There are so many kinds, so many varieties, and I have way too many favorites. Because this will post at 1:00 am on Taco Tuesday, I’m not posting a photo of the tacos that I will be eating today – but trust me – any excuse to eat them is a great excuse.


Corporate Sponsorship

Toyota is heading to the Moon with a cruiser, robotic arms, and dreams of exploration.

Toyota is working with Japan’s space agency and SpaceX on a vehicle to explore the lunar surface, with ambitions to help people live on the moon by 2040 and then go live on Mars.

The vehicle is called Lunar Cruiser, whose name pays homage to the Toyota Land Cruiser sport utility vehicle. Its launch is set for the late 2020’s.

The vehicle is based on the idea that people eat, work, sleep and communicate with others safely in cars, and the same can be done in outer space, said Takao Sato, who heads the Lunar Cruiser project at Toyota Motor Corp.

Gitai Japan Inc., a venture contracted with Toyota, has developed a robotic arm for the Lunar Cruiser, designed to perform tasks such as inspection and maintenance. Its “grapple fixture” allows the arm’s end to be changed so it can work like different tools, scooping, lifting, and sweeping.


Colchester, Essex, England

Emperor Claudius in an elephant turret, leading the Praetorians, triumphantly traverses Colchester, 43 AD (painted by Steve Noon).

The first historically recorded elephant in northern Europe, the animal brought by emperor Claudius during the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43 to the British capital of Colchester. At least one elephant skeleton with flint weapons that has been found in England was initially misidentified as this elephant, but later dating proved it to be a mammoth skeleton from the Stone Age.

Ancient writer recording that “Caesar had one large elephant, which was equipped with armor and carried archers and slingers in its tower. When this unknown creature entered the river, the Britons and their horses fled and the Roman army crossed over,” – this incident with the use of a similar war elephant in Claudius’ final conquest of Britain. At least one elephantine skeleton with flint weapons that has been found in England was initially misidentified as these elephants, but later dating proved it to be a mammoth skeleton from the Stone Age.

Colchester is said to be the oldest recorded town in Britain on the grounds that it was mentioned by Pliny the Elder, who died in Pompeii in AD 79, although the Celtic name of the town, Camulodunon appears on coins minted by tribal chieftain Tasciovanus in the period 20–10 BC.

Soon after the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43, a Roman legionary fortress was established, the first in Britain. Later, when the Roman frontier moved outwards and the twentieth legion had moved to the west (c. AD 49), Camulodunum became a colonia named in a second-century inscription as Colonia Victricensis. This contained a large and elaborate Temple to the Divine Claudius, the largest classical-style temple in Britain, as well as at least seven other Romano-British temples. Colchester is home to two of the five Roman theatres found in Britain; the example at Gosbecks (site of the Iron Age royal farmstead) is the largest in Britain, able to seat 5,000.

Colchester has certainly changed since then, but the demographics remain close to the same: 97.2% white.

Axial Tilt

Yes, it is the reason for the seasons, but not all axial tilts in the solar system are equal.

Pluto is not included – not because I don’t respect Pluto – but because a lot of scientists lack that respect.  Uranus is messed up. Don’t take that personally, but it is.

The Battle of Stoczek, 14th February 1831.

The painting features events that took place during the Polish national liberation uprising against the Russian Empire so-called the November Uprising (1830-1831).  Poles have never much liked being subjugated by Russians.

Then and Now


Turkey is rebranding its internationally recognized name as “Türkiye”.

President-for-Life/Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the new name “represents and expresses the culture, civilization, and values of the Turkish nation in the best way”.

So they’re going phonetic pronunciation. I thought that they wanted to be known as Anatolia. Whatever.


  1. Only delicate flowers are ever going to call them anything other than “Turkey”, anyway. Everybody just uses their own manes for most foreign countries, and a lot of foreign cities, for that matter.

    They don’t want to call themselves “Anatolia”, because that would imply a lack of ownership of the tiny amount of non-Anatolian territory they still control.


    • Yes, I will always call the place “Turkey” and the citizens, “Turks”. I don’t find their sultan particularly cute and the attempts to woke are as pathetic as they are in the US/Canada.

  2. Tacos are one of nature’s perfect foods. Limiting myself to three is impossible. Lasagna is another. The better half, whose grandfather immigrated from Italy, is pretty good at making it.

  3. Iran used to have a great name, Persia. Now look at that place. Rebranding by elites is always for other reasons, and usually it never ends well for the citizenry. Waiting for Trudy Sponge Pants to rename Canada to Cubada…he has universal power now, so hey, anything goes. Maybe he’ll start sporting a beret.

  4. Try Spicy Streats (that’s how they spell it) on Iron Springs. I really like it but it’s pretty plain inside so I carry out and enjoy it at my luxe manse. I seriously doubt it wou travel well all the way to your place though.

