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stock photo of mass murderer and girlfriend
He snapped’: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock ‘s brother says that the family is ‘dumbfounded’, and has no idea of motive. Let’s throw some spaghetti against the wall and speculate.
Paddock is a multi-millionaire who made his money as a land developer in Nevada. ATF apparently approved his purchase of around a dozen fully automatic weapons. YET the federal government disavowed knowing anything about him. Really? 
InfoWars says the FBI found Antifa and ISIS literature in Paddock’s hotel suite (two connecting rooms) at the Mandalay Bay. (true or untrue?) We do know that ISIS has taken credit for the shooting twice today.

This will be fleshed out by law enforcement eventually. But the murderous progressive shooting rampage reminds me a lot of the situation we saw in Virginia, where James Hodgkinson, a left-wing activist, attacked Republican legislators who were playing baseball. (more here) The difference between the two events rests with the level of planning that Paddock took to position himself with fully automatic weapons. In both cases, the targets were pro-Trump people (if Country Music lovers can be blanketed that way). It’s a stretch to characterize Republican Congressmen as pro-Trump as well, but the Progs tend to lump everyone into Hillary’s ‘basked of deplorables’.

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  1. Stand by for a barrage of gun control messaging. Rights, law, and facts be damned. Feelings rule. MFL – My Feelings Matter.

  2. Yep, something 'stinks' in this one, and the blood isn't even dry and the left is on a full blown ban them all, including suppressors rant already! Sigh…

  3. Yes, it's all about the emotion of the moment…and Hillary's run for the presidency in 2020

  4. He traveled to the Middle East with his girlfriend. Perhaps he was brainwashed there? It's as good of a theory as any that are out there circulating.

  5. I dunno. After all the JFK conspiracies fell out, it was only on a visit to my Mom in Dallas one year that I insisted we visit the 6th floor museum in the Texas Schoolbook Depository. As I stood at an adjoining window (they have plexiglass around the actual corner window area) I suddenly felt that the shots would have been a piece of cake, even to someone like me who was raised as a hunter, but had no military training in long guns. And thereafter, I never questioned the lone gunman theory again. I’m withholding my final judgment at this time; simple, uncomplicated evil has existed throughout history and this may be one of those times.

  6. Of course progs thing C&W fans are Trumps supporters.
    "CBS fires executive for Facebook post after Las Vegas shooting"
    and the video link was removed right after I pasted it.

  7. Single all of his adult life … that can get you to weird (don't ask how I know). Please let us know if you get a listen to the audio and can distinguish two separate automatics (e.g. AK47 & M16) firing at the same time.

  8. I'm waiting to see how things shake out before I come to any conclusions. ISIS claims he was a convert. Maybe. Anti Trump? Possibly. We'll see. I do believe Hillary gets the doofus prize for the most ridiculous statement. Uh Hillary. Suppressors are not silent.

  9. I think that Lee H. Oswald acted alone.

    The Jack Ruby end of the whole JFK conspiracy is where things get weird.

  10. The acoustics of the event (with echoes) can play tricks. I can't tell much from what I've heard on TV. The investigators will have access to about a zillion cameras and a lot of microphones because it's Vegas. Additionally, the shooter brought multiple rifles instead of multiple magazines, which I find – weird.

    The newsies on Fox brought up the question of what sort of medication the guy was on. The investigators will know all that by now. Combine it all and we may more. I think that the truth will come out in this particular grizzly incident.

  11. You can't silence a supersonic bullet (science). Hillary is ignorant of that fact along with so many others. And yes, even at that, silencers aren't silent…unless you're using a .22LR with a good silencer or ammo (short range lower velocity) designed for close work. Then they're pretty silent.

  12. Interesting and more in depth article on the shooter's daddy-

  13. I'm waiting at least 3-4 days before even trying to come to some sense of what went on. Of course social media has no such constraints and the bull is flying.
    Early reports are often false or misleading.

  14. Maybe that will be the new trend in terrorism? leftist around 70 wanting to protest. Before the religious terrorist wave the left had their wave in the 60' and the 70' Retro terrorism might be an alternative. They claim that the 70 is the new 40.

  15. Yes, I jumped the gun, and we don't really know what the guy was trying to prove, but it was interesting to speculate.

  16. They call Republicans any nasty name that their foul sewer mouths can pronounce, and the progressive behavior is validated by the evil, smug, filthy, lying, corrupt mainstream media.

  17. I don't think so, LSP. At the risk of sounding ghoulish, he could have done more on aimed semi-auto because people would not have associated single round fire as gunfire for a long time. There were 22K people there.

    We all need to sit back and wait for results of the investigation.

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