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Caption: A grammatical construction indicating result without intention.


Bullet Points:

** Another blackwash (right). Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised because men and women are the same except for pay, and then it’s unequal, and there is no such thing as race unless a race card needs to be played.

** Along the same line, Evie reported, “J.K. Rowling Won’t Forgive Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson For Their Stance On Transwomen.”

They denounced her.

Without Rowling, they would be extras in a Netflix remake of Gone With the Wind with Whoopie as Scarlett O’Hara.

** Russians hate foreigners only a little less than they hate themselves, and they’re born conspirators. Oh, they know very well they’re superior, but your Russki is insecure, wants to be respected, to be feared like the old Soviet Union. They need recognition and hate their second/third-tier status in the superpower stakes. That’s why Putin successfully assembled USSR 2.0, and no one seriously stood in his way.

**Reactions to… seeing someone again after a long time

  • “Long time no see.”
  • “Wow, I mean, how long has it been?”
  • “It’s really good to see you.”
  • “You have not changed at all.” (It’s a lie, five years have passed, and you look 15 years older)

** Business Insider reported, “U.S. Navy secretary says a Pacific ally’s shipbuilding abilities floored him amid American warship production woes.” That would be South Korea. It is incredible what you can get done without DEI.

** For overthinkers to consider.

**Excessive fees for permits and other types of “permission” have long been a problem and an obstruction to otherwise lawful uses of property or starting and maintaining businesses.

Quote: “Good news. A unanimous Supreme Court on Friday ruled (Sheetz v. County of El Dorado) that the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause applies to legislatures that impose excessive fees. This is an important constraint on greedy governments. The case involved California landowner George Sheetz, who was required to pay a $23,420 fee for a local permit to build a small home. El Dorado County’s board of supervisors claimed the fee was necessary to cover the costs of expanding public roads to reduce congestion. Mr. Sheetz sued in state court, arguing the excessive fee violated the Takings Clause. The High Court’s Nollan (1987) and Dolan (1994) precedents require that permit conditions have an “essential nexus” and be “roughly proportional” to a development’s adverse impact. Yet California courts declined to consider Mr. Sheetz’s claim. They reasoned that the High Court’s precedents applied only to bureaucrats, not elected officials.

“That was an error,” Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote for the Court. “Nothing in constitutional text, history, or precedent supports exempting legislatures from ordinary takings rules,” adding that “special deference for legislative takings would have made little sense historically because legislation was the conventional way that governments exercised their eminent domain power.”

Some states have adopted California’s unmoored interpretation of the Fifth Amendment, and little wonder why. It lets elected officials use permitting fees to extort property owners while avoiding unpopular broad-based tax increases. The city of Oakland has required multifamily housing developers to fund public art installations.

The Court remanded Mr. Sheetz’s case to state courts for reconsideration. During the oral argument, the Justices seemed to differ on whether permit conditions on a class of properties should be tailored to the conditions of a particular property. Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in a concurrence joined by Justices Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson, stressed that the decision “leaves the question open.”

But Justice Neil Gorsuch agreed that the Court’s Nollan and Dolan tests should apply similarly when “an alleged taking affects a ‘class of properties’” as with a particular development. We tend to agree, and the question may return to the Court. The good news is that elected officials can’t extort property developers with impunity.”


Iran vs Israel War

“The fact that the Iranian attack was a total failure does not detract even an ounce from Israel’s obligation to retaliate against Iran for its direct act of aggression,” Jonathan Conricus, a former spokesman for the IDF and senior fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), focused on the Middle East, told Fox News Digital.


  1. Iran’s goal was to swamp Israeli defenses via a multi-axis, multi-threat attack to generate mass casualties and have the Israeli government lose face. Their planning assumptions were flawed. They failed.
  2. From Tehran to Beijing (and my nogg’n too), everyone needs to re-evaluate their assumptions about the battlefield effectiveness of their cruise and ballistic missiles when facing a 1st-tier nation whose defensive systems are unchallenged and properly capitalized. Conventional or nuclear, having 99% of your weapons not reaching their targets is not acceptable.
  3. From WWII through the Cold War, which ended roughly with the success of Desert Storm, everyone knew that any strike from the air required a robust, diverse, and leading Electronic Warfare (EW) component: hard kill and soft kill. Ships, aircraft, and air wings were thick with active and passive EW, including VAQ, Wild Weasel, and all the funky USAF Raven Mafia cadre toys. In the “Peace Dividend” era, most atrophied into a rump capability relative to requirements or were “transformed” into non-existence. The diversion of resources to support imperial policing actions for this century’s first two decades only worsened the neglect. I’m unsure how many warnings we will be provided in this area. We will not be on the defensive or offensive against 3rd and 4th rate powers forever.
  4. More. From the, again, superb demonstration of the real-world utility of multi-mission heavy fighters in the shape of the F-15E Strike Eagle, to the magnificent execution of mission by our layered defense built around our family of Standard Missiles, the last six months have shown us what needs more resources should this same need be called upon against a 1st-tier challenger west of the International Date Line. Are a few dozen ballistic and cruise missiles augmented by a few dozen low-tech attack drones challenging? Try moving the decimal point to the right and give it a mid-single digit multiplier. That is what the People’s Republic of China has waiting for us from Guam, west.

