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(Fox News) President Trump has returned a bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the Oval Office, which had been removed by Barack Hussein Obama in 2009. 
Reporters first noticed that the bust had been placed back in the room on Friday, just as Trump was signing a series of executive orders at the Resolute desk. 
Obama had moved the bust to the White House residence during his first few days in office and later installed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. in its place. 
A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed last week that Trump had personally asked if England would loan the bust of Churchill to the U.S. once he took office.
It speaks to the special and enduring relationship that the United States still has with Great Britain. President Trump started working on a trade deal with the UK before he took office. It remains to be seen how those details emerge. There have already been rumblings in Europe about the US giving most favored nation trade status to the UK. Their question is “what about us?”

The MLK bust is still there as well, but Churchill is back.

The Women’s March on DC

I only have one question. What is their point beyond the fact that they want the right to kill their children in utero on a whim?

There is a picture of a couple at the protest (right). In the picture you’ll see a man and a woman (presumably – they may be trannies). Each are wearing vagina hats. They have a baby, who they didn’t kill – give credit where it’s due. The baby is also wearing a vagina hat. I can’t help but believe that one or both of them are government employees inside the  DC Beltway.

Everyone has a right to protest. In Wisconsin they might wear styrofoam cheese hats. In DC, it’s a vagina hat. In California, maybe a sombrero – or is that cultural appropriation? It’s tough for me to keep up.

I hope that the women and their castrati enjoyed their day. They can return home, satisfied that they fired a shot for reproductive rights.

President Trump didn’t watch the protest. He was at the CIA dealing with the nation’s security.

10 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Your last sentence sums it up perfectly.

    He has a JOB to do, and he's approaching it as the biggest deal he's ever worked in his life.

  2. A lot of the women who protest don't like Melania Trump.

    Which demonstrates a severe lack of taste on their part.

  3. "…and their castrati." Can you imagine the abysmal testosterone levels of those men who just spent the day out in the rain with their butch girlfriends screaming about a man who may have joked about something their favorite ex-President actually did? The hypocrisy alone would make their nads shrink completely up into their abdomens and make it hard to breathe. Doesn't matter though; they're probably not allowed to talk.

  4. I'm pretty pleased to see that our campaign to "bring back the bust" worked out so well, coming in ahead of time and under budget. MAGA style. However, I wish it was a better looking bust of the great wartime leader.

    Then there's the vagina hats… and Madonna… and Ashley Judd… At least they can congratulate themselves on not looking ridiculously stupid.

    Sorry. Delete "not."

  5. I read that there was a dust up by reporters because the MLK bust had been removed from the oval office… til it was pointed out that it had been moved to another wall, which happened to be behind the door they were keeping opened. Idiots all.
    Until those marching women trek on over to the hell holes and do something about the killing and mutilation of women by the believers in the Moslem religion, I have no sympathy for their cause. If that is too far or dangerous for them then their own town might be a good place to help out, but no let's spend money on travel, and making head up their vig hats, etc…

  6. I think Melania is a classical beauty with poise and elegance that few could pull off… not that there's anything wrong with that 😉

  7. Seriously, were, those giant walking vaginas supposed to make me feel sexually inadequate because I voted for Trump?
    Not even AT-AT Walkers wearing them would've helped your cause… although it might have been fun to see 😉

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