Field Notes: Nepal Earthquake Relief

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This is a continuation of Nepal Earthquake Relief, which was posted on this blog yesterday.
The Ghurkas have the best interest of the people in Nepal in mind and they use the funds that you and others donate to directly purchase rice, oil, salt and other kinds of food that is available or produced locally in other parts of Nepal that weren’t impacted by the earthquake. In this way they get the most value for the money spent and support local businesses at the same time.  They are also purchasing material to shelter and protect both the displaced population and food from the annual monsoon that will last for the next two or three months.
The government of Nepal has a reputation for corruption much like most third world countries. The elite dip their beaks at the expense of the people who need help. The government denied landing rights for three British CH-44 Chinook helicopters, which would be used for transportation and to distribute aid directly to impacted areas. There is one airport in Nepal and the Nepalese are using that as a choke point for incoming aid that they will distribute themselves. All inbound material aid is immediately subject to a 10% cash tax and then the inevitable pilfering and profiteering takes place in the government’s distribution network.

What do you call forty thieves surrounding a Ghurka? 

Feel free to e-mail Bishnu Tamang at for any details that you may need.
And thank you on behalf of the people of Nepal for whatever you are able to do.

9 thoughts on “Field Notes: Nepal Earthquake Relief

  1. This pisses me off. To hell with politics. Send in the CH-44's and any other relief shipments along with several Blackhawks to ensure security. People are sick and dying and they want 10% tax? Tell them to pay the Brits and any other country sending help for the fuel and time needed to save their ass.

  2. You and I look at it that way. Those in power see it as an opportunity to get richer.

  3. LSP: The corrupt Nepalese government has got a lot to learn about how to shake down and milk any and all sources of revenue to enrich themselves and their buddies before you can put Nepal and Chicago in the same sentence.

    Or Springfield, Illinois for that matter, a guy names Michael Madigan (D-duh), Speaker of the Illinois House, calls the crooked shots that actually make Chicago crooks look like rank amateurs.

    Madigan and newly-elected reformer Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-duh) are butting heads on trying to reign in Madigans' corruption and bring Illilnois back from abject bankruptcy and insolvency. Who knew this would happen?

  4. Ok, it's true. Nepal has a lot to learn. Maybe we should exile Obama there for a few years after he leaves his throne and he can explain it to them.

  5. Speaking of Obama…. I saw a new title for him somewhere (it may have been here for all I can remember). He was called pResident.

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