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California has never met a liberal idea that it didn’t embrace. Therefore it shouldn’t be any wonder that mismanagement, the need to protect the Delta Smelt, and redistributionist policies has led to the San Juaquin Valley (running almost the entire length of the state) being turned into a dust pan. Furthermore, California residents who flow like metastasized cancer cells into surrounding states take their “success story” with them and try and make the nation into California.
V masks are being mass produced for the coming revolution. Order yours while there is still time because you don’t want to be caught in a less than fashionable moment.
“Look deeply into the picture and vote for Hillary” – I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.

7 thoughts on “Fishwrap

  1. When China wants its money, that they've loaned us over many years, can we just give them California and be done with it?

  2. According to liberals, the food stamp "fun" fact just proves that the system is working.

    And please stop sending your California refugees to Arizona. We'd like to remain a free state.

  3. Give them part of San Francisco — wall off The Tenderloin. They can have it and everyone in it as a slave.

  4. Fun fact #301 is not a fun fact, but it sure nails the fundamental philosophy of this administration and the people reporting it.

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