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Captioned picture: A Polish Ułan (cavalry lancer – Order of the Knights of the Holy Cross) fighting (defeating) a Russian Cossack.


My shadow—taking a picture of my oldest daughter near Jack’s Canyon, near the White Wolf Mine.


Bullet Points:

** Disassembly – kinda cool.

** Some say: “Craft and genius appear more often among the liberals and freethinkers than among conservatives and traditionalists.”

This is why NPR, or National Propaganda Radio, as it should be called, still attracts viewers. It cloaks its biased liberal articles with slick profiles on musicians, artists, and social events. These serve as the sugar coating on the Woke poison they serve daily, both providing empty intellectual calories.

** Social credit, surveillance societies, and tyranny.

** The Federal Government took aim at Sean Love Combs, also known by his stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or Diddy. He is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, music executive, and actor. Federal law enforcement raided his homes across the country in search of evidence of sexual misconduct. Whereas many high-profile black personalities receive a pass from scrutiny, Sean Combs has said, “Trump is a friend of mine.” I can’t speak to the truth of allegations against him, but he spoke words that put a target on his back.

** If you aren’t a biologist, it can be confusing. (The Bee)

** I responded to Mike_C’s question about killing an automobile engine and locking the doors – yesterday on VM.

I used tracker units that we embedded in vehicles – 20+ years ago. I had a tech who would go to a dealership and practice on the make/model before the event. Then we’d set up on the car and do it (armed with a search warrant). The trackers we used drew power from the target vehicle, and we could kill the engine and lock or unlock the doors. They were advanced at the time and expensive. I’m sure you can buy them at a far cheaper price now.

We’d track the target vehicle, and when it was time, we’d set up a felony car stop with at least two marked units. They initiated a traffic stop by activating overhead lights. If the target vehicle failed to yield, we’d use the tracker control to slow it, kill the ignition, and lock the doors. We’d take the people in the vehicle out one at a time, unlocking and locking doors. The rulebook changed, and situations that could have been violent were controlled. In each case, we acted with the permission of either the Federal District Court or the Superior State Court.

** Survey Question: How do you feel about Bullet Points on Virtual Mirage? (A) I read them; (B) I don’t bother reading them; (C) What are Bullet Points?

** Squatter’s Rights? Why would a squatter have any rights on my property that I would be bound to respect? (Fox News)  Florida – Before this bill, squatters were considered tenants, and there would need to be a process to evict them. But now, this bill strips squatters of those rights.

** The Pittsburg, PA Police are no longer responding to burglaries in progress. There is a hotline that you can call to inform them. Leave a message.

** A primer for re-branding.

** Modern ‘art’ is less like the cave painter chronicling the beauty around him and more like a chimpanzee splashing paint on a canvas because he’s seen people do it. He will make a mess, and that’s all he cares to do.

** The mainstream media spends a lot of time fact-checking. “Real” to them means one is enlightened with the inner knowledge that normal morality is an illusion, God is an obstacle to happiness, and normal laws and customs are instruments of oppression, as our normal words, word usage, rational arguments, and so on. They are endowed with inner knowledge that whispers to them that they are always right, and any time they might seem to be in the wrong (by a creep like you) is a conspiracy of oppressors out to get them.


Illegal Alien Child Labor

(Knoxville News) According to Labor Department officials, immigrant children as young as 14 were found working illegally at a Tuff Torq Tennessee factory that makes parts for John Deere.

Tuff Torq will pay a $296,951 penalty after the department’s Wage and Hour Division confirmed several children worked for the outdoor power equipment parts manufacturer.

It’s all part of open borders and the Biden Regime’s Build Back Better program. I wonder how many other companies are employing illegal alien minors. While we’re on the subject, Tyson Foods denies laying off Americans and hiring workers who came to the U.S. illegally. Tyson Foods attorneys say that those are false claims spread online. They are not planning to hire 52,000 people who came to the U.S. illegally.


Ammo.Com – Worst Places to Own a Firearm in America

(ammo.com article) Cassandra is at it again.

Report Highlights:

  • California is the worst state for gun owners due to strict purchasing and carry laws, as well as high crime rates.
  • New York is the second worst state for gun owners due to its permit-to-purchase and reciprocity laws.
  • IllinoisNew Jersey, and Connecticut take the #3#4, and #5 spot in our list of worst states for gun ownership due to strict purchasing and carrying requirements.
  • North CarolinaSouth Carolina, and OH fall into spots #23#24, and #25 due to new restrictive legislation with some relaxed carry laws.
  • Some states rank lower due to excessive infringements, additional taxes, and the current Governor’s 2A statements.
  • State and local laws defining Stand Your Grand vs. Duty to Retreat vary and should be evaluated case-by-case.


