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** Can a Nation of Victims Survive? A nation that perceives itself to be comprised of victims and victimizers is a fairly unique phenomenon in American history.  Rather than be divided by differing ideas or different policies, we now are sliced into an infinite number of groups and subgroups that are defined by their various victimizations.  Grievance politics now rules not only our governing bodies but almost every institution in America.  Social media influencers, celebrities, commentators, artists, and actors now pour embittered rage into our national discourse, and the underlying message of much of our cultural and intellectual lives is that we are harmed by a world that neither embraces our uniqueness nor recognizes our pain.

** Don’t ask why I need an AR-15. Ask why the Internal Revenue Service needs them.

** Hunter Biden, the first son, liked to photograph himself – some of that is in the Congressional Record now.

** When did it become ok for a sandwich to cost $20? Let’s go Brandon.

I’m in travel food expense sticker shock at the moment. For the historical record, I’m ok spending $2.50 for a hamburger at In-N-Out.

I took my granddaughters to Sea World. There were hot dogs for sale in the park. Pre-made, wrapped, and on a cart. No prices are listed. I bought 2. They rang them up – $24.00 (not each, for two).

**. Hollywood in general is heading in the same direction as Kabuki, Noh, and opera, where the audience doesn’t go for the plots or acting so much as the actors’ “bits” (things the actor is known for doing). We’ve seen this with actors: Tom Cruise runs, Sam Rockwell dances, Jack Nicholson acts crazy, etc.

** “A recent survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek*, found that 44 percent of millennials (between ages 25-34) favor criminal charges for people who use the wrong pronouns for others or so-called “misgendering.” We have previously discussed how misgendering is now a crime in countries like Great Britain. Misgendering has been referred to as an “act of violence” at some U.S. universities.

* I strongly question the statistics and the statistical method used by this study and the precise questions used. I would like to see what persons they queried to come up with this estimate. If their small polling sample came disproportionately from liberal universities and their progeny, it would seriously skew the results. Other questions abound when trying to extrapolate results supposedly valid for tens of millions of people from a tiny portion of that set, despite the “experts” desperately trying to convince you otherwise.

** ZeroHedge – I expect that there is a kickback involved – but the story holds its own irrespective. Self-described inventor (and convicted felon) Lawrence Hardge received a $680,000 contract from the District of Columbia for a small device that he claims increases the range of electric vehicles.

Hardage received a “black star award” from some advocacy group in Michigan for being a negro inventor/genius. Sadly, he never invents anything. He’s just another scammer.

According to a Jackson Advocate article in 2022, Hardge claimed that he “had been notified by the University of Michigan, which is located only 35 miles from Hardge Global Manufacturing offices in Farmington Hills, Michigan, that he is being prepped for a possible Nobel Prize nomination by the university.”

“I interviewed with the University of Michigan last year,” he said in the article. “I spent about eight hours with them. They wanted to nominate me for a Nobel Prize. They thought I was the perfect candidate.”

WUSA spoke with a University of Michigan spokesperson who said, “We’ve checked with colleagues who would be most likely to be familiar with Mr. Hardge (Office of Research, College of Engineering, Communications) and no one is familiar with him.”


Ukrainian Anti-Drone Technical


Afghan National Army HMMWV retrofitted with a 14.5mm ZPU-1 AAA 


Identify the Aircraft


The verticle stabilizer is a giveaway. Here’s another photo below:



This photo made an appearance here once before.


Not a Beaver

19 thoughts on “Concerned Bystander

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Hannover CL.II
    2. Messerschmitt Me 210
    3. Westland Whirlwind
    4. Cessna 195

      1. I think that you were right the first time Me-210. They have a lot of the same characteristics from that angle.

          1. Logical.

            I’m still not quite sure, though. Most of the differences between the two had to do with internal changes. There was a war on and they used the same assembly line with the similar or the same jigs, etc.

  2. “Misgendering should be a felony”: And exactly what tortured logic did these mental weaklings use to conclude this is harmful? Weak times make weak MEN….

    Hardge: Charlatans come in all skin colors. The only device that could assist an EV to extend its range is a petrol (for Jules) engine and fuel tank.

