FREE SPEECH & The Police

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The Right to Free Speech ->

Before you watch the video, I want you to consider your rights to self expression in a free land. I want you to ponder what you always wanted to tell the police when they stopped you for a minor traffic violation.

Maybe one day the police will be warm and caring. Maybe one day they will give up eating red meat for tofu. Maybe one day they will take flower arranging classes instead of martial arts to get in touch with their inner child. Maybe one day they will turn in their semi-automatic handguns for less lethal feather-dusters. Maybe one day you will be able to get away with insulting them at will without ending up in the gray-bar hotel or looking up while laying flat on a gurney in the emergency room of a hospital.
But it’s not one day. It’s today.
And discretion is the better part of valor.
Sometimes “Sorry Officer” is not quite enough.

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