Picking Sides

(Jihad Watch) It is significant that jihadist Iran would come out in solidarity with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Friendship between Leftists and Islamic supremacists (the red-green axis) is an alliance of mutual convenience. Their accord is really about their mutual goal to destroy America by subversion. 

I find it curious that the Democrat caucus in the US Senate and the House of Representatives finds itself coming down on the side of Iran, of all places. Then again, they were the architect of the Iran Nuclear Program, thinly disguised as the Iranian program to acquire nuclear weapons, which Iran promised would be used against the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia (not in that order).

The saddest part of all of this is that I have friends who are democrats and might be reading this blog. Iran, really? Riots and looting, really?

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti in the pocket of Qatar? What are they getting for the $5 million that they gave him? It’s a fair question. Whose side is Garcetti on? He’s cutting $150 million from the police budget. I can’t imagine working for LAPD. I’m sure that anyone who can leave, will.


Police Reform

The New York Times is advocating for police reform. I read an article that the enlightened left put out touting the San Francisco Police Department as the poster child for change.

I’ve worked with friends at San Francisco PD over the years. The late, GREAT, Sergeant Tom Perdue, SFPD was one of the very best investigators I ever worked with. However, taken on whole, the place is a corrupt mess. The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) has de-certified them several times in the past for being substandard in all respects.

More than a few years ago, I traveled to San Francisco to do a case against Black Muslims in San Francisco (yes, of course, Black Muslims matter). We were buying 85 Kg of cocaine from a local kingpin named “Mohammed”, not his birth name. I was met at the airport by a District Attorney Investigator who immediately informed me that he was not homosexual. He said, “A lot of detectives on the police department and at the District Attorney’s Office there were ‘paychecks’. They were no-show jobs. Various people were appointed by the Mayor and never went through police training. They received a badge and a gun from the departments and only showed up on payday to collect. (One of many reasons that they were de-certified)

He said, “You’re in for a treat, today is payday. Watch the freak parade for yourself.” We walked into the detective bureau at SFPD and I noted an attractive lady, blue dress, taller than me, but well dressed. My partner went to the men’s room to urinate and as he stood at the stall, he noticed that this same lady in the blue dress swished up next to him, raised her dress, pulled the part out and took a whiz in the adjacent urinal. Maybe it was looking for a friend? I can’t read minds. I realize that it may sound homophobic that it took him by surprise. He wasn’t accustomed to that, but it’s San Francisco.

While we were there two SFPD officers committed an armed robbery while in uniform. We got looped into the investigation because our faces were unfamiliar and we worked undercover. Apparently that sort of thing did not happen every day, but it wasn’t unusual either. Let’s face it, the place IS very progressive.

The City of Minneapolis is looking to replace the existing police force. City Councilman Fletcher said they would like to replace the city’s police force by starting “fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach” model. If you call 911, a social worker shows up. Buy lots of popcorn.

The City of Dallas, TX removed the statue of a Texas Ranger from the Airport. Is Texas going to de-fund the Rangers? Where do they go from here?


As I’ve Pointed Out

Where I live, we never see the police. If you call 911, it’s a two-plus hour response. By the time that they arrive, what’s happened is over and done.

But I’ve lived in a lot of other places, and removing the police from the equation gives power to gangs, roving thugs and will result in vigilantes handling the daily problems that arise that were traditionally handled by law enforcement.

In a way, it’s like where I live. Problems are almost always handled without the need for police intervention. But what works in a place like this, won’t work in a ghetto.

This is not the era of Judge Roy Bean (the only law west of the Pecos). And the tighter you pack people into cities, the more likely it is that things will get out of hand.

The Dawn comes up like Thunder in N. AZ


  1. I’m extremely amused by the Left’s current “abolish police” ranting.

    They don’t want people to be able to protect themselves. They don’t want police to protect the people. They think rioting should be encouraged. Not sure how they plan to sell this level of recursion even to their dupes?


    • “Their people” couldn’t figure out how to pour sand out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. Giving the city over to gangs means giving it over to vigilantes as well. I don’t know if they thought that far ahead. And the liberal CNN news crew isn’t going to want to clash with vigilantes or the gangs that would steal the camera and rape the bubble-head bleach blonde.

      • “figure out how to pour sand out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel”… that had me in stitches. Agree with all the intellectual stuff as well. But man, I needed a laugh!

        • None of us are laughing enough these days. That’s part of the problem. I think that’s part of the protest, holding up cell phones and taking pictures of yourself at the rally. People are bored, they don’t laugh, they’re locked down.