    Sidebar: EV’s are sitting on dealer lots…no one wants them. Stupidity runs deep with the EV/Solar/Wind crowd. My neighbor called me (I’m away), nice guy but got a government rebate and thought they were saving money on power. Sooo, instead of adding value to their property once they sell down the road, pulling 3 power poles to their 6 months fully wired and nice cabin (they Winter in Tuscon)…they “went solar”. Told him spending twice as much for a solar install over REA power is not saving money on electricity. (It’s simple math, especially for an older couple.)

    Wanted to know my thoughts on how to keep the monstrous battery from freezing and not charging in the Winter? (Not a Tesla Powerwall)

    People do not listen. Also said they would be selling excess power back to the REA. Anyone here see a problem with that “plan”?

    1. He should burn propane in the winter to keep his battery and pipes from freezing. The solar panels will be covered with snow. 23-24 is an El Niño season. Set the temp at 45F. Arrange with the propane company to refill regularly.

      1. You’d think…but some people constantly “step in it”. He just switched propane suppliers , likely to save 10c a gallon…a pita to do (truck got stuck).

        The “cabin” has no back up heat, wood stove only. Had suggested a couple of Buderus low profile wall radiators tied to the tankless to keep the building more steady temp-wise. Big temp swings are bad news for a fully finished place.

        Most batteries (Fortress is this one) have a charge controller and usually don’t allow charging below a certain temp, and – exactly as you said – who’s going to sweep snow off the panels? Maybe a new source of mailbox money for me…$200 a pop, 2x if I have plow or snowshoe my way into their place.

        1. I am not an example for all things. However, I have a wood fireplace and stove, and am connected to the electric grid. When that fails I use a propane generator as a short-term (automatic) solution for electric power. I heat and cook (stovetop) with propane.

          My point here is that redundant solutions mean that if one thing doesn’t work, there are alternatives. While it would be a good way for you to make extra money to clean their solar collectors, as a homeowner, it’s a dumb solution. Even cleaning your own solar panels in times of heavy snow can be something you might prefer NOT to be forced to do.

          I considered solar power and rejected it for where I live. I’m not anti-solar, and when connected to the grid and used as a back-up it can make sense. Part of the problem I would deal with is location since my house is on the east side of the ridgeline and yes, morning sun, with 200′ Ponderosas…

          1. “One is none”…a concept foreign to half the population. I was kidding about clearing his panels…not my job to save people from their own stupidity. You thought your situation thru (they are all unique therefore ‘custom’)…many do not.

            Been in Wyoming assembling my younger brothers Guest Cabin timberframe, got it erected yesterday (4 bents), thanks to his concrete guy having his crane truck available on short notice (well paid for his time and expertise). People think at this age we’re nuts, but with planning and double-checking ourselves we got the heavy lifting finished. Plan for the worst, avoid stupid risks, adapt, stay flexible..because something will not go according to plan, and most critically, follow-thru.

            Pretty sure the Bible has wise words to that affect.

    2. Modern times call for modern rhymes…

      Sticks and stones may break my bones,
      But words will really hurt me !

      They’ve apparently embraced a Hebrew parable from the Book of Sirach 28:17… “The blow of a whip raises a welt, but a blow of the tongue crushes the bones

  3. Jack Nicholson “acts” crazy. Heh-heh. That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

  4. Here in central MS it does get cold but not deadly cold very often. More likely here is deadly hot. Like it has been this last week. You add to that a storm taking down a power line and you have a recipe for disaster. I have tried to convince others a 5k btu window unit , small generator , and 10 or 20 gallons of stabil/gas is cheap insurance. It will keep a small room comfortable. It can be a life saver when the central unit goes out on. A Friday from age or brownouts, and no help till Monday. No storm required. I was a Boy Scout when that meant something.

  5. “… favor criminal charges for people who use the wrong pronouns for others or so-called “misgendering.”
    Counterman v. Colorado
    Barely any mention is made of this important decision.
    It addresses hate speech laws.
    Threats (speech is violence) have to be intentional.

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