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What Will Mexico Do?
We all know that they are able to stop the flow of illegal aliens (pushing through Mexico to the US) if they want to. The question has always been one of will.

“On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied, at which time the Tariffs will be removed.” – President Trump 

The Communist Party’s victory in the presidential elections in Mexico means that many of my friends who were in power there are not anymore, but the victory of the communists didn’t mean that Mexico’s problems are solved. Four years ago the exchange rate was 12 pesos to the dollar. Today it’s twenty pesos to the dollar, and some forecasters predict that it could be one hundred pesos to the dollar by the end of President Lopez-Obrador’s term in about five years. At that rate, the US can afford to tariff/tax Mexican goods at a 25% rate without seeing much in the way of price increases here, as they continue their economic death spiral. In fact, as Mexico declines, there could be a reduction in cost of Mexican goods despite a 25% tax. If the tax continues long enough, we’d see the emergence of other markets to supply US demands, or Mexican producers (largely agricultural) would need to accept the 25% hit. Or they stop the flow of Central Americans and others into the US.

Sure, Congress could fix the problem tomorrow, but they are too busy trying to impeach President Trump to do anything.

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29 thoughts on “Considerations for the Coming Weekend

  1. What if instead of a tariff, we sent Mexico a bill per illegal? So that whatever the illegals are sending home to get spent in Mexico, some portion had to cover that fee?

  2. Gotta love Gary Larsen…another cowboy saying: "Shoot, shovel, and shut up."…seems if things continue that may have to be employed [by someone other than myself of course.]

    Listening to the MSM you'd think the tariff's are beckoning the end of the world…constant whining about price increases. Shows how little these lib's understand global economics and American sovereignty. The left uses the same argument when illegals are deported regarding ag field work.

  3. The concept of reciprocal trade is something that eludes most Americans.

    Mexico has not been a good neighbor, well, ever. They hate our guts and always will. And none of that will most likely not change any time soon. I can get along without my avocado toast, and I'm OK with not buying anything from Mexico, or shipping anything to Mexico; it's like dealing with the devil. Ditto China. Both countries are corrupt to the bone, and essentially export their woes here.

    A pox on them both.

    Notice how freely I pox things.

  4. I would suggest that while it is a given that Mexico could *impede* the flow of illegals through their country, it is far from certain that they could STOP it. I mean, they can;t do much of anything, really – trying to maintain law and order to the minimal extent that the police are able to protect politicians and judges, or actually arrest drug cartel members is beyond them, for example.

    However, I'd settle for an honest attempt to impede them.

  5. They can earnestly keep them from crossing their own southern border. They can arrest and deport caravans. And the truth is that illegal immigration is possibly Mexico’s single biggest problem.

    The cartels ship hundreds of thousands of tons across the Mexican Southern Border and pay officials to keep that frontier porous

  6. You are certainly free with your poxing but it’s one of the most charming things about you, Fredd.

  7. Excellent inflation point. Tariff those commies up the whazoo.

    Speaking of which, what's your take on the ChiCom Africa/BRI debt trap? A rerun of Brit/Euro mercantile colonialism or something new?

    Either way, "money's up the monkey."

  8. This might be good…the concentration of my rancher neighbor's herds means I go first and won't have to listen to their drivel any longer than necessary.

  9. Oh…and does that mean I can quit paying my mortgage? (considering the MSM has a special crystal ball so must be right in their prognostication)

  10. I really like the poster about " July ".

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  11. They are working on it. The rot and decay brought on by policies of the PRI and PAN are being surpassed in their foolishness by PRD (Communist Party). Mexico will take longer to destroy than Venezuela because it's larger and its agriculture industry is extensive. I don't see the rampant starvation hitting Mexico anytime soon. But their ability to buy anything made outside Mexico will become increasingly difficult.

    The communists will be forced to nationalize to keep outside interests from buying the country for pennies on the dollar. And that will make the glide angle to the ground even steeper.

  12. It's the Chinese model. Not just in Africa, but everywhere they go. It's national policy.

  13. If a mortgage is like a student loan – why not?

    As for myself, I'm pushing for government reparations for all of the discrimination for being a heterosexual male. Without us, the planet would not exist. We're under appreciated.

  14. So true…without us Cavemen the world would sink into full beta ninny theater…the complete opposite of our self-imposed "nobody's going to pay your mortgage for you" attitude.

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