The Trump Administration provided the Biden Regime (code word for The Swamp) a Middle East spiraling towards peaceful co-existence. The Abraham Accords brought the Arab nation by the Arab countries to normal relations with Israel. Commerce flowed freely, bringing goods safely to market at risk-free prices through the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea. That sort of thing was intolerable to the Swamp – in much the way that President Trump’s orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan could not stand. Where’s the war? Where is the compelling need to buy arms and military equipment? Where is the profit of the Military Industrial Complex?

(CDRSAL) Where are we now? Biden brought in Obama’s B-team with all their unfulfilled bag of bad ideas, which in a few short years begat ISIS and Iranian proxies joining together in renewed strength in Syria and Iraq enough to attack US bases in Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. Afghanistan is not only home again to Al Qaeda, but ISIS-K grows under the misrule of that besotted nation by the superpower defeating the Taliban. From Lebanon to Yemen, Israel is under attack after suffering the largest slaughter of Jews since WWII. Iran and her proxies are seizing and attacking merchant ships and Western warships from the Gulf of Oman through the Red Sea. From Qatar to Saudi Arabia, nations are looking to secure a “Plan B” by improving ties with Iran, Russia, and China.

The team Biden brought into power again in 2021 sent billions of dollars to Iran, loosened sanctions, and otherwise bolstered the Islamic Republic based on a failed and discredited theory of international relations. As bankrupt as its “Mirror-Mirror” theory that brought us to invade Iraq in 2003, and yet – no accountability or change. Neither theory survived in the wild outside academia and think tanks…and yet the Biden team’s almost religious devotion to their perceived intellect folded in with pigheadedness has prevented any self-reflection … at least yet.

Is anyone shocked that American institutional and national weakness combined with billions of dollars to the Islamic Republic brought us to the events from October 7th to today?

Without accountability, there can be no learning. We have no accountability, so we have no learning. We remember everything but learn nothing. Our nation and her friends deserved a new national security team after the fall of Kabul and our negotiated surrender to the Taliban in 2021, but no – we got nothing but more chaos and conflict.

The remains of an Iranian Emad medium-range ballistic missile floating in the Dead Sea.


The First Felony

Danny dedicated his most recent book, The First Felony, to his former partner, Tommy Harris, who passed away in September. Tommy will be inducted into the United States Police & Fire Championships Hall of Fame in June at the games.

They weren’t supposed to cross the border. But they did it anyway. Twice.

L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Josefina Sanchez cannot turn her back on a former colleague and friend, even though he is suspected of murder and has fled the country.

Jerry Townsend’s wife was gunned down a decade earlier when the couple arrived home from a night on the town and surprised an intruder. With no suspects or even a motive, some of Townsend’s colleagues speculated that he had been part of a scheme to kill her. As rumors of guilt abounded, Townsend quietly retired from law enforcement and disappeared.

Ten years later, Townsend reached out to Josie for help.

On an unauthorized and clandestine mission to find answers, Josie ventures into Mexico. Her partner, Dickie Jones, warns her against going, convinced that the trip south could leave her career in peril and her life in imminent danger. He is right.

As the truth unravels, Josie is drawn into a tangled web of crooked cops and their cartel connections. Will she make it back alive?

The First Felony is the eighth novel in the highly acclaimed, best-selling, and award-winning Dickie Floyd Detective series. If you enjoy authentic police procedurals written by someone who lived the life, you’ll love this riveting crime series by Danny R. Smith.


A view of Derinküyü

At the center of modern-day Turkey, Derinküyü is the largest of the 37 underground cities in the Cappadocia region. Although its sister sites were abandoned thousands of years ago, Derinküyü remains an urban center nourished by tourism and trade.

