British Longbow (H/T WSF)

Bones exhumed from a Dominican Friary in Exeter have revealed that arrows fired from a longbow caused injuries as deadly as modern-day gunshot wounds.

The remains examined were most probably soldiers who died in battle, displaced, and reburied in consecrated holy ground.

The team of researchers found that the injuries sustained from arrows penetrated completely through the human skull and created small entry and large exit wounds. The arrows were designed to spin clockwise as they hit the victim, acting like a drill that cut through the bone. Gun manufacturers have predominantly rifled barrels so that bullets spin in the same, clockwise, direction… more here.

Those of us who have hunted with archery understand that the arrow with the broadhead almost always goes through and through, leaving a 1-1.5″ wound channel through the target animal, and a wound like that is not survivable.

Stabilized in flight with fletching, a long shaft and delivering a razor (or bodkin) to the target, they are accurate and deadly. Modern arrows, fired by compound bows are amazingly accurate when loosed by a competent archer.

The study of hydrodynamics comes into play with fast rifle rounds and some of the more potent pistol ammunition on the market wherein the damage caused is enhanced with the rupture and destruction of blood vessels around the wound in excess of the actual wound channel caused by the passage of the bullet.

Additionally, the use of soft lead rounds with black powder weapons caused large wound channels (large bullet) and when they hit a bone, they flattened out and destroyed it.

There is an assumption among the great unwashed that primitive projectile weapons – slings, darts, crossbows, recurve (horse) bows and longbows would not be effective now. The same with axes, for example. They are in error. It’s true that we have very effective weapons at hand these days, but it doesn’t mean that they were not or are not. (Thx to WSF for the article referenced above)


Human-Caused Changes


From the American Thinker

Our schizophrenic national divide is reaching a point at which the fabric of society is being shredded. The willful adherence to false “facts,” by both media and government actors is impossible to miss. Yet those in power plow forward with evil intention, knowing that the bulk of society will pay no attention; they’re asleep, they don’t care, and the label “misinformation” is enough to quell curiosity.

Compare George Floyd to any victim of black-on-black crime, for an easy example. Floyd was an addict, a bad actor with a criminal record and evil intentions, and had (taken a lethal overdose). The media turned him into a hero, and then everyone stood by, eyes averted, as his death was manipulated to cause riots. Yet the same media never report on continual violence in all our cities where, often, innocent children are the unwitting victims. Such violence is not “useful” in forwarding an agenda.

People must willfully ignore being manipulated. Those of us who notice are shouting into the wind but nobody hears us. The frustration level can become intolerable… more here



  1. I was reading a article in a land use journal years ago, which I don’t remember the journal is postulated that the Central Valley in California would resort back to it’s natural land cover over time due to land sinking and cyclic extreme rain and snow patterns return.

  2. “People must willfully ignore being manipulated.”
    Just watching live video feed from Ottawa.
    Protesters are along the main roads now, having been driven from The Hill.
    The only counter protesters are the police standing by.
    But the cars honking in support are almost matched by the ones flying the bird as they pass.
    ans a number are just silent.

  3. In the late ’70s, I was mid-20s and working as an electronics technician helping to train a new guy. New guy was recently retired Navy so I’d guess about 20 years older than me. Talking about home defense one day, he remarked he had a crossbow. Someone laughed at that and he said, “when I nail them to the door and they can’t move, they’re gonna wish I’d shot them. ”

    Obviously stuck with me clearly to this day.

    • The people behind this destruction are full of resentment.
      Resentment and self pity lead to bitterness. Bitterness leads to the desire for “revenge”. Combine that with a claimed mandate from G-d and you have forged the keys to open the gates of hell onto earth.

      Taking a step back, the media manipulation and gaslighting ties in with a quote from the previous post today: A CBC article argues that freedom is now a “malleable term” and is “open to interpretation” . For this elastic view of reality, where words do not have fixed meaning, we can thank Derrida, Foucault, and their fellow Post-Structuralists. Note that both Derrida, an Algerian Jew, and Foucault, a homosexual, were members of marginalized groups in their time. Marginalized several times over in the case of Derrida. Were these men mistreated? Probably, which is unfortunate. Multiply that experienced mistreatment by neurosis plus high intelligence and you have serious pathology, ultimately producing hatred of both the external world and probably themselves.

      What is fascinating (in a very dark way) is that our ruling “elite” are not only willfully foreign, but view themselves as victims. This may be unique in history. There are countless examples of foreign, alien rulers, but I do not believe that the Normans saw themselves as victims of the Saxons. The Mongols did not believe themselves to be powerless against the Chinese. A conqueror can choose to be magnanimous to the conquered because he is in a position of power. But a self-proclaimed powerless victim? He cannot yield an inch because his very existence is constantly threatened, in his psychopathology. Weak men make the cruelest masters. And that is what we labor under today.

  4. The ongoing evolution of weapons has made lethal force available to people with less strength, stamina, and skill. Whether the person shooting can hit the ten ring or the five, the person getting hit is having a bad day.

  5. I’ve always been left shaking my head when media reports Palestinians throwing stones at the Israeli troops. A sling is nothing to sneeze at, there’s good reason a skilled slinger was highly prized in ancient times.
    Accounts have survived from the Romans talking about the terror incoming ammunition from slings could inspire, and when it’s something still in use, easy to make and dangerous I reckon it’s worthy of respect.

  6. Regarding the lethality of non-firearm projectile weapons, well, duh. I reiterate, duh. I mean, Well, Frackin DUH.

    A firehardened point on a decent shaped wooden shaft is good enough to punch through leather, whether thrown or thrust.

    Slings? A Roman lead sling-shot could punch through a bronze breast-plate, a breast-plate that could stop a thrust or slash by a steel sword.

    As to how to stop having an arrow penetrate one’s head, that’s what a helmet is for, duh. Decent metal armor will stop a pile or bodkin (armor-piercing arrowhead) with proper backing, being leather and/or a gambeson (padded shirt.) Though the AP heads will easily penetrate just leather and/or gambeson. All of that is assuming the arrow hits some place that is armored. If it hits an unarmored place, well, then that sucks for the receiver. Just ask Harold Godwinson (who died at Hastings field with an arrow in his eye, supposedly, as reported by the Bayeaux Tapestry (which is actually an Embroidery.))

    What makes firearms so effective is they can be used by almost anyone. God made Men, Samuel Colt made Men equal.

    Gee, what’s next? Researchers find out that pre-modern hand weapons are deadly and can penetrate armor too if designed for it?

  7. Interesting LL. I suspect modern Lefty’s would say “it’s the bow’s fault”, especially one of those “assault” bows painted black which, according to them, makes them more dangerous.

    Schizoid Mass Psychosis promulgated by a level of indoctrination that effectively turned many urban dwellers into controlled operatives for government psy-op’s. It’s like a switch has gone off in some peoples heads…like Scanners but without the self-emollienting result.

    • I’m a tomahawk believer. A crossbow is a good choice but you can loose a dozen aimed shots with a compound bow for every aimed crossbow bolt.

      • i’m no good with a compound. my arm shakes no matter the draw weight. the area has built up so much that discharging a firearm in almost any direction could hit something unintended. we have an overabundance of deer as a result. even expanding the hunting season hasn’t helped cull the herd. they decimate the gardens, a capital offense when shtf.

  8. Just because some weapons are “old”, or “obsolete”, doesn’t make them any less deadly. I’ve seen what a hunting arrow from a compound bow can do to a large deer. I’m sure it would be equally devastating to a human.

    Heck, a 100 year old rifle is still devastating…..

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