The Dog House

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* Never tell your wife that her mother looks smoking hot in a swimsuit.

* Never tell your wife that staying at home with the kids is easier than working.

* Never give your wife a bust expanding exerciser or a tummy tightening exerciser.

* Never buy your wife extra RAM memory for her computer.

* Never buy your wife a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary gift.

* Never buy your wife a mustache waxer – even if she needs one.

* Do not suggest that your wife needs to take the fork out of her mouth and loose a few extra pounds. Even a gym membership is taking it too far.

Ignore these suggestions at your peril.

7 thoughts on “The Dog House

  1. >>>* Never tell your wife that her mother looks smoking hot in a swimsuit.

    If I ever reach the level of dementia such that I begin to think that mother-in-law is hot, I hope Chief comes and smothers me with a pillow.

  2. Why is it always the Dog House? How come men are never sent to the Cat House?

  3. Opus – My sentiments exactly!

    WoFat – I know you are, you big suck up!

    Innominatur – Chief might smother you…but not today.

  4. Opie, good idea! I want to be sent to the cat house. On my wife's Anniversary I gave her a new mop. It only hurt for awhile.

  5. Race – Let us know if you plan to give Mrs. Bannon a vacuum cleaner (double bag) for an anniversary present and we'll send out a search party (with shovels) to dig under your dog house if you vanish.

    Odie – Somehow, I see you in the cat house…

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