, they are fighting to lick the bowl.

  4. One day obama and the Russian were great pals, the next day they weren't speaking. Why? Who didn't live up to a promise? I'll give you a hint: clinton.

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