Clash of Cultures: progressives vs Americans

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At a baseball game, a progressive female person came up to me, unbidden, while I was speaking with my daughter and son-in-law. My rhetoric was something along the line that our honored dead need ultimate respect every day, not just on Memorial Day. The female (who likely has a pink vagina hat in her drawer) came up to me and said, “Why don’t you mourn the members of ISIS who were killed.” 
I looked her and said, “Rest in pieces.” She walked off and stood next to an ascetic man with a beard, likely her life partner (maybe a university professor) and didn’t say anything else.
My daughter and son-in-law laughed her on her way.
So there you have it. The divide between Americans and progressives.

19 thoughts on “Clash of Cultures: progressives vs Americans

  1. I don't mourn dead ISIS members, but I will admit to regretting that the rest of them remain un-killed.

    In the same vein as your unbidden interlocutor, I was in the lower reaches of central Maine yesterday, and the latest virtue signalling thing is to put up a lawn sign reading "Hate Has No Home Here". Which was particularly ironic to see because I was heading up to would-be Mogadishu-on-the-Androscoggin, namely Lewiston-Auburn. I said to the homes with the signs (all nice ones, BTW) "Then why import those who are the greatest haters?"

    Now I am a peaceable fellow, and would NEVER advocate for violence, but it does come to mind that for certain types (which are absolutely not me, not at all, no sir) such lawn signs make great target designators, on the general principle of "get the traitors first" should CW2 go hot.

  2. None are so opinionated then those who have never (and never will) put their own asses on the line for anything but their own benefit.

  3. Maybe we need to sell them signs like that with homing beacons on them. I sense a business opportunity.

  4. The dead of ISIS are not honored and worthy of no mourning. I may have pointed out to her their treatment of women and the way they engage in the slave trade, but I think I like your response better. Brief and to the point.

  5. They don't deserve to be honored in ANY way shape or form. Love the rest in 'pieces' line!!! LOL

  6. I am becoming less and less accommodating as I age. I very likely would have responded to an unsolicited attack on my patriotism such as this with a witty response, namely 'fuck you.'

    Of course, that's just me..

  7. I'm impressed. Some people would have produced a BATTLE AXE and set to work, but you remained calm. Well done.

    But seriously, mourn ISIS? The same people who'd chop the beard's off and turn the pink hat into a burqa sex slave, if they could?

    The progleft is fast arriving at the point of peak insanity, if they haven't already reached it. Some say they've been driven mad by Satan.

  8. Just hack the Census/address. – they must have GPS on every house in the country. At least the census taker walked right up to my door and took a location fix. I assume they do it with all.

  9. I'll have to remember that one, and hope the same opportunity to use it comes my way.

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