In Case you Forgot

Saturn’s Water Moon (frozen) Enceladus


Identify the Aircraft


The development of this aircraft was sandwiched between the unremarkable Vultee Vanguard and the equally unremarkable Vultee Tornado. But it was not built by Vultee.




Identify the Tank


Five turrets and poor visibility


Identify the Soldier who became an Astronaut


80 thoughts on “Excuses And Accusations

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. McDonnell XP-67
    2. Vultee XP-54
    3. Vultee P-66 Vanguard

    Identify the Tank:

    Identify the Soldier who became an Astronaut:

    This will be my last entry for awhile. Off to Gotham for a family event.

    1. Update to 3: upon further research, I think this is the Vultee V-61, a prototype of what became the P-66.

    1. They did have a lot of problems with those engines and the vigilance required to forestall a core breach was significant.

        1. Wow! to both you guys who got that…I never would have guessed that…my favorite (might have something to do with being an engineer). A favorite scene (the whale Star Trek movie) is him sitting at the Mac to give the plastic plant engineer the “clear aluminum” (al-you-min-ee-um” for Jules) formula…talks into the mouse first, then says, “Oh, the old fashioned way”, then starts typing like a fiend. heh

          1. “Transparent Aluminum”, I believe it was. Scotty’s reply to “It hasn’t been invented yet” was “Well, I guess then he’s the guy who invented it”….

          2. Go back in time to invent the thing you use in the future…always a tough mind concept for me but hey, it worked in the movie so must be real. heh

          3. Transparent Aluminum, or as chemistry students call it, sapphire. Yep. Sapphire. Color is due to impurities, clear sapphire has been the go-to for viewing ports on submersibles and other serious applications for a while.

            Which the engineer at the plastics plant should have twigged to.

            Now, a new process to make large-scale sapphire panels cheaply and/or easily? Now that’s worth a pretty penny.

            “Transparent Aluminum” is right up there with “Organic Foods” (find me a food not made of organic chemicals and I’ll eat it) as a nothing phrase.

            Needless to say, nerds and geeks hate me greatly for popping their minds.

  2. Bullet Points…..A)
    Tyson……Now that the treacherous act has been exposed…? Tyson Foods denies laying off Americans and hiring workers who came to the U.S. illegally. Tyson Foods attorneys say that those are false claims spread online. They are not planning to hire 52,000 people who came to the U.S. illegally.

    1. They admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, they are making counterallegations and are looking for a scapegoat.

      1. Classic DARVO.
        Our present culture is clearly particularly susceptible to the RVO (reverse victim and offender). I do not think that our direct antecedents were similarly susceptible. That pretty much knocks the “it’s because of Christianity” thesis on the head.

        So what IS the cause? When did it happen, and through what means? I’m not being snarky. Serious question. Follow on serious (even seriousER) question: How do we reverse it?

  3. Surveillance State? How about Tyranny On Steroids, treating ‘We The People’ as ‘The Little People’ (aka. subjects) to be controlled…been creeping that direction for 80 years only now with an all out blatant open assault on The Constitution and Bill Of Rights, undermining 1A/2A/etc. by the sleazy backdoor. I’m about ready to go full Luddite – not tin foil hat, but certainly a flip phone would be better (and yeah, Location services is off on the Android unless I need it, so is Google “history”, assuming those ‘off’ settings actually do anything.) But I do

    Earth’s Atmosphere Graphic (we rational types knew this)- Once again proves how those who prefer not to think, coupled to Government, will focus on the tiniest portion to promote some Freedom-robbing anarchy, then foist it onto the rest of us who simply wish to left alone to live our lives as we see fit. The graphic is a true metaphor of how those people operate. Up this way, 2 neighbors applied for a “grant” (aka. our tax dollars being used by some sub-gov’t outfit) to have their land cleared for the Dept. of Ag/Natural Resource Conservation Services (whatever the hay that is), to “clear” their land under the guise of healthy forest initiative, pushed by the County. Got before/after pictures of one of their projects, basically a healthy forest denuded with 1000’s of trees removed. Say it’s to bring the forest “back” to it’s former “healthy” status. To which I asked, “What era are we talking about here?”. “Mid-1800’s?” So the gov’t do-gooders are going to denude private land on our tax nickel (approx. $40K per property). This will be a disaster yet can’t tell these two landowners (weekenders) because in their minds they are getting something “for free” and they get others to do their forest management work. Can’t help the misguided anymore.

