Editorial: Anthony Weiner = Bill Clinton?

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Olivia Nuzzi used to work as an aid to disgraced Congressman Anthony (Carlos Danger) Weiner. The Congressman used to call Olivia and all of the interns, “Monica”.

(Fox News) In her Daily News piece, Nuzzi wrote that Weiner often called interns “Monica,” a reference to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and that many people worked on the campaign to get close to Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin. Abedin is an ex-aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Weiner is one of those men with no academic credentials, who sucked his way up through the system by being a professional political hack. His marriage to Huma Abedin (aid to scorned wife and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) was thought to cement his eventual run for the White House where he’d become leader of the free world. It worked for Bill Clinton. When you look at Barack Obama’s credentials as a professional agitator and community activist, they are really not much better than Weiner’s. True, Obama and Clinton had law degrees and Weiner wasn’t able to get beyond a BA degree.

(Wall Street Journal) The communications director for Anthony Weiner’s New York City mayoral campaign apologized late Tuesday for using a series of harsh expletives to describe a former intern.

“Man, see if you ever get a job in this town again,” is one of the nicer things that stressed Mayoral hopeful, Weiner said. He’s using abusive language and that’s not the way to get an intern into the sack. He needs to take a page from the Clinton playbook and WOO them into bed.
As appropriate as it is that Weiner step into Mayor Bloomberg’s shoes, I think that it may be a “bridge too far” at this point. 
If you were going to send a picture of your penis to somebody,
would you send it to her?  Would you get further with her if you
told her your name was Weiner — or Carlos Danger?
The scorned wife side of the equation has worked out really well for Hillary Clinton, who wouldn’t have ever been anything beyond a third rate lawyer and ambulance chaser if it hadn’t been for her husband, Bill. I can see why Mr. and Mrs. Weiner were enthusiastically pursuing the Clinton model for success.

Weiner’s Future?

“This kind of behavior — engaging in sexually inappropriate activities while presenting yourself as a potential or current public servant — is completely inappropriate and disrespectful to the very people you hope to serve, as well as the people you surround yourself with,” said San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, a Democrat who is currently fighting off calls to resign amid allegations that he sexually harassed upwards of seven female staffers over the past several years.
“Candidate Weiner’s actions today were nothing short of disgusting, and he certainly needs to learn that one needs to keep one’s own sexual proclivities in the privacy of the bedroom,” said former Republican Sen. Larry Craig, whose career effectively ended in 2007 after he was arrested for trying to solicit sex from an undercover male police officer in a Minnesota airport bathroom stall.
“As I said, this is all in the past, I’m truly sorry, and I only want to move forward so I can talk about my 64 ideas to keep New York the wonderful city that it is,” Weiner responded sadly to critics.

If Anthony Weiner is to be President of the United States one day, with Huma at his side, he has to become something really special in politics. Congress didn’t work out for him and if the run for Mayor flops he may have to waste two or three critical years on the bench waiting to run for US Senator from New York. What about it? Give him yet another chance to be great in politics so that he may yet become US President!! If you were a Clinton supporter, you should be a Weiner supporter.

14 thoughts on “Editorial: Anthony Weiner = Bill Clinton?

  1. Weiner's run for mayor appears to be falling flat. He may have to pull out of the race. In fact, his campaign has been rendered impotent by the latest allegations. (this is too easy)

  2. "Shooting doves over a baited field."
    "Shooting goldfish in a small bowl."
    "Leaping from a high window in a single bound."
    Etc. ad infinitum.

  3. Can't he just remind the voting public that unlike President Clinton, he doesn't consummate? He simply explains (graphically, I admit) what he has to offer. How is this not progressive?

  4. A penis like THAT one is not a laughing matter. Well, Bill and Hillary are likely having a laugh at young love rolling over the same hurdles that they faced…

  5. How is it that Clinton consummated? Monica is still a Clinton-virgin, in the missionary sense of the word.

  6. Clinton impregnated a long chain of women (the movie Primary Colors documents some of them) in the "early years". In the White House, Bill's M. O. changed.

  7. If it were a book – it wouldn't sell. Any of them, but especially Obama, people would say, "you can't get all those jobs without doing anything!"

  8. Yes, but Obama and friends are "progressive" which means that you get a job simply by being a socialist/pseudo Muslim.

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