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S & W 460 Magnum and ground up cow.
Those of you who follow Lone Star Parson’s blog are familiar with his cuisine and his regular feature, “Cooking with LSP”. I was at the compound in Central Texas today and had dinner with LSP so it’s just “eating with LSP”.
The theme for tonight’s ration at the headquarters of the Dallas Light Cavalry (irregular) was ‘hamburgers and firepower’. 
LSP formed patties and added salt and pepper. 
Then he started the fire. He didn’t use a flint and steel, resorting to a Bic lighter. I didn’t know that things like that were permitted in the compound. LSP said that it was ok so long as you didn’t light them in the magazine.
Fixings and a Colt Python (.357 Magnum)
During this entire process, Blue Scout looked on with sincere anticipation for his own personal ration of ground beast. 
The finished product, two massive hamburgers and a 4th Generation Glock 21.

12 thoughts on “Eating with LSP

  1. Blue Scout is looking a little more than excited there at the prospect of meaty goodness.

  2. Blue Destroyer gets that mad look in his eyes when he thinks that a meal is in the offing.

  3. I've heard it said that a good hamburger makes you a better shot. Let's test that theory, today.

  4. Is that 460 bully cocked? Looks like it, so I guess y'all was-a 'specting the Hamburglar to show up any second.

  5. The dog (Blue Savage) likes human food and is known to be a thief if you turn your head the other way.

  6. Blue Destroyer ate a cherry pie (previously destined for dessert), and ended up in the dog house.

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