Caption These (if you please) Volume 3

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Yes, I know that Jules is an art philosopher and she always seems to shine on these, but here are some that you might have fun with. I’ve added my impressions.1.

Social Distancing
Not just an actor
Never underestimate somebody who can tap you from the next county
They’re my granddaughters – cuteness overload

One thought on “Caption These (if you please) Volume 3

  1. 1. Looked good until I scrolled down to that tattoo. I suppose those kids don't realize that someday they'll be old with sagging skin.
    2. I believe I'd opt for something a bit more durable.
    3. On the short list of greatest actors. I hear he's rational as well.
    4. Reach out and touch someone.
    5. Your granddaughters are as cute as mine!

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