  2. BLM, Antifa, and the mullahs. There’s three to draw to. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” at least until the common enemy is dealt with.

  3. Re: The removal of the Texas Ranger statue–Even taking media suppression into account, I am disheartened by the seeming lack of public outrage. That’s a protest I would have joined.

    Re: No more cops. Popcorn indeed. Watch the transition from King Rat to Lord of the Flies at the speed of the internet.

    That photo of the dead tree calls to me. I bet the panorama is stunning.

  4. Municipalities surrounding these progressive hells should, once the police departments are abandoned, wall up the streets leaving the hells, thereby forcing the criminal war lords, whether that be a racially based gang or the hell hole city itself, to live on their turf and not that of the law abiding. After all, without a real police force, who’s to stop them?
    Or, the police force should throw in the towel on their civic “leaders”, and, being the only organized armed forces in each city, declare martial law, arrest and imprison all the corrupt political establishment, and then invite the FBI in to investigate the corruption. Politicians are stupid, as a class, but standing against the police and for the looters and gangsters is pure insanity, and invites a likewise insane and unprecedented response.

    • I’m for arresting the corrupt politicians who further this insanity. NOBODY in the nation would say that #politician lives matter.

    • The stock market is soaring, things were getting back to normal. The Donkeys had to pull a stunt like this in hoping to prevent a Trump landslide.

  5. Good to see you flying the Bonnie Blue. Uplifting, eh? Unlike the brave new Marxist plan to abolish the police. Perhaps they’ll get what they’re after. We can watch them weep, whine and gnash their teeth as cities descend to anarchy and everyone votes Trump For Law And Order.

    • I thought of the Blue Flag and the Blue Dog at the compound in Hill Country.

      The DLC really does need a ferret.

  6. Sad about the Texas Rangers. Even if it was just a statue it bodes poorly for a state I thought would always stand tall.
    I expect the statue was in some liberal bastion created by komifornia exodus types?

    Making me wish I lived on a mountain!
    You all be safe and God bless!

      • I’m sure the Ranger Museum in Waco would be happy to have it. But speaking as a Texas Native, Dallas has not really been part of Texas for 30 or 40 years. The only thing to recommend it is, it isn’t quite as goofy as Austin. Yet. There be some seriously goofy people in Austin, but Dallas would be pleased to overtake them.

        • I agree with WWWest… I’m glad they aren’t destroying the statue– someone will most certainly be proud to claim it– it’s iconic– I’ve always adored the Texas Rangers legacy! Dallas (and Austin) are NOT Texan, at all. And I agree with Linda about your pics making me want to live on a mountain. I mean, WOW. However, I disagree about the standing tall, thing… REAL Texans will always stand tall. (Dallas is not real Texas). Regardless, if taking down a sculpture helps appease the troubled minds in these parts, then by gawd, DO IT. I have to say, the blacks at my Kroger have been 10 times more outgoing and friendly in the last two days than EVER. Like, to the point that I have been SHOCKED. Is that a coincidence? I doubt it. I think they feel validated. And THANK GOD for that, because as soon as they stop doubting themselves and take a little pride in their image, they can finally start acting like normal citizens. I WANT THAT. That’s what’s going to allow all the tension to dissipate. So much of it is perceived by themselves when it doesn’t exist, so let them perceive differently and finally see the truth. (I’m often wrong, so feel free to point out if I am. This is just my take on things.)

  7. These events remind me of the anti Vietnam War demonstrations and uprisings of my misspent youth. No doubt in my mind communists were behind much of it. Later we had the outright criminal bomb makers, kidnappers, Weather underground, etc. It all died down but the underlying festering sore remained. Now the sore is mutating.

    I’ve said, more than once, a large motivator for many, is an opportunity to get laid. Civil disobedience is, for many, an aphrodisiac.

    A bit of advice. Let it be for awhile and enjoy grandchildren enjoying themselves. They are what is most important.

    • I don’t dwell on it, WSF. I try and create a forum with comments for current events. The riots arson and looting is a long way from me. So is the Chinese Plague. All of this has made it difficult to get any work done, though. But it’s summer, and that’s not a bad thing.

  8. According to my beautiful wife, the Dallas Leftist have gone beyond the statue and have removed a large replica of the Texas Rangers badge from the Love Field lobby. They claimed it disturbed some of the people that visit the airport. I guess it would disturb criminals that pass through.

    • Any comment I make to that will be interpreted as ‘racist’. So maybe I’ll leave it at that.

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