Chronic Cultural Marxism

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Caption: George Orwell’s novel 1984 takes place in a dystopian future in a surveillance society.

escape from the democrat-run cities… while you can.

Graphic: San Francisco, California 2024 – the zombies come out at night. What could be more progressive?


Bullet Points:

** (h/t Claudio) There is a danger to space-based surveillance systems from anti-satellite weapons. What is the solution? Millions of surveillance satellites? (more here)

You could also shoot up a few old Russian birds (movie: Gravity) and fill near-Earth orbit with so much debris that there are no more satellites.

From the article: The news agency first disclosed in March the existence of SpaceX’s contract with the National Reconnaissance Office, which is responsible for operating US spy satellites. SpaceX’s Starshield business unit is building the network under a $1.8 billion contract signed in 2021.

While this network will be separate from SpaceX’s Starlink Internet constellation, the National Reconnaissance Office contract is leveraging SpaceX’s capability to put many Starlink satellites into orbit with its existing manufacturing facilities and the reusable Falcon 9 rocket. The current Starlink mega constellation has more than 5,700 operational satellites.

This spysat constellation is considered to be “proliferated” because there will be swarms of satellites launched into low-Earth orbit to provide imaging and other capabilities, and these should be less vulnerable to enemy attack because of their large numbers.

** “An eighteen-year-old boy is carried into the shock ward, and he looks up at me trustingly, asking, “How am I doing, nurse?” I kiss his forehead and say, “You are doing just fine, soldier.” He smiles sweetly and says, “I was just checking,” Then he dies. We all cry in private. But not in front of the boys. Never in front of the boys.” – June Wandrey

** (American Thinker) She’s discussing separating anyone “who has money in Massachusetts” from their money. It’s her money, see, and those who earned that money should hand it over “to make our communities better.”

Here are some of the cabinet secretary’s fondest dreams:

  • Increasing the state payroll tax.
  • Jacking up local excise taxes.
  • New tolls on all highways leading into Massachusetts.
  • Forcing working-class drivers out of their pick-up trucks, which she claimed are “basically” 18-wheelers.
  • Charging more for Uber/Lyft rides, and for package-delivery services.
  • Writing more speeding tickets, and suspending more drivers’ licenses, and forcing motorists to appeal the loss of their licenses at the state’s kangaroo-court hearings.
  • Using state policy to bludgeon citizens into submission to the Deep State — “I’ll 100 percent use it as a weapon.”


Wall Street Journal:

“House Speaker Mike Johnson vowed to remain speaker yesterday, as he faced the most direct challenge to his leadership since taking the gavel last fall, sparked by his effort to pass long-stalled funding for Ukraine, Israel, and other overseas allies.

The Louisiana Republican set plans to maneuver a complicated, four-part piece of legislation through the House by the end of the week—likely relying heavily on Democratic votes—while also keeping his job, even as more Republicans indicated they were souring on his leadership.

By late in the day, there were signs his effort was unraveling, with meetings with GOP lawmakers lasting deep into the night and no bill text being released.

This is the Rhineland 1936, Czechoslovakia 1938, and Poland 1939. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Get your heads out of the sand, people.



7 thoughts on “Chronic Cultural Marxism

  1. Was just reading on Drudge that the House just passed legislation for more funding for Ukraine. Too bad they were not as successful passing funding to secure the border. It seems obvious to me that neither party wants a secure border. But that’s okay, we can keep sending more 155 cannon shells over to Europe, well as long as we still have factories to produce them.

    American Thinker. Good grief, how can anybody see this as a good idea? Monica Tibbits-Nutt (the name gives it away) needs to be removed from office but she won’t. Taxes and fees will keep going up and taxpayers will wonder where all their hard earned cash went.

    Bedpan Commando sounds like a good book. I have a friend who was a flight nurse in Vietnam and some of the stories she tells really brings home one of the true costs of war.

  2. “Never in front of the boys.” – June Wandrey” The agony we had to suppress when a patient you were fighting to keep alive passes. She is right, you could never cry in front of them, or others on the ward. We all felt it and wept our private hell. Then we went back into the fray, because you didn’t want to lose the next. Most times you didn’t even know their name, it didn’t matter a charge was there and your sacred duty and honor was to do every thing humanly and superhumanly to cheat that death.

  3. ” She’s discussing separating anyone “who has money in Massachusetts” from their money. ”
    Why not, the House just voted to do that to Russia. Did anyone in MA think they were immune to the idea?

    If you don’t like Speaker Johnson, just wait until the pure ones maneuver their way into giving us Speaker Jeffries.

  4. Get your heads out of the sand, people.
    Hmmm! appears someone may need a (anatomy) refresher course.
    Some of us have been saying this since the advent of the half-blood prince; our friends worried we had early, rapidly advancing dementia

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