    Polish Soldier- I always wondered how guys could ride horseback with all that gear on, especially those helmets. Reminded me – after playing backyard football for years – the first time putting on pads, etc. after joining the Junior High football team, felt like running with a 20# box on. Unwieldy to say the least…maybe why I preferred baseball.

      1. Grammatical errors aside, I too enjoy the Bulletpoints, quick hitters that afford me huge paragraph’s of bloviation opportunity (I blame it on the coffee kick in the pants while procrastinating the home office work). But seriously, always interesting with a broad array of subject matter.

    1. Surprisingly enough, as to wearing all that crap while on horseback, properly worn, most of the weight is negligible. The gear, properly designed, is easy to wear. And a lot of those cavalry helmets were leather, not metal. And were designed to shed the blow, not absorb the blow. All the braid and roping on the coat also is designed to slow or stop a blade.

      And, of course, properly designed and worn, the weight transfers to the horse. Kind of like good armor, like what Richard III was wearing when he died. Weight transferred to the horse while on horse. His problem, due to scoliosis, was once he was on foot it crushed his lungs. Still was strong enough to almost cut his way to Henry Tudor.

      1. Thanks, helps a lot in understanding…which makes total sense as these were usually expert horseman and would know what works and what didn’t.

        1. Beats walking… oh, wait, that’s right, Cavalry Rules: 1 hour on, 1 hour off. Meaning you ride an hour, you walk an hour, that way your horse is fresh in case you get stuck in something and need the speed. So all that? Still good to walk in.

          Armor, good armor and uniforms are just business suits. Buy a cheap, off the rack suit and it will fit… okay. Custom fitted, feels like just wearing a tshirt and shorts. Armor and uniforms are the same, surprisingly easy to move and wear, even the later heavy custom jousting stuff.

  4. Survey…. “A” ….. yes I read them.

    But, I also like a variety. Maps, charts, tables, ships, tanks, planes, weapons, edged weapons, real life stories of adventure, new fiction, excerpts of books, humor of blog followers and good natured jabs by both L L and blog readers of each other, LL family and friends, political commentary, history, comments to read or see other authors and blogs (Jules) and on it goes. A solid variable mix every week. Just like you’re doing.

  5. I like the bullet points.
    Your insights are much appreciated.
    A tip of the hat to the knowledge displayed here by the host and commenters.

  6. Yes I read the bullet points.
    The future astronaut appears to be Montgomery Scott who served with James T. Kirk on the Enterprise.

  7. So you’re saying that Hunter could outsource his “art” to a chimp, and nobody would be the wiser? You might be on to something there.

    Bullets points: Yes. We could all use more ammunition.

      1. That elephant “artist” from a few years back…people paid good money for that baloney. If memory serves, wasn’t that a California zoo captive? Makes sense if so.

    1. I would think Wild, the chimp would definitely have more depth and a better perspective, a great range of subject matter. Painting what looks like a diarrheic splat on the floor or what the end of a crack pipe beyond his nose is not a classical definition of fine art.

  8. Bullet points? Great things! They often get me wondering about something & always add to my general knowledge.

    >>The Pittsburg, PA Police are no longer responding to burglaries in progress<<, when the police don't come do you really have law enforcement anymore? Without law enforcement what kind of society do you have?

    Our air… judging by the "person on the street" interviews I've see there are a good number of people who have no idea what air really is. Not sure if the cause is the education system or the media & it's goals..

    1. I blame the education system first. It’s more difficult to hoodwink people if they are educated.

    2. Hence why the Teachers Gestapo…err…Union…isn’t educating children with things that matter to being a productive member of society (guessing I was that last gen for this, and in ’78 even that was being infiltrated). Heck, most HS graduates couldn’t pass a 1905’s Junior High test.

  9. Jacks Canyon looks like beautiful long range rifle country( and the lady is beautiful also). Tysons has been hiring illegal aliens for decades. Question: will Tysons be sending chickens to China for processing and then returned to the US for consumption(a rumor I heard). If so, no more chicken for this boy. Yeah, I read and squeeze all info possible out of Bullet Points.

