Does NSA Read my Blog? (housekeeping)

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I won’t be shutting down my blog because the National Security Agency is downloading it. And I think that my blog is every bit as interesting as the UN’s encrypted video conferencing system.

In fact, I’d be more than a little hurt to find out that I was in the small minority of websites that they didn’t download. From an Obama Administration point of view, my blog is politically incorrect…though should Rand Paul become President, my blog would be disturbingly mainstream. I’m not sure how I would cope with that. Maybe I’d be forced to go fishing instead of blogging?

There is no steganography in the graphics that I post here (secret messages embedded in graphics), or none that I know of. The message (below-right) is loud, clear and unambiguous.
Most of the people who comment regularly on this blog are not in the mainstream, would never desecrate the American flag or do anything to hurt anyone except in defense of their lives, or the lives of people that they love. Which would suggest that the NSA might not find much here of interest. But you never know.
One reason that the NSA downloads the Internet every day is because there is secret writing in some graphics and there are messages contained in blogs. You can only capture them if you download the whole damned thing — every day. I understand this and do not object. And there is no Fourth Amendment privilege in a blog. You write them to be read. 

Truth be told, the US isn’t the only country which downloads the Internet. The Russians do it too. And to my Russian friends, I can only suggest that they might learn something if they read it.  Most Russians think a lot like Americans, share a similar sense of humor and are bewildered by the British concept of a joke — as are many Americans. I don’t know whether or not the British download the Internet. Now that they are sharia friendly, they may not be allowed to download porn, which means that the Rule 5 blogs are free from British scrutiny (but not Russian — Russians love porn). Yes the NSA downloads porn, but since porn on USGOV computers is forbidden (not the case in Russia), they need to classify the downloads: TS/NF/WN/ORCON/LIMDIS — or something to that effect so that the public won’t know that every smutty picture and video is captured for all time in a vault in their facility in Utah.

One day in the dim and distant future when it’s all declassified and historians paw through the collection, descendants of porn stars (professional and amateur) will have the opportunity to see what great grandma and grandpa looked like ‘in action’… thanks to the National Security Agency’s efforts to preserve the Internet.

From that perspective, a little gratitude toward NSA may be in order.

11 thoughts on “Does NSA Read my Blog? (housekeeping)

  1. Blogs are public writings and not protected from scrutiny. Email is different, and texts and phone calls as well should be protected communications under the 4th amendment.

  2. I would love to go fishing instead myself. Could you imagine those tards reading Woodsterman. They just wouldn't get it.

  3. If they 'got it', I suspect that the Obama Administration would have no further use for them.

  4. If the movie is ever made – and there isn't any screenplay written to my knowledge – as the writer, movie types don't ever pay any attention to what you want.

  5. Just wondering. Do you use any s/w to look for hidden files? I took a course in steganography at a place in Cortland, NY, that trains the feds when I was setting up our county's digital forensics lab.

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