I read the foreign press and lament that there is no more Foreign Broadcast Information Service feed (now called the Open Source Center – but OSC is not as cool) to do the work and condense it for me. The chatter about Donald Trump is more intense there than it is on Fox and CNN. I don’t hear anything about Rubio (the boy king), Cruz, Kasich or Carson or I would report it here for your consumption.
This is a brief summary:
The British are furious with his proposal to halt the flow of Muslims into America until we can get a handle on it. I don’t understand why, because we clearly have lost the capacity to link Islam and terrorism under the Obama Regime. I don’t expect outright hostility from the British. We’ve traditionally been helpful to them once we worked out those two wars in the 1700’s and 1800’s.  I expect that if Trump were to win the election, he’d ask for the bust of Churchill to be returned on loan and would put it back in the Oval Office. (Obama sent it back)
The Chinese are concerned that future trade deals won’t be favorable to them and are already whining to the World Trade Organization about a potential Trump presidency. Clearly they’d favor a Clinton in the White House.
Mexico assures its population that they will NOT pay for a wall on our Southern Border that will be 10 ft. higher than originally planned. Their economy would suffer horribly with a stoppage of narcotics flowing north and cash flowing south and they know it. I can’t blame them. It would create chaos among the narcos.

Greece likes Trump but not in a political way. They just like his style and his hot wife.

The Russians like Trump and they like the fact that Trump has said that he feels that he and Putin could get along. He’s also said that he views Russia as a partner in a fight against ISIS rather than an enemy. For you Russia haters, that’s bad news, but over all we are better off with a president who can get along with everyone, but bows to nobody. That’s my spin. At least foreign governments won’t worry about Trump stealing the silverware from the dinner service.
current photo of
John (Swiftboat) Kerry

The Germans don’t know what to make of Trump. Since one of the most daunting problems that Germany has faced in the last fifty years is the million military age Muslims that they let in the country.

Of course all of this is jumping the gun. Trump may not do as well as predicted today and two weeks from today in the presidential primary, and he may not be able to prevail against John (Swiftboat) Kerry in a general election.

Will Kerry’s bad plastic surgery become an issue in the campaign? Compare the current photo (right) and the 2003 photo (lower left). A conspiracy theorist might just point that they’re not the same guy. A Manchurian candidate scenario?  Which one is Swiftboat John and which one is an imposter? I actually prefer the hound dog look of the old Kerry to the plastic botox of the current one. Maybe he’ll go in for a bit more surgery while he’s waiting for DOJ to indict Hillary?


  1. I'm still dubious about this whole indictment thing. Barry's gotta pull the trigger on it, and he's not doing it.

    I would repeat my ham sandwich joke here, but I think you get it already.

  2. The saying goes that a federal grand jury would indict a ham sandwich (as the joke goes) and that IS true simply by the nature of grand juries. It's almost always a true bill. That is clearly not what the FBI/DOJ want in this situation since it will be one of the most closely reviewed criminal cases in the nation's history. Having been involved in extremely complex criminal investigations ( amazon.com/Orange-County-Bankruptcy-Investigative-Summary-ebook/dp/B005CBF83G/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8), I can suggest to you that they need to get it right and they just got the last of the over 2,000 e-mails. We'll see. I'm persuaded that should the case be there and should Barack fail to act, you'd see mass resignations from the top of the FBI which would likely provoke a Constitutional crisis.

  3. I guess you're right, LL. Conservatives, however, are craving some red meat. And Barry is not really known for his careful consideration of all the facts before he acts. I am not convinced that a constitutional crisis is something Barry wants to avoid. I'm not sure that is a consideration at all with Barry.

    I think Barry's as dirty as dirt in this whole email thing. Prepare for a constitutional crisis. And a short staffed FBI executive suite.

  4. PS: I would have read "The Orange County Bankruptcy: An Investigative Summary", LL, but the Amazon Kindle version wanted me to fork over $4.99. I settled for the summary of the summary.

  5. LL, I hope you're right and the boom lowers on the Old Boot and its crew — and a Trump v. Swiftboat would be interesting, too…

  6. You all may gang up on me if DOJ does nothing, but I don't see how they can. As upset as the GOP is now, it will be worse for the Dems if Kerry steps into the comfortable shoes and takes the nomination away from Sanders. — ah, what a mess.

  7. Just a side note about "Swiftboat Kerry". I worked for several years with a man named Frank Schmidt. He served, as an enlisted man, in the same division at the same time as Kerry as an engine-man (snipe?). He said that at that time and place Kerry was the real deal. He had nothing good to say about his conduct after leaving the Navy. Frank also had a low opinion of most of the officers he served under.

  8. I wasn't there. I don't know of Kerry's military conduct except from reports from others. His conduct after he served was beyond disgraceful.

  9. I worked with officers who were in Swiftboats with Kerry, NONE of them had anything good to say. According to them, all his Purple Hearts were 'bandaid' ones…

  10. I only bring this up because an attack on his reputation is an attack on the reputation of the crew who had no choice in who commanded them.

  11. I don't see it that way. As a former naval officer, my conduct did reflect on that of those under my command, but Kerry's character was born out not only by his service – but by his life. And we can each make of that as we will.

    Kerry had gone to Yale and had joined the right fraternity (Skull and Bones) and when he was in the service, he turned to the CNO (a fellow of the craft) directly for recognition and a hand up and out. It's an interesting study, and I have only grazed the surface.

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