Many Messages (Sunday Sermonette)

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The Bitch of Benghazi
Hillary Clinton’s message is strident and it resonates with the progressive left.

Changing Times

Messages don’t remain constant. They drift with the changing seasons, and sometimes as often as the tide shifts. Post 9/11 America used active measures to extract information from those who would harm us. A decade later many of the same congressmen who demanded assertive interrogations wanted to try the people who followed their orders to the letter as war criminals. The message to anyone who works for the government is clear. Don’t trust the government. Never.
And throw in $150 billion as a kicker.
Feel the Bern?
Since when did the fruit of my labor become public property and subject to the whim of the likes of Sanders and Clinton to redistribute? I don’t have any problems with people voluntarily giving their money to the poor. In fact, it’s a good thing to do when you are able. When the government does it at the point of a gun, it’s another matter.
Frontier Justice
There were simpler times.
Say it Like You Mean It

9 thoughts on “Many Messages (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. Regarding the Libyan comment, and no lives lost: I think she meant that no Americans died during the process in which we got rid of Khadaffi.

    THose four Americans who died in Libya at Benghazi were killed AFTER we deposed Mohamar. I am not going to pick nits on that one, LL. Even though I hate her effing guts, I know what she meant.

  2. Oh, I know what she meant, but it's much like the "What difference does it make now that they're dead" quote that dogs her. It's like telling the parents of the dead men that their sons died because of an Internet video. It's simply classic Hillary.

  3. Classic Hillary, Hillary's Greatest Hits, Groovin' to Old Hillary, The Best of Hillary …

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  4. Much like her sticking to the fact that nothing she sent or received was marked 'classified.' Of course nothing was marked with the word 'classified.' The actual markings are 'confidential,' 'secret' and 'top secret.' Hillary is not the only way to use these slimy word games. All lawyers do it. Every stinking one of them.

  5. You'd think that people would've seen the errors of soc/communism by now. After all, it's been tried pretty hard, with millions of dead and impoverished people to show for it. But no, it keeps on coming on — I find that hard to understand. Then there's millionaire socialists, like Hillary. That's understandable. Greed, wickedness and lust for power.

  6. Communism and all totalitarianism means power. Thus it appeals. The temptation of Christ is instructive.

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