The Benefits of Gun Free Zones

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I was worried that President Obama would push hard for gun control measures, but was relieved to read this on Fox News

WASHINGTON – President Obama will tap Vice President Biden to lead an administration-wide effort looking at gun control and other measures in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting last week.

Vice President Joe (Don’t mess with Joe) Biden is the same person who predicted four “summers of recovery” that didn’t happen and was the uber jobs czar. As overseer of the Jobs Act of 2011, he was the one who was supposed to manage the creation of a million shovel ready jobs (at the cost of 100,000 per job) and we saw something like 84 part time jobs created instead. Joe Biden (per ABC News) was the man who had been tapped by the Administration to fix the political process in Iraq. There was also the Biden Crime Bill of 2007 (before he became VPRES) and that worked out just peachy. He fixed our foreign affairs when in the Senate as head of that committee. The list of noteworthy achievements just goes on and on and in the same way that Spiro Agnew isn’t well remembered by history as a US Vice President, neither will Biden be.
Putting Joe on the job means that the president wants the matter kicked down the road to be dealt with on another day by another Democrat.

“Gun free zones are simply killing grounds for mass murderers.” 

– Ted Nugent

You can’t build a “gun free zone” where everyone is a target and tries desperately to pretend that they’re not. A gun free Potemkin Village is still a Potemkin Village. Having kids draw pictures of butterflies, rainbows and unicorns at school and then sending them home to play violent video games will not change anything — no matter how much brainwashing the government tries in school. Even Obama knows this and understands that making high capacity magazines illegal simply means that metal shops nationwide will be turning them out in the millions. Prohibiting alcohol (Volstead Act) didn’t work either.

The school shootings (and there have been several tragedies in recent memory) have all taken place in “gun free zones” as mandated by federal law, by state law and by school district policy. The firearm used by David Codrea was a registered firearm – therefore closing the gun show loophole wouldn’t have impacted the result.

11 thoughts on “The Benefits of Gun Free Zones

  1. Gun confiscation is always at the top of the leftist agenda. I never expect them to let a crisis go to waste.

  2. Excellent points… Just ask the Aussies about what they're finding on the bad guys… Can we say home-built full autos?

  3. You can build something REALLY illegal if everything is illegal… In America there is a cottage industry in firearms anyway with people trying to stay within the bounds of the law. Make everything illegal and it's prohibition all over again.

  4. And there will be more crisis issues involving firearms. But as you've pointed out, the liberals will never let the chickens roost the nature of the people. If every drunk driving death called for a ban on autos, the last car would have been built long before any of us were born.

  5. I just realized…not only did Americans reelect Obama, they also reelected Joe Biden! Now I'm really worried about the sanity of the average American.

  6. What Constitution? Oh, that one. Does it apply to this administration? I though that they'd exempted themselves from it.

  7. Wait a minute. It was Biden who kept all African American/black people from being re-enslaved and returned to the plantation by Republicans. The guy is a friggin HERO.

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