Dems Push Nuclear Option

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We will see the Senate’s rules changed again, completing the journey that corrupt Harry Reid (D-NV) started. There was a time when a qualified Supreme Court Justice could be confirmed by 60 votes without much trouble. That included Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan, confirmed under the Obama regime. That is no longer the case and it is a partisan war that will not serve the nation well.
The Dems revel in the present situation and I wonder if it will serve them well as they expect that it will – or whether the nation will continue to be disgusted with them?

10 thoughts on “Dems Push Nuclear Option

  1. Bill Whittle has suggested that we change the name from "Nuclear Option" to "The Reid Option", since he's the one that started using this breach-of-the-protocol process.

  2. I think that he has a tiger by the tail. He doesn't want to hold on and he's afraid to let go, so he does what the people who pay him (not the US Government or the taxpayers) tell him to do.

  3. Calling Harry Reid a cur is an insult to curs everywhere. The guy is a flat out scum sucking dog. A major league piece of shit. This is the asshole, who would stand up in front of that august body (the Senate) and lie like a rug about Mitt Romney's taxes. Just flat out lie.

    We've never had a scummier scumbag as majority leader, ever.

  4. Sadly it could work. When common people don't know what the Supreme Court does, don't know how many Justices there are, or the names of any of them; I don't doubt that it will serve them well.

    This nation is still deeply divided and I don't see it getting better any time soon.

  5. Yes, Harry couldn't teach Mephistopheles anything. In fact, it's rumored that Satan came to Harry for advice.

  6. The education system has failed the nation miserably. That, more than another single thing, is why the progressive ideology has prospered. As Orwell put it: "ignorance is strength". You don't want America's youth to understand how things work, how it worked in the past, etc. because they might not vote the way the progs and the mainstream media wants them to.

  7. The corrupt skulduggery of the Dems will come back to haunt them and already is. Some even say that their wickedness is driving them insane. For example, they think Sharia empowers womyn.

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