Originally, the founders referred to it as Melengübü, circa 1,400 B.C. Even though it was established over 3 thousand years ago, Derinküyü is one of the most extensive underground cities today. Source: National Geographic in Spanish

I’ll bet that it stinks of piss…That was the first thing that went through my mind. How would you possibly get a breath of fresh air?


Identify the Armor




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  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. TBD
    2. left: Autoblindo 41
    right: Sd.Kfz. 7/1
    3. TBD

    Mind is not working this morning.

  2. “wants to be feared like the old soviet union” yes, but they despise it for tearing down mother russia. they love “russia” or their idea of what it once was, not the soviet state. same old cia talking points as handed to congress critters to get more money for ops. putin wants to reunited trad russian areas, not the soviet bloc. we should let him. he wants/is taking east ukraine not because it was soviet but because it was once russian…..i’m not so sure the iran attack was a failure. there are videos showing solid hits on an israeli base. who really knows these days how it went? heck, i’m not even sure it was an iranian attack. where’s the “death to israel/us great satan”?

    1. I dont think it was a failure either. If anything it showed the Iranians exactly where all the Israeli and US installations are located. They certainly didnt have all that info before hand ill bet.

      1. I’m pretty sure they did have all the installations data before the attack.
        Otherwise, what’s the point of the very regular and much larger volume attacks launched
        by Iranian proxies in Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories?
        I mean, yes, Iran sucks. But somebody over there must be paying at least a little attention
        to what happens when their minions launch the missiles and rockets Iran provides them…
        – Kle.

      2. Why? They’ve had that info from all the years Hamas and Hezbollah have tested the Iron Dome. And it’s not like the Iranians don’t know exactly where our ships are.

        What it was was a face-saving gesture for their own people and their Gazan and West Bank and South Lebanese proxy warriors. If they really wanted to screw Israel over they would have launched three times as much. And launched their drones from ships in the Med and the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. But all the launches were from known launch sites so…

  3. Excessive fees: the building inspector/code enforcement people nearby wantthefee to be a percentage of the project cost (network remodeling) rather than besetby the county commissioners. They also carry glocks, which always makes me wonder what else they do and why ever increasing numbers of armed police don’t seem to drive down the crime level any.

  4. Derinküyü- My first thought was “cool”…then the engineer brain kicked in and thought, that’s a lot of carving, then was also curious about ventilation and sewer. If it’s touristy then they have upgraded the infrastructure, can’t have Uncle Bob passing out while on his excursion.
    Permit Fee and Use of Property: Don’t get me started…takings by fiat that does nothing but perpetuate their own bureaucratic existence. That’ll be all for now (as I’ll be mumbling later while working on my NOT PERMITTED Shop addition (doesn’t need one because they finally agreed that 200sq-ft is acceptable…while all those people who got screwed being forced to get permits for anything over 120 sq ft that costs as much as the structure. (That’ll do for now…grrr.)
    Iranian Emad ballistic missile floating in the Dead Sea – Interesting metaphor for things to come…welcome to Revelations.
    Netflix- Demented morons trying to force a warped view onto the rest of us. Odd they haven’t figured out no one is buying.
    Greeting an old acquaintance- Me? “Do I know you?”

      1. Remember, that stock pond and dry creek are ‘navigatable waterways’ under US regulations. So, yes, depending on where you live, permits and studies on pretty much darned near everything. Want to build a chicken shed? Permits and studies dealing with chicken shit remediation. Want to build a meat processing plant on your own ranch and do basically ‘ranch-to-table?’ Permits, more permits, studies, more studies, and, of course, the big meatpackers get their say in the planning and where exactly are you going to find a USDA inspector?

      2. Ranch-ette, 35 acres…surrounded by legacy large cattle ranches. The county has inflicted many “regulations” after the fact, and altho I am not apposed to building to a reasonable “code”, why can’t I hire my own inspector, for, you know, “public safety” to prove my structures won’t fall down on someone. All about “anything for safety”…is how the ninny’s gain prominence and steal more of our private property freedoms. Had a good rapport with our now retired building inspector, told him …”that 132 year old barn on the “—-” ranch down the road a mile, built by Norwegian’s who understood timber-framing, used “ungraded” rough-sawn lumber modern engineers wouldn’t red stamp even if bribed…yet the the ridge is dead straight and it’s solid. That barn was built without a permit.” He just looked at me…knowingly. The entire permitting deal, for any what used to be a legal operation or activity – as HEB states – is a sham in order to thieve more of our money. Try selling raw milk, as a dairy farmer, they’ll raid your farm and shut you down, even if your neighbors want the raw milk. They enact asinine reg’s – again, under the guise of safety. Then, when you no longer comply after the fact, they shut you down, fine you to ruin your operation, and take all your gear.

