Identify the Aircraft (captioned)

This is a tough Navy aircraft to identify, so the answer is at the bottom of this blog.


A Game that Plays People

“When I saw QAnon, I knew exactly what it was and what it was doing. I had seen it before. I had almost built it before. It was gaming’s evil twin. A game that plays people. (cue ominous music)” … more here

It’s a long article, but, you might find it that it’s worth your time to read through it.


“All political power grows from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

– Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6, 1938

Sea Shanties

I have a number of them on my play list and often, they pop up randomly while I’m writing this blog. Spanish Ladies just began.

if you’ve any experience in sea shanties, you’ve probably noticed they don’t all sound the same. Some are slow, some are fast, and some are sad!

A shanty frequently contains a CALL, which is what the shantyman would sing out, essentially the verses of the song, and the RESPONSE, which is what the men would sing back. For example in Haul Away Joe: the call is “Louis was the king of France before the revolution,” and the response is “heave away, haul away Joe.”

One of the first things to keep in mind is that shanties were used most frequently during tasks that required most of the crew.

CAPSTAN SHANTIES were used for repetitive work that was sustained, such as raising the ship’s anchor at the capstan. Examples? Randy Dandy-Oh, Drunken Sailor, Eliza Lee, Barrett’s Privateers (though this was written long after the age of sail!)

HALYARD SHANTIES were sung during tasks that took a very long time and required a break for a breath before the men started up again, such as hoisting a sail. Examples? Blow the Man Down, Leave Her Johnny, Hanging Johnny (Johnny really took the piss, huh?)

PUMPING SHANTIES – Wooden ships were prone to leaking and so pumping out the water was necessary but tiresome work below decks. Examples? Santiana, Pump Shanty (surprise there)

SHORT-HAUL SHANTIES were sung during quick work, like shortening sails! Examples? Haul Away Joe, Paddy Doyle’s Boots, Haul on the Bowline.

What CAN you post on Twitter?

Define “Impeachment Manager”


Answer to: Identify the Aircraft

F5F-1 Skyrocket (or Searocket)


  1. Went on a canoing trip in western Nebraska. The night after the downstream trip was over, there was a tornado warning in the area. We all went to the only building in the area. There were a couple of guys there who went around performing Sea Shanties, and they gave an impromptu performance while we waited out the storm.

      • Yes. The Niobrara River.
        And…is was some time ago.
        You now have the option of taking a stock tank to float down the river, as well as the standard canoe and inner tube rafting.

        • That’s pretty neat, Frank. I’m sure that on a hot summer day you can also take an ice chest with beer in it (and ice) for the float.

          • Yes, the stock tanks are well set up for that.
            You can also have two inner tubes – one for you and one with the ice chest fastened on it, with your beverages of choice.
            It’s just that the tanks are much more convenient.

  2. Governor Wolf (PA) signed a “new” election law that effectively covers what they did to allow their unlawful electioneering in the rearview, including extensive mail-in ballots. It’s how the cheaters cover their tracks, make it okay from here on out because they know people have very short memories. No more free and fair elections as Philly and Pittsburg will now fully overrun the rest of the state.

    Interesting article…nothing is as it appears, all smoke and mirrors. Discernment is getting more difficult.

    Day off, lunch movie is Demolition Man…geez, too close for comfort on the PC crap, only thing missing in the futuristic utopian depiction were the masks.

  3. The Qanon article was an interesting read; he lays out a good case.

    I’ve thought for a long time that Qanon was a deliberate disinformation program that’s designed to appeal to people but don’t have the game writing experience he has. That implies someone designing it and playing it to get followers to do things. Much like we’ve heard for months now that Trump is playing 14 dimensional chess and some trap is going to spring that ends the oncoming disaster before it starts. We hear that Special Forces (Delta?) raided Dominion servers in Germany resulting in a shootout between SF and CIA and soon everything is going to be returned to normal. Or Durham’s probe or a dozen other things.

    It’s all disinformation designed to keep the serfs from getting out of line.

  4. A game that plays people

    Conspiracy theory, numerology, zodiac, religion, politics; lots of hypothesizing but little to no experimental testing and confirmation.

    Old: If you don’t pay taxes to build pyramids then the Pharaoh loses the favor of the Gods and will no longer be able to make the Nile flood to renew your fields.
    New: Pay these taxes on your bank account in the form of currency inflation to fund a stimulus, or nobody will be able to figure out how to produce goods and services and sell them.

    I’m waiting for Trump to come surfing in on the Potomac like the scene from Apocalypse Now. Isn’t that what are the soldiers are there for?

      • East Coast guys do surf. They actually surf better than West Coast guys, because, overall, our waves are shit in comparison to the West Coast, so we have to work harder for the same result.

