14 thoughts on “Dip Tank

  1. You have friends, then you loose them. Sometimes they die doing the same things you did – before or after. Some friends you keep for years and years; if you're lucky.

  2. Your absolute best yet, cause it's real, cause it speaks to those who have lost a good friend, and a comradery that is timeless…

  3. I think of departed friends and family every day. And the longer you live, the longer the list.

  4. Why YOU are getting so old. I'm pert as a rutting buck. Still a sexual tyrannosaurus, etc.

  5. Yes, the list grows, and our youthful immortality has been long forgotten.

  6. We did something similar tonight at dinner, remembered old friends who are now gone, and toasted them all… And yes the good die young!

  7. All of the old reprobates (like you and I) are left — to toast and to keep the memory of the better men alive.

  8. As we age, these kind of memories become more numerous and poignant. Thanks for sharing.

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