    1. Anything that touches Chinese shores in the way of food in particular, should stay there. PERIOD.

      1. A neighbor was in the clothing manufacturing business that required trips to China. He was pleased to see a MacDonalds within walking distance of his hotel. That was the only place he ate while there. Seems he didn’t have faith in the Chinese food processing.

  10. ** Some say: “Craft and genius appear more often among the liberals and freethinkers than among conservatives and traditionalists.”

    Then “some” are wrong, if they mean raw intelligence and the drive and focus to make things happen. The difference is that the smarts and will are channeled toward different outcomes. The iconoclast’s creations are noticeable because they are by definition different and therefore stand out more starkly.

    As to NPR, i used to listen, and even gave them money. But they changed. And I changed. One of the things that I disliked intensely was when NPR tried to sound more “ethnic” with IIRC Tavis Smiley and Juan Williams. If I wanted to hear that sort of delivery and speech pattern I’d have gone elsewhere from the get-go. NPR is where you go to listen to smug descendants of do-gooding Yankees (and their spiritual ilk), and to smart, often (studiedly) eccentric Reform Jews. (Basically what I grew up with and among.)

  11. I like bullet points because I like bitesized information and I also like variety and randomness. It’s like a buffet isn’t it – there’s always a pleasant little amuse bouche.

    Modern art is the state of the mental health of our current society. However, it depends on your take on “Modern Art” because that can be something different to each person. That is my philosophy for the day.

    What is normal?

    1. The answer, Jules (I’m putting words in her mouth), is, “You’re normal LL.” Thanks, Jules for the endorsement. Jules has a new blog post up today over at her place and it’s referenced on VM Saturday because I needed pre-Easter material.

  12. 1. If I were one of the psuedoscientists that inhabit/infest our media, I’d be far more worried about the atmospheric accumulation of Argon-40; it’s slowly leaking out of the rocks containing the naturally occuring, naturally radioactive isotope potassium-40. Perhaps I shouldn’t give them any ideas.
    2. Off-topic: communication
    My 45 year old daughter is staying with us (plus 5 year old grandson) – temporarily.
    She is presently speaking to one of her friends in Denmark (another soprano) on her cell phone which is propped against a bowl on the dining room table – one of these faccia a faccia conversations made posible by the miracle of modern electronics.
    Being a classical singer she employs the full power of her voice; I’m quite certain that a phone isn’t required for this conversation between a sand bar off the western dangle of Florida and Skovlunde, a northwestern suburb of Copenhagen.

      1. nope, this is her (self-identifying Conservative) younger sister.
        the older one (temporarily) sets the broken bones and cools the fevered brows of the Antarctic core drillers six mos per (they like/appreciate her; she had taken her baccalaureate in Geology and worked in the field before she became a P.A.) , after which she takes a break and treks amongst the grizzlies and browns of NW Montana; her speaking voice/volume is, if anything, rather low.

  13. Bullet Points. Definitely “A”, they are one of the more outstanding features of your outstanding blog.

    Earth’s atmosphere. A good refresher. Also interesting is the relative effectiveness on “global warming” between the boogeyman of CO2 and water vapor.

    Worst Places to own a firearm. WA is doing its best to creep up the list. Our current governor just signed a batch of new gun control laws. One of those laws turned my bolt action 308 into an assault rifle. The rest will, I am sure, be equally effective.

    1. Hurry, turn it in to the government. I’m sure that they’ll have your back and will protect you. When you get on the boxcar, make sure to mention WSF’s name so that when you arrive at the camp, you can get a bunk somewhere in the vicinity of the stove.

  14. Bullet points. Yes. Moar please, and thank you.

    California. Had my FFL there for almost 20 years. Having escaped to Texas, I keep a copy of my Kalifornia “Assault Weapon” registration (dated 2001) on the wall in my man cave as a reminder. At the time, I was fully aware that it could be the first stage of “Fool me once…” It was. Mainly did it as a safeguard for the one weapon I was likely to be seen in public with.

    The article above does not mention the current Firearm Safety Certificate (license) required to purchase a firearm. Also does not mention the nightmare of requiring a background check (plus fee) every time you buy ammo, even from a private party.

  15. Oh! Bullet points! They are like the first lick of a soft serve ice cream! And that first sip of sweet tea… the rush! It gives a hint of the state of the post. a primer if you will. Perhaps it is the squirrel in me, Oh look! A rabbit hole!

    I wonder if James Doohan had that Scottish brogue in his younger days as a Canadian soldier?