    • I’ll give it a try. If there’s no seating, I can eat them in my truck. I don’t need to use the fine china and silverware to bolt down a couple tacos.

    • Yes. It’s interesting that the residents have consistently voted for this despite what they say in Kiev.

  5. Back to “Türkiye” eh? Didn’t they try that about 20 years ago? It seems to appear periodically under times of stress, much like an eruption of oral herpes. This sort of re-naming also reminds me of teenaged girls finding creative ways to re-spell their names in an attempt to stand out (it’s “Care-in”, because I care so much! I’m so caring <3<3start sporting a beret
    When it comes to Fashion for Fidelito some people might suggest a hemp necktie. Not me of course. I love me some New World Order under the benevolent control of Stock Movie Villain #3 mit der Cherman accent. Seriously, that guy can’t possibly be in charge. He’s gotta be a figurehead/lightning rod to distract us from noticing who really runs the world. And of course a Cherman villain. Efryvun knows der Chermans are the worst people ever, past and future.

    • You need to take a selfie of you wearing your beret and Che t-shirt and e-mail it to me. I’ll post it on the blog. That should be worth several Social Justice points at some point. It might get you a better bunk in the camp. Maybe a threadbare blanket? First in line at the chow hall – maybe gruel with a chicken head in it?

  6. somehow i don’t think changing their name is going to help their economy survive. …we putin went in. limited incursion so far. the talking heads are squawking away. they should be squawking about tyranny unleashed on our doorstep in canada. well, whatever. i’m done with them all.

    • Turkish fiat currency is about worthless. People from outside the sultanate require payment in foreign currency or gold.

  7. Isn’t there a Military Correction Center in Colchester? A bit like Leavenworth, but British.

    Then there’s Canada where, apparently, Honk Honk is code for Heil Hitler. Huh. Better extend that martial law to infinity.

    • The number 8 is lucky in Chinese beliefs (because “ba” (8) rhymes with “fa” (to prosper/grow/sprout); both words are the “flat” first tone). This is why August weddings are propitious, and August 8th, 1988 was a really really busy day for weddings in China and SE Asia. If 8 is lucky, 88 is even luckier, hence the “Super88” Asian grocery stores.

      We also know from various sources (I use the ever-handy ADL guide to hate symbols) that “88” stands for Heil Hitler. Seeing as H is the 8th letter of the English alphabet, clearly “Honk honk” is encoded 88. Therefore your hypothesis that honk honk = Heil Hitler is entirely correct. Also, Asian markets are secretly run by Nazis. They are taunting us right to our faces and we don’t even know it. Wake up, sheeple! Wake up before it is too late! The Yellow Peril is worse than we ever thought. Fight those tofu-eating, opium smoking, slant-eyed Nazis (the Aryan ideal) with every fiber of your being! Oooh, gotta go. Here comes the nurse with my Thorazine.

  8. Despite living in England for about 5 years and visiting Colchester a couple of time I had never heard that elephants (well at least one) made it to England. Good information, thank you. I am betting the emperor went by horseback most the time and the elephant was kept for when they wanted to impress. I bet getting it shipboard the first time was interesting.

    Never been a fan of tacos, that makes more available for everyone else.

    As far as the date today…son’s 45th birthday so reason to celebrate but gosh am I getting old.

  9. Yep, Taco Tuesday! We have a little local mexican restaurant that has a taco lunch special that looks much like that (and I get it on a regular basis)! Re Canada they have gone off the deep end! The whole rights come from the state is now playing out on the international stage, and it’s NOT a good look!

  10. Good tacos are a joy. SLW made them the night before last.

    Good for Toyota. IIRC, GM made the original Lunar Rovers. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since then in certain areas.

  11. A half-Chinese, half-Mexican guy I used to know (he looked a bit like a shar-pei dog around the eyes) taught me to make “grandma tacos” like his grandmother used to make. Basically fried potatoes and onions with chorizo wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Genius level, that.

      • Laredo Taco Company does similar and variations with egg in the mornings; they’re found installed in Stripes convenience stores if any are out your direction. Mostly I see them in Texas and Oklahoma but of late they’ve been showing up at 7-Eleven as well. Certainly not a substitute for a local taco shop or food truck but they’ll do in a pinch.

  12. Was looking at the “Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus” axis tilts, 25deg and 177deg respectively…might explain a lot.

  13. Eugene, Oregon.
    Tacovore Cafe in an abandoned fire-station in the notorious Whitaker District… the Whit, home of the fantastically-scandalous annual Whitaker Block Party.
    * Grilled mango and seared tuna with a tequila-raspberry sauce [wipes drool from chin].

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