        Seen it in surf competitions in the late 70’s. West Coastie comes to put the stomp on all the East Coasties and gets his ass handed to him. East Coastie goe out west to go to a West competition and surfs all the shitty waves and does better than the westies, but because westie judges, gets put down and the crowd gets peeved.

        • You can’t lump Florida surfers in with the Easties. They’re southern surfers and there are several of them on the international tour who score big $$. In any normal year, not last year, of course, I am on Oahu for the surfing competitions – Van’s Triple Crown. In fact, I need to make hotel reservations for that on Monday. I book early. I’m the old white guy next to the hot woman there on the sand. There aren’t that many old white men there so I stand out.

          They’re televised and look a bit different on TV. Usually there are something about 50 people watching on the upper end. I go to the ABC store and get a deli sandwich made to order, bring an ice chest and stay all day or until burned to a crisp. Sometimes a sponsor will make burgers and tube steaks for the audience if the numbers are small enough, so I augment the sandwich with a Cheeseburger and Pacifico.

          • “Age is just an idea, and I…hrrummfadiddyuhhmm…THWT THING!” (Biden, 2021, right before they A-25 him out).

            Just don’t miss the opportunity to wear the “Old Guy’s Rule” ballcap and t-shirt. Might as well own it if you’ve earned it. A little rub on tan works to “blend” better with the locals.

          • The democrats claim that 80 is the new 40.

            Old Guys Rule ball caps might replace MAGA because donkeys can’t object to that.

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t think the cavalry ‘s going to come riding over the hill just in time.

    And I doubt we’ll see any Rods From God being loosed.

    America will die with a whimper, not with a bang….

  6. The F5F was the forerunner of the F7F Tigercat. Lot of the ‘technology’ carried over to to that bird, which was one hell of an airplane. Definite improvement over the P-38, but too little too late. Sea Shanties are an interesting variant, and still used on some Japanese ships I’ve been on, especially when raising/lowering equipment. and handling hawsers.

    • I believe so, WSF….it kept everybody in sync so they could do the big Heave-HO! on the lines.

      I noticed that certain crews of the Longshoremen would chant when they were handling the lines on the Sea Launch ships. Made perfect sense watching them.

      4″ hawsers soaked in water are pretty heavy, and it takes a lot of grunt to handle them manually.

      • Yes, counting cadence. Basically a more exiting and variable way to say “Heave, ho…. Heave, ho…..”

        Fast chanties are for fast movement, slow chanties for slow.

        But LL left out the best chanties…. Gun Chanties. For to the timing of the guns, of course. Even land gunners have their gun chants. Gets you into the rhythm of the gun, each cadence is a movement, reset the gun, plug the flash-hole, swab the barrel, ram the powder, ram the wad, ram the round, prick the bag and insert fuse, everyone step away, FIRE, yada yada yada.

        A good gun crew is a ballet. Especially on a ship, a whole gun side, working in the same rhythm, absolutely beautiful in it’s deadliness.

        • When they used to hold Old Fort MacArthur Days in San Pedro, they had live fire demonstrations of artillery/cannons of all ageas and eras. From the medieval hand connons up to some small WWII British anti-tank gun that really went off with a bang.

          The Civil War reenactors were quite good at doing the ballet Beans talks about. The guys we watched could get off about three shots per minute, all perfectly coreographed, and in time.

    • WSF, yes, it’s the same thing as counting cadence. But the music evolved from tales of Jody and “I don’t know but I’ve been told _____”

  7. Ah, good old Q.

    I read the long article and had to wonder, all this ink spilled over what’s essentially a LARP? Well yes, because it radicalizes the base, gets people to doubt the establishment narrative and then do things, like vote for Trump instead of Jeb! or Hillary. Oh dear. What a disaster.

    Saying that, Q’s utter failure to produce BOOMs hasn’t helped the cause, dammit. Hmmmm.


  8. Someone somewhere else calls the Qanon people ‘autists’ as in those ‘tards that normal businesses keep hidden from everyone else who actually do the weird analysis stuff that nobody else can figure out.

    Some of what Qanon posted seemed real, some of it was just questionable. Though, in regards to the pedo-rings, Qanon seems to have been far more accurate than anyone else, even WikiLeaks.

    Strange times.

    • I think the point of the article is that Qanon isn’t reliable or necessarily factual. Sometimes a blind pig finds a truffle. Sometimes they come close. But not reliable.

  9. Good article on Q Anon. It really made some things that I’ve half-noticed over the years click.

    Frankly, I don’t care what Q has gotten right. What he’s gotten right isn’t the point. A con man and a cult leader will mix a spoonful of lies into a bucket of facts and half-truths, just to make you swallow the lie. The whole point is to warp your sense of what is real enough that you start living in a parallel reality, one that is close enough to real that it stands up to prolonged scrutiny from the inside, but contains enough lies to make you batshit insane. In principle, it’s the same as the 9/11 truther conspiracies, but much better packaged.

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