        Same as the newest ATF “rule” that will soon afford them the ability to make every legal gun owner a defacto criminal. Time for a SISU ULTRA MAGA Reset. ‘How’ is the question I have yet to figure out.

  5. Haakon Jarl
    When my 1st generation Norwegian wife had our first son, an uncle living in Trondheim sent her a letter. He congratulated her on the birth, stating our son was a 16th direct decedent of King Haakon Haakonson II. As for Netflix, I’ve never been a customer.

    The Iran attack may, or may not, have been a failure. I leave that to those whose military knowledge is much better than mine. What I wonder is where is the reload ammo? Is there any? Enough?

    1. Now that’s some very cool ancestry…good know ones origins, helps us to understand our traits and proclivities. I’ve decided that with all the Heinz 57 variety in my DNA leads me to believe I’m actually Norwegian as those boys really got around and dropped “hints’ as they went. Neighbor is from Bergen, IS Norwegian, along with his entire family from the way back. Decided to do Ancestry DNA…came back…yup 98% Norwegian, with a little Aussie. Surprised the heck out of him. Told him the same line, someone dragged their gal back from abroad on the longboat.
      Trondheim was on our bucket list to visit so had a Norway trip planned…but had a premonition to not go…then the Iceland volcano blew. Would have been stuck over there for a month, which, actually, wouldn’t have been so bad.

      1. Same uncle published their family history going back to the 12th Century. Tragically, ex wife managed to loose her copy of the book. Privately published, I can’t find a copy, even from a book dealer in Trondheim.

  6. ecbatic: Grammar – Of a clause or conjunction denoting a mere result or consequence as distinguished from a purpose or intention
    you’d think it might arise from ecbasis: digression
    OED Dec-Fit 1937
    ecbatic (adj.)
    “drawn from the relationship of cause and effect,” especially of arguments, 1836, from ecbasis,

  7. 2. I’ve never trusted SCOTUS on personal/private property since Kelo; IMHO, that could be the worst decision ever made
    3. “…stinks of piss…” I’ve been studying early Japanese hx (desultorily and for obscure reasons). I think one of the reasons they moved the capital was they were not sufficienltly advanced to dispose(?) of human waste – I wonder if this was the same reason (other than seasonal changes and bison herd movements that the Plains Indians moved their encampments so often.
    4. Israel has no (at least very few, if any friends): they will stand on their own (or not). we can study the hx in another millenium.

    1. the indians contrary to popular belief used up all the natural resources then moved on. no “one with nature” bs as many still believe.

      1. It is the way of all hunter/gatherer cultures. And even their agrarian societies tended to migrate as they really had no real concept of rotating crops or fertilization (that thing about burying fish under corn mounds was because the ground in the Northeast where the Pilgrims landed was very dead land. It took centuries of white people using crop rotation and proper land maintenance to make the NE as productive as it is now.)

      2. Same as “dinosaurs died then became crude oil”. Even in 4th Grade it sounded stupid to me. Recall saying to the teacher “that’s a lot of dinosaurs to create that much oil.” Yeah, I was one of those when being handed a moronic belief that made no sense.

        1. If fairness, eating your locale dry and then moving on is sort of “one with nature”…
          the non-human animals all do the same thing.
          – Kle.

  8. Your comment about the piss smell reminded me of some in-laws that traveled to Venice. They thought it was a beautiful city, but smelled of raw sewage. How could it not? High tide brings enough water to back up any sewer.

    1. A while ago, wife and I went to New Orleans, the French Quarter mostly. Pretty shops, pretty architecture, everything smelled of stale grease, piss and vomit. And then, ever after, when we see something in the FQ, like idiots partying and falling down, we both comment on the stench. Can you imagine going out dressed up and then falling on those streets at night where the vomit and piss are fresh. Bleh, can you imagine what horrible skin infections and stuff you can get just from the streets and sidewalks?

  9. Been jumping a curb on my north drive since moving back into town 10 yr ago. Cut the old curb, dug it out and set the forms last weds. Poured it the next day before the where is your permit nazis saw what was going on. Never been much of one to ask permission.

    1. a kindly warrant officer told me early on that it was easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. served me well over the years.

  10. One of the ‘many’ problems with our family of Standard Missiles, and weapons in general, is that replacement procurements aren’t happening because either the lines are not running, or the technical skills that produced them have left the companies… We saw this coming under Obummer, when they got into the war reserve with NO plans to ramp up, and that was 16 years ago!!!

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