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(Jihad Watch) Twelve years after 9/11, the U.S. has changed sides. The Long War Journal reported on June 29 that the Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, which is “al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria,” has “cooperated with Free Syrian Army units to establish sharia, or Islamic law, in Aleppo and in eastern Syria.” What is the Free Syrian Army? The “moderates” whom we are training and to whom we are giving weapons: “the US government is backing the Free Syrian Army despite the group’s known ties to the Al Nusrah Front.”
“Training of Syrian insurgents steps up in Saudi Arabia,” by Mohammed Najib for IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, October 17:

Free Syrian Army (FSA) units are receiving intensive training from US Marine Corps personnel in Saudi Arabia, a senior FSA source has told IHS Jane’s. The source said the United States and Saudi Arabia have agreed to train around 1,500 insurgents. The programme began a few months ago and most of the personnel will be trained by the end of 2013.

The courses last for 100 days and include fighting in built up areas (FIBUA). The most recent intake that arrived from Jordan on 13 October consists of around 40% from insurgent groups operating inside Syria, with the rest recruited from refugees in neighbouring countries.

I wonder how history will paint this move by the United States of America – joining with Al Qaeda and training them? “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” I’m sure that high school text books will point to this glorious union of “the progressive movement and Wahhabist Islam” as a wonderful event. Look for it at a school near you.
How do all those wounded Marines at Bethesda Naval Hospital feel about keeping Al Qaeda going with American arms and training? Maybe they don’t know. It won’t be covered by MSNBC. General James F. Amos, Commandant of the US Marine Corps needs to resign his command – but he won’t. He’s an Obama appointee and I’m sure he’s on board and comfortable with all of this hope and change.

5 thoughts on “Changing Sides?

  1. Training our enemies now, and tomorrow it will be fighting against us here at home, maybe shoulder to shoulder with the people they are working with in the KSA? Looking back at the history of socialism/communism, it makes perfect sense.

  2. History has an uncomfortable pattern that allows those who are familiar with it can use as predictive.

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