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Should the Corrupt Mainstream Media be Considered to be 
(NY Post) CNN on Monday walked back an “exposé” on Attorney General Jeff Sessions that turns out to have exposed nothing, except maybe the network’s own bias.
The original report back in May blared that Sessions hadn’t listed those two meetings with Russia’s ambassador on his FBI disclosure forms prior to his Senate confirmation hearings. Now CNN admits that the FBI told Sessions not to list any of his dozens of meetings with other countries’ diplomats as part of his senatorial duties.
To be fair, the May story did note the Sessions camp’s claims about the FBI’s guidelines. But it also quoted a Beltway “expert” as saying that Sessions should’ve listed every meeting anyway.
What forced CNN to “clarify”? A right-wing group’s Freedom of Information request produced an FBI e-mail from March that proved Sessions right.
The misleading May report became part of the litany of alleged Team Trump deception on its Russia contacts, showing up in The Atlantic as well as stories for ABC News, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and so on — all “confirming” Sessions’ supposed lack of candor in his verbal testimony.
Monday’s ’fess-up follows last week’s stunning CNN retraction of an incorrect report that WikiLeaks informed Donald Trump Jr. of dirt before releasing it publicly.
CNN (among others) plainly needs to start asking more questions when partisan sources hand it “bombshells” that seem to confirm the now-very-thin “collusion” narrative.
You’ll note that the FBI told Sessions to do one thing in regard mandatory reporting and then when the corrupt, evil, lying, smug, sneering, sly mainstream media began to crucify the Attorney General in the court of public opinion, they stood by AND-SAID-NOTHING.

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  1. The FBI lies even when it's against their self interest. I'm sure that it's taught behavior because not everyone who joins is a soulless cur (when they join).

  2. everyone who joins is a soulless cur (when they join).

    And some are, like a high school classmate who made a career there.

  3. CNN has never let truth and facts interfere with a good story, especially if it involves Trump. The FBI, on the other hand, uses truth and facts if they are in their favor. But I have to believe that all this is in and around the belt way. Out in the boonies, I think there are some good agents who try to do the right thing.

  4. And that's what we've come to expect from our mendacious, sycophantic, lying, elitist, venal, sly mainstream media.

    Hypocrisy, lies and yet more hypocrisy as they carry water for the party of Baal.

  5. It is still some years left. Hopefully everything will be known to the public. But I can't say it strengthen the trust to the US legislative system, the FBI, the media and the politicians, especially the Democrats, as long it seem they all are operated by people with a hidden agenda. politico.com/story/2017/12/12/justice-mueller-ethics-waiver-russia-291707

  6. I can't say that. I know MANY FBI Special Agents and have worked in and around them through a healthy piece of my career. A good percentage are soulless curs, but not all.

  7. I'm clearly not here as an FBI apologist. One of the problems they have is that they continually cover up incompetent or criminal conduct on the part of their employees. I have seen nearly countless incidents, and over times it becomes part of the culture and the backbone of the Bureau.

  8. The general public don't have a reputation of careful investigation of the situation. They are easily swayed by bread and circus. Thus the problem will endure.

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