    1. Brogue: I can’t remember if this was on TV, a movie, or from a book, but the guys are under extreme stress (being shot at, ship about to founder, something). Someone shouts at the Scotsman, “Stop it! I know you can talk like the rest of us.” Flustered, the Scotsman yells back in the Queen’s English, “That, sir, is a Goddamned lie!”


  16. LL, yours is one of a handful of mandatory daily reads, so… (A).
    PS You could change the name from ‘bullet points’ to ‘dumdums’ and it’d still be excellent.
    PPS The arsenal was at Dum Dum. So how did the type of meplat become one word, not capitalized?

    SP RN

  17. I read every word seldom comment . On P Diddy not only a trump supporter but he raised the Jewish Question.
    On the polish cavalry dude why still a saber , other than cool soldier shit. Nathen Bedford Forest , did away with sabers and mounted sawed off shotguns. I would say that’s an improvement . Might have had something to do with coming in as enlisted , and cool soldier shit didn’t count for much.

    1. They’ll seize all his electronic gear and…wallah…find child porn on it. Funny how that works. And funny how Robert ‘Cocainehead’ Biden’s laptop was confiscated and buried, placed next to Epstein’s Blackbook. Party trumps person.

        1. If I catch your meaning, I supposing the “Party trumps Person” quip is the question. It has been an axiom of mine heard from Mike Rosen, KOA radio persona extraordinaire for 30 years (he filled in for Rush one time). Means the party is more important in elections than voting “person”, because”elections matter” and the party in control matters more than any individual.

          IF…you are asking a less deep question, that is more simple: Hunter is a Democrat scumbag so is protected under this tyrannical regime, whereas Diddy openly supported Trump and has “influence and means”, therefore he must be taken out before November…what was tried on Musk and currently being deployed on PDJT, legality be damned.

          If…however…this isn’t yet another DOJ/FBI attack deal, and Diddy did the nefarious diddling, then he belongs in a scummy Turkish prison eating rats and bugs while wearing rotting rags.

  18. Even though I haven’t been posting much, “Bullet Points” is a must-read.

    Between trying to plow through all the projects I have, and my eyesight is getting worse due to cataracts, I still swing by several times daily. The project pile is slooowly going down, and the cataract surgery is coming up in May.

    1. FYI: MrsPaulM just had hers done, some meds she got without contraindication being the caused (a pox on that doctor). Hers were not age related which tend to come on more slowly over years. Eye Center of Northern Colorado is amazing (did my Lasik in ’04, still great)…check them out…anymore it’s like changing the brakes on your car.

      1. PS. They take the bad lens and install a new one, various types available, hers are the Cadillac, adjustable to dial-in the clarity. They do so many of these per year that it’s almost routine outpatient.

        1. I talked to the Doctor about it, and they’re made of acrylic plastic. They have some that are “grooved”, like a Fresnel Lens ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresnel_lens ), but they cost more and have some different characteristics.

          SLW had hers done last Summer, and it went very well. She had no pain, and her vision has improved markedly.

          I’m looking forward to it so I can get my eyes functioning normally again!

  19. (A) I read them. I wish they opened in a new tab. I often click a link and forget to come back to VM.
    They are not something you see in a typical blog, but they hardly make you an aggregator either.
    I read at breakfast and then couldn’t get back til now and there are a ton of comments to read.
    Which I skipped to answer your question.
    Now I must finish reading the blog and then the comments.
    I can see that OldNFO and LSP haven’t chimed in yet.

  20. I made it back before further comments.
    As for the Ammo list, I find it hard to believe they think Hawaii is better for gun owners than Michigan.
    Granted, Whitmer just got some Red Flag law just passed and some stupid thing about background checks on personal sales that are easily gotten around, I have long had more gun freedom in Michigan than Hawaii.
    Frankly, I thought we were doing relatively well. Open carry, with a CPL no background checks, quick and easy CPL with internet renewals now.

  21. I read a lot of things on VM. But sometimes I miss a few posts, sorry. That said, bullet points, information, comments.
    Everything I find interesting I read.
    I just don’t always comment.
    Maps and charts are often hard to read if I can’t “click it to BIG it” when there is a lot of information on them.

    Stand Your Grand?

    Got a chuckle from OutofTime’s answer to the tank.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  22. Well, well, well. What a lot of Nitrogen we have in the air.

    Better. Start. Taxing.

    And just think of all the N 2 credits you can sell. To save the planet.

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