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Let’s look at illegal immigration and California’s statistics.

  • There are just about as many Mexican/Hispanic people in California as there are people who consider themselves to be “white”. I’m sure that none of this is due to rampant illegal immigration, anchor babies and other three-card monty style shuffles perpetrated by the Democratic Party

The unemployment numbers only account for people currently receiving benefits. Which is to say the number quoted is somewhere around 1/2 of the real number.

When it comes to pending executive action on the illegal immigration issue, and the Congressional response (which will be far short of harsh in the President’s direction as he shifts from rule of law to rule by man), I am reminded of the old Grouch Marx joke. He asks a woman if she will sleep with him for a million dollars. She answers yes. He then asks if she will sleep with him for ten dollars. She answers indignantly, “What kind of girl do you think I am?” Groucho says, “We’ve already established that, now we are negotiating price.”

There is no compromise possible to a secure border. Once that is in place, it’s all on the table. The Congress must take that approach. It only makes sense. There must be no negotiating on border security. NONE AT ALL. EVER.

I have no problem with guest worker programs or pathways to citizenship. I think that a prudent and common sense approach will work for everyone. But you can’t do that while you have chaos at the US Border.




Black or African American

American Indian and Alaska Native


Hispanic or Latino

Median Income


4 thoughts on “California Factoids

  1. Just out of interest, what's the racial breakdown of the 7.3%?

    And why isn't anyone calling the Democrats on their brazen vote catching immigration policy? Is it because the Republicans want in on the same game? Curious.

  2. I don't know what the unemployment breakdown is. 7.3% only accounts for those actively receiving benefits. The true number is somewhere between 12% and 15%, with the inner cities taking a big piece of the hit. Black youth are over 50% unemployed.

    I'm sure that Republicans would like the Hispanic vote…but the game is far from precise. It's a bunch of greedy lawyers trying to suckle at the same fat sow and their are only so many tits for the hoard of politicians.

  3. It's all that you add to the economy that keeps it going. All of those woodworking shows at Tahoe that lure the swells up from the city to buy your wares.

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