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Ancient Alien theorists ask – 

Ancient Alien theorists ask whether this skull, found in a remote location on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim, could be the remains of a visitor from outer space. Could it be the first reliable evidence of intelligent life from beyond the Solar System?

Resting atop a pile of rocks at the White Wolf Mine, the decapitated remains serve as a trophy to the intrepid hunter who found the possible landing site of the spacecraft, and the grizzly skull.

It’s not a blurred photo of Bigfoot. It’s not a smeared photo of a flying saucer taken by a drunk hippie on a rural road. It’s a skull with other than human DNA.
Was this individual offered as a form of ritual sacrifice to the White Wolf? If so, yes, it is accepted in the spirit in which it was given?

13 thoughts on “Finally, PROOF!

  1. Ah, ya might want to consider that that find is going to be the "butt" of a bunch of teasing from the local natives… lol

  2. Do I sense a new novel in the works? Perhaps something about strange lights along the Mogollon Rim?

    Or perhaps just a Tall Tale to tell the little ones, "Grandpa Style"…..and keep them in line.

  3. The locals don’t matter. I’m trying to get this on network TV. It’s as real as global warming…settled science.

  4. Well, seeing hints of your background, how do we know it is not the northern end of a southbound Yak?

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