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The garage stretches the width of the house
The shop will be located in the area left. Naturally it will 
expand because that’s how it happens. Is there any possibility 
of having a garage that’s too big? No. I’m thinking that it should
have been another two cars long.
Where the upper and lower floors meet.
The shack will extend beyond the principal structure with the
effect that it actually sits out over the tops of the pines as part
of the view.
View from the dining room.

18 thoughts on “Brief Hovel Tour

  1. Things are coming together, slowly but surely. I was wondering about the road up there, how difficult is it to get materials to your site?

  2. Like the way your contractor is keeping construction trash policed. One sign of good workers.

  3. I like the view from the dining room. Hopefully you'll have a similar view from a porch or deck. Those are fine places to sit on a summer's day, imbibe an adult beverage and watch the world go by.

  4. It's not that much of a problem. Once you're off hardball, there is dirt road to traverse but it's graveled. The driveway is more of an issue because it's blasted bedrock and I have to find a way to smooth that out a bit. We have an area on the ridge where they store building materials that has gravel down in case of bad weather.

  5. Yes, the building site is clean. They had twelve framers there at the place throwing up the walls, etc. The roof trusses are on order and they want to have the building ready for them when they arrive.

  6. The deck will go in, projecting out from the house (you can see a pillar), adjacent to the dining room window and it will be fully covered. It's a 30'x30' deck. An outdoor living area is very important to me, and was an integral portion of the design. The lower level also has its own covered outdoor living area. We get a lot of monsoon rain in late summer up there. It's freshening, and it's delightful, but you want a cover.

  7. One nail at a time.

    The steel tariff is playing havoc but I think that I dodged that bullet by locking in a price on the roof.

  8. A hovel it is NOT! It is moving along nicely, and going to be a beautiful place for you & the family.

  9. Steel roofs are getting more and more popular out here because of hail damage. Our contractor in-law just finished reroofing the house where The Kids are living, and he put a metal roof on it. This is the house I had a picture of a year or so ago that looked like somebody opened up on it with an M-60.

    Perhaps someday the Mrs and I will be able to come down and visit you. And if you ever get up this way, you're welcome to stay with us.

  10. Well done, sir. A drive-thru garage is the only way to go. Will the shop/garage have HVAC? The view looks wonderful. I imagine it is breath-taking with a dusting of snow under a full moon.

  11. Fire, hail, water (leakage), keeping pine needles from accumulating – because steel is slick, and some other considerations such as replacement cost down-stream led to the decision to go with a steel roof.

  12. When we were getting quotes for our new roof I looked at steel. It's not that much more expensive than "other" roofing materials, but the wife said "NO!" to a steel roof….

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