Cause and Effect (a sincere solicitation)

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Brother, can you Spare a Dime? 

It may mean moving back to Mom’s basement for many of the Obama staffers and Democratic Party parasites. They’ll all go on unemployment but they may be reaching out to you for a crust of bread to keep them going.
Many will find teaching jobs in academia where their liberal credentials will be welcomed, but unfortunately few of them are suited for careers that require them to do an honest day’s work, thus they won’t find much of a welcome from American business. Their access as lobbyists is zero.

In other times they might find a career as a functionary at the Clinton Global Initiative, but that ox may be gored at the hands of a special prosecutor. UN jobs are popular but with the potential for the US ramping down on UN funding, the bread line looms large. What do they do, and what can you do to help them?

crocodile tears
(The Blaze) As outgoing President Barack Obama plans to head off on vacation when he vacates the White House next week, his staffers and appointees are struggling to find work in Washington, D.C. 
Following President-elect Donald Trump’s victory and Republicans’ major electoral gains in November, outgoing Obama employees and loyalists to failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have found their job prospects in the District foundering, according to Politico
“It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” longtime Clinton aide Mira Patel, who worked for Clinton in her Senate, State Department and 2016 campaign offices, told the outlet. 
Following Trump’s surprise victory Nov. 8, Democratic operatives no longer have some 4,000 presidentially appointed jobs for which to apply when the billionaire businessman takes the oath of office Jan. 20.
Any contributions that you might wish to be handed off to the former Obama staffers should be made payable to me personally on behalf of my (yet to be formed) charity, “Save Obama’s Buddies“. I’ll make sure that they get the money – after my administrative fee is taken out. Put a nickel on the drum, save another drunken bum. Because it’s more blessed to give than to receive.

18 thoughts on “Cause and Effect (a sincere solicitation)

  1. Can I just send you a blank check, LL? You just fill in what you feel is the correct amount to keep these miscreants off the streets, and of course your administrative fees are totally justified.

    Your heart is so yooge, there's a special place in heaven for you, of that I am sure.

  2. Send the money overnight in an express mail envelope. I prefer cash, but will accept any legal tender.

  3. You can put a lot of hundreds in a quart jar. More is better. These bloated fat cat bureaucrats have a high standard of living. They need a LOT of money and they need it now. Some are considering going to Switzerland skiing on retreat for a few months and they don't travel on commercial aircraft. Private Gulfstreams only.

  4. Remember to SIGN the blank check…

    The administrative fees are no greater than United Way. I assure you of that. Completely progressive and reasonable.

  5. You're a big man with a big heart and a big wallet, Sig. As a fellow government employee, I know that you'll dig deep – maybe take a loan against the equity in your house – that others may benefit.

  6. You might consider taking the proceeds of your home sale and dedicating it to the rescue of the Obama Buddies. They need your love and support in this, their hour of need and crisis.

    Many of these people signed very high dollar leases for their executive, elite Georgetown condos. The vampires who own those condos will not let them out of their leases and they have to buy their way out. Some of the Obama Buddies have taken to Twitter to express the trouble they're in. It might drive some of them to bankruptcy if YOU don't save them.

  7. These people have built up lifestyle expectations over the past eight years and their schadenfreude at the people who live in fly-over country should not deter you from giving all you have to bail them out.

    Some of them will have to move back home to (shudder) places outside of the DC Beltway where people have to work for a living. Their scorn for people who had to work to meet a payroll over the past eight years was unfortunate, but now YOU, BillB, must reach deep into your soul and help keep them from moving out of the Disneyland environment that they've been living in where lobbyists bought them extravagant meals every night. They'd like the high lifestyle to continue but they can't without your continued support. Just a pledge of $2,000 per month can pay for the association dues at one Obama Buddy condo. It would be the least you could do when you consider their service on your behalf.

  8. I see a bright future for this worthy charitable work, LL. And hey, you can merchandise too, Crying Towels, Madame President T shirts, I'm With Her! mugs etc.

  9. Maybe a crying towel with Trump's face on it so that as the progs realize they're wrong, they can kiss the President?

  10. You can always look at them and say, "I did as much for you as I wanted to do. Would you supersize that order please?"

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