Identify the Drones

(attached to the B-52)


Identify the Tanks



Bullet Points:

**(Gateway Pundit) On Wednesday night Alex Berenson posted information on a new study from China that shows four COVID jabs can send the immune system into complete collapse.

** Try to be informed, and not just opinionated.

** Replace the “Great Reset” with the Great Awakening and dump the globalists, the freaks, and the misfits. I’m afraid that a great number of professors would be asking people at the drive-through if they want fries with their order.

** From CDR Salamander – I love how he turns a phrase at times:

The whole World Economic Forum/Davos experience is one part Bond villain parody, one part clout-seeking billionaires, one part megalomania, a heaping cup of greed, and a dash of rent-seeking.

In 2023 things have reached the point where any association with Davos should put an individual or organization under notice of suspicion. Amazing to see people who claim to be American conservatives or lovers of liberty attending in a non-ironic, non-protesting capacity.

This wannabee gaggle of quasi-oligarchs and autocrat throne sniffers represents everything that is wrong with the human desire for control, and power, and to crush the individual for fun and profit.

They pretend to be the world government in waiting that no one asked for, no one wants, and trust me on this – no one wants to live under. Being unaccountable to the people is their ideal state…As an American, I have no problem saying that. America is a revolutionary nation that twice in its history drenched its soil with blood to ensure the rights of the individual over government and an unaccountable ruling class lording over those they considered lesser humans. (more here)

** Know where to hit the robot:

** The left is already signaling that Kamala will replace Pedo Joe to finish out his term. I don’t have much of a problem with a whore as president, but must it be such a DUMB WHORE?


  1. Identify the Drones:
    Lockheed D-21

    Identify the Tanks:
    1. To follow
    2. Strv-103 colloquially known as the S-tank

    • At least I made you look.

      The drone is a D-21B – unsuccessful but a move in the right direction for Lockheed.

      The Strv-103 is an up-armored variant, but still called the 103/S-Tank

      • Seriously exceptional (notwithstanding the fact you keep finding MORE pics of obscure tanks to ID, never knew so many variation/models had been developed.)

        Truly tho, the only one I could ID without help would be The Heemeyer, a proper “hybrid” transport vehicle.

  2. In re WEF: from Quoth The Raven’s site – “Among the many wretched, slimy and odious things that are increasingly giving me the creeps as the sands of my life’s hourglass continue to fall is the World Economic Forum: a collective of self-righteous global elites handing down virtues, values, lessons, lectures and political initiatives to us peons out here in the rest of the world.”
    I see that Peter Grant has some of the quote and a link to the substack entry.

    • In this case, Sweden was using the ‘tank’ moniker as more of a design concept.

      What do you field against other main battle tanks? Well, main battle tanks.

      Though, as our host said, it’s more of a purpose-built anti tank self-propelled gun. Literally a turret on tracks. Designed with Sweden’s and only Sweden’s interests at heart, and only Sweden’s geography.

      And, well, even with the funky highly expensive hydraulic aiming system (using the running gear to move the whole gun system) it was still cheaper than a tracked turreted gun system.

  3. Actually I am hoping the ‘kamal’ the knee sliding whore is injected into the pResidency to finish up the biden’s term. Nothing could galvanize this country as that crackling, brain damaged excuse for a woman. I don’t believe the cheat could handle the flux of voters that demand a fair election and ignore and turn their backs on her.

  4. Another useless human being…proving that The Oval Office and 98% of Congress has become a farce…okay, no quarter given…ALL of Congress. Shakespeare could not have written a better implosion tragedy. Why stop the Cliff Dive, go the full-court press, install the Brainless Kackler behind {under?) the Resolute Desk while preening how “wonderful it is a (B)lack woman has risen to the highest office” Whoopie! [cushion]. (Hint: Kammy is not black – large or small ‘b’…and her heritage includes slave ownership that no one from THAT SIDE talks about.)

    So go for it…don’t hold back…I have plenty of popcorn to view the NG Fueled Double Dumpster Fire from the safety of my distant cheap seat.

    • There wouldn’t be press conferences, but the Camel would give one hell of a State of the Union, cackling through three hours of useless trivia.

      Hey, PaulM, if she self-identifies as a negro, she is one. If she identifies as a birthing person, she’s that too. If I identify as a 13-year-old, female, non-birthing, two-spirit Eskimo, who are YOU to say that I’m not? You know that the FBI will lock arms behind her in stalwart support for every single cackle.

  5. Unless I’m mistaken (Has happened before) if they install Heels-up Harris now, she can conceivably serve for two and a half terms. Sure looks like Biden is being prepped for the big push out the door like day old fish. Interesting times to say the least.

  6. I predict that if Brandon is dragged out of the Oval Orifice with extreme prejudice and Harris is selected Prez there will not be a United States of America in which to hold an election in 2024.

  7. As shiloh says, the people behind Harris will potentially have 2.5 terms as her as the head muppet in charge.

    Of course, then who becomes the vice-president? That’s the spawn of Satan who we really have to worry about.

    And, hah, if you go back and look at my comments during and post-selecton 2020, I predicted all of this. That Biden would end up being removed, that Harris will take over and either the people-who-control-her or the new VP will actually finish out the term and get two more afterwards because our election system is broken.

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