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Welcome to the weekly axe grinding session.

The Iranian Nuke Deal makes sense now that I know that the plan is for Iran to do their own inspections and to report their compliance rather than having Americans and other spies nosing around their bombs and nuclear program. It’s obvious why the side deal was kept secret. I mean, it would damage the possibility of getting Congress to sign off on it if the public knew that we wouldn’t be allowed to check compliance – – and had to trust the nation that repeatedly calls for our destruction and that of the State of Israel.
Will we end up in a war with Iran in the next twenty years? Likely. Who will start it? That’s a more difficult question and begs questions like, ‘why did we fake the Gulf of Tonkin Incident’, a pretext for the Vietnam war. Why did we invade Iraq when the evidence all pointed to an absence of weapons of mass destruction? You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist because most of them aren’t theories really…except for alien abductions. But then I worked on cases where illegal alien drug dealers were kidnapped and I found out that alien abductions are real.  See, I can’t be that serious about the Iranian Nuke Deal because if I was to be, my invective toward the president, and the political class in America would violate my rule of general civility on this blog.

Shaun King (h/t LSP), a member of the racial pressure group #black lives matter, is apparently not a negro. He’s been outed. Would a DNA test be conclusive? Not so fast.

We all know that if a man cuts parts off and adds implants, he’s still genetically a man, even though he’s legally a woman. It’s the same for a woman who wants to be a man. It’s called progressive behavior. 

Race, it seems is not a matter of genetics either. What does it take to be a negro? Rachael Dolezal (you all remember her) rose to high standing in the NAACP with a spray-on tan and a perm. She even taught college classes on how she (as a negro) had been kept down by white oppression. Now there is Shaun King, a white guy who has pretended to be black to cash in on big scholarship money and advantages only available to black people (such as the United Negro College Fund). When you think long and hard about it, you’re going to get a lot more free phones and cheese as a member of the grievance culture than you’d ever get by being white. 

We’ve had a two-term mixed race man in the White House, two black attorneys general, lesbian and black Director of Homeland Security – and on and on. The #2 candidate for president on the other  (Republican Party) is Dr. Ben Carson, a black man. 

Last time the Republican, Herman Cain was a front runner and there is still the rant that the white man is trying to keep the black man down.  Yeah, I know, only black lives matter.

Hillary Clinton is angry at the vast right wing conspiracy that wants to hold her accountable for improperly handling classified material, which we know now was also literally stored in a restroom in Colorado. If the Russians and Chinese don’t have it now, they’re even more incompetent than SecState Clinton – and that’s difficult to believe.

President Obama can always pardon her if she’s indicted to keep her out of federal prison. Once pardoned, she can still run for office and there is no doubt in my mind that she’d remain a Democratic Party front-runner.

Jeb Bush is peeved at Donald Trump, who had to rent a stadium with a capacity of 55,000 for a rally this weekend.  Trump packs them in. Hillary has to pay people to show up and plump black women take the podium over from Bernie Sanders, who just sulks off and…who should have been a colonel – think of the campaign slogans one could come up with.

The California Highway Patrol has recommended that famous transexual Bruce/Cait Jenner be charged with manslaughter for his/her role in an automobile accident where he/she drove recklessly and it lead to another motorists death last year. If sentenced, would he/she serve his/her time in a woman’s custodial facility? And if he/she impregnated his roommate while in custody, what are the legal implications if any? Most men, if asked, would prefer to spend hard time in a women’s prison (pun intended).

Coming to the blog next week: Another short – this one with a science fiction theme.

12 thoughts on “Fishwrap

  1. I went for a walk this morning through some tall grass and found there was a little Hillary on my shoe – but it wiped off.

  2. I listened to Trump's Mobile rally last night.
    He knows where the American people like to be scratched.
    Would I vote for him? Over Jeb?
    'Fraid so. In a heartbeat.
    I've had enough!
    Lying RINO's and duplicitous DEMS – to hell with them all.

    Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of comb overs.

  3. They're self imposed rules with my self imposed filter. The rules allow me to call a spade a spade, but I refrain from inflaming people to the extent possible. (and if people are easily inflamed, they combust – too bad/so sad)

  4. To be fair, Rachel, as a white person, did oppress herself by denying herself permission to be that which she was made to be. So she HAS actually suffered oppression at the hands of white people.

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