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The leftists/progs’ eyes glaze over when people attempt to discuss the various tragic mass shootings and terrorist attacks by Muslims obeying the Qur-an. You experience a monotone response when they speak of the ‘nameless enemy’, with vague references to ongoing victories in the ‘long march’.
When jihadis strike, they need to re-define the obvious into workplace violence or an understandable reaction to Western oppression. In the case of Orlando, the discussion devolves into what is wrong with Christians, more specifically  Catholics, or Conservatives – maybe Trump or George W. Bush. Notice the change as they shift into their comfort zone. See how their eyes light up, and they are transformed by righteous indignation at public ownership of firearms.  Their speech becomes strident and they take on mellifluous, resonant, emotion-charged force.
To the Left, no external threat is pertinent. The only threat comes from the white privilege, or the Jews. The Left are in a continual posture of rebellion, even when there is no one left to rebel against because the Left runs everything. And so make believe things allegedly somehow in charge of the universe have to be invented to justify the continued rebellion. They remind me of North Koreans, blaming everyone but themselves for their failures. One can only guess what would happen if like Don Quixote, they looked in the mirror honestly. Some do, and they change. Most don’t.
Hillary Clinton’s criminal culpability is simply an attack on her based on her gender identity. Facts don’t matter. Nothing matters except the fanatical dogma of the left. The mainstream media validates these beliefs.
To a progressive person the problem is liberty. Liberty produces all the evils of exploitation, hate speech, inequality of incomes, lack of diversity, and no human being can be trusted with liberty. Therefore they wish to expand the state to it absolute maximum limits of totalitarianism, control not only of deeds and words, but also thoughts. The only hero can be the state, which defeats all oppression through absolute control.
The American education system trains them, and sends them forth like blind prophets who come to conclusions by feeling the elephant and pronouncing the nature of the elephant based on a the tactile sensation of grasping a trunk, a tail, an ear or a tusk. As with the lilies of the field, they toil not, neither do they spin. Bread comes to them from the system, which cares for them so long as they accept the long march and do not question.

20 thoughts on “Blind Prophets

  1. They do have a mutinous and restless spirit. Lately that's been focused on the most oppressed minority the world has ever seen, yes, transsexuals.

    As someone once said, "The progressive left has its collective head firmly in the toilet."

  2. It's natural that progs would gravitate to the toilet. I, for one, would like to give it a flush.

  3. This is getting ridiculous, and I'm wondering how much further the left is going to push this agenda… I don't think they realize how much REAL pushback they are liable to get… Funny how there was NO repeat of the west coast battles at the Trump rally in Dallas last night. Guess the paid protesters didn't want to try to mix it up with folks that were carrying, and the fact that DPD was NOT standing back… 😀

  4. America loves its sin and the progs promote and encourage that, giving the mob what it wants. Of course, the Progs promise paradise and deliver Detroit but that never seems to sink in with half of the voting public. On demand abortions with dead babies in volumes that would make an Aztec take a second look satisfies their lust and Hillary guarantees to keep the ball rolling.

  5. True statements. I'm too angry at these retards to comment coherently any further. Justice is so difficult.

  6. In the musical, the Man of La Mancha, Don Quixote looks into the mirror of truth, falls into a coma, then dies. Modern progressives have backed themselves into such a fantasy world, that they may be striking out solely in fear of facing the truth and reality.

    They would rather bring the world crashing around them and watch it burn than to face the truth that their dogmas are utter failures.

  7. Modern American "education" is not about the blind man at the ear thinking the elephant is like a sail, or the man at the leg pronouncing "the elephant is like a tree trunk." It's the guy with his hands in the pile behind the elephant, proclaiming "An elephant is soft and mushy!" Progs are obsessed with worship of the shitty and the unmentionable.

    *An elephant is soft and mushy – hat tip to cartoonist S. Gross.

  8. They could fall into a coma and die. There needs to be a DNR order.

    But you're correct, they'd rather that lava consume the planet than to admit that they're wrong.

  9. The concept of "justice" in America is an old concept that hasn't been seen since Barack arrived.

  10. Nice distraction. Meanwhile,the "Strong Cities" initiative AG Lynch launched last October keeps on keeping on. If the leftists can't get by the 2nd Amendment, they will try to nullify it via the UN. Cut the Senate out of the picture.

  11. It's not mentioned for the same reason that his homosexual past is not mentioned, nor is his drug dealing, nor is his family's extensive contact and membership with the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA), or his fraudulent school aid scheme wherein he purported to be an Indonesian student (I can go on, but why?) — It would make the first half black president look bad and would cast him in a negative light

  12. It would be recreational to have foreign UN troops on US soil trying to enforce that.

  13. I'm a peaceful man. That said, the first blue beret I see in my neighborhood will be a casualty.

  14. To a progressive, the problem is liberty – OTHER PEOPLE'S liberty. They themselves, of course, should be free to do whatever they want, since their motives are pure and clean like the wind driven snow.

    It's everyone else's liberty that should be reigned in, lest they engage in behavior that is not good for them (as determined by the all-knowing, compassionate liberal overseer).

  15. The intelligencia (and their apparatchiks) constitute a cadre of benevolent overlords. They tell you what to do, because they know best, and you do it. Totalitarianism has that as its hallmark. Dear Leader is the only fat North Korean…for a reason.

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