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I thought that I had packed in blogging for the week, but the snarky story about the president of the Spokane NAACP being a “black woman trapped in a white body” was simply too much to resist. I’m not taking a shot at Rachael Dolezal the way that all you haters are. If Bruce Jenner can feel that he was always a woman and make the change to Caitlyn Jenner, why can’t Rachael Dolezal announce that she’s a negro and have everyone believe her. 

In our confused world, why can’t an outspoken African American leader be white – but yearning to be black? And why is she now being victimized for having whined about being a black victim? Somebody call Vanity Fair and see if she can’t get a photo shoot.

Rachael Dolezal, an instructor in African American Culture at Eastern Washington University is actually a white woman from Montana. Her parents outed her.

I haven’t heard of anyone planning to give her an award for courage, but she sure needs one.  Would anyone rule out a Nobel Peace Prize?
If Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren built a political and academic career around being an Indian, and she wasn’t, why can’t Rachael Dolezal do the same thing? Except that it’s been done – and done successfully. 
Will the NAACP stand behind me if I try to get a job teaching African American Studies at a local university in Southern California? The plain answer is that I don’t know because I have never tried. 

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  1. Not really pseudo, because she's a recognized spokesperson for the African-American experience in America, lauded and paid by the NAACP. Then again President Obama rode scholarships through the American university system as an Indonesian student.

  2. She's had to fry her hair for a long time — sort of bride of Frankenstein style — to pull it off. But you need to hand it to her. She successfully spoke at many events about the difficulties of being a black woman in America and rose to her current position as president of the NAACP in Spokane. Will the university buy her story of a black woman trapped in a white body? It's unclear. But how is that different than the Bruce Jenner story?

  3. Married? White guy or black guy? Will she now be picked on because she's white? Do Da, Do Da. Do Da parade come this way?

  4. I have no idea if she's married. I expect that the job at the university and at the NAACP is in jeopardy.

  5. You have about as much chance in getting the nod of approval from the NAACP for teaching African American Studies as Dem pollster Pat Caddell does landing a commercial gig with Old Spice.

    You are just too complexion-challenged,LL. I've seen better tans on jars of mayonnaise. (trot that one out again, it's got legs, I tell ya).

  6. I came here confused, I read how everyone else is confused, and to top it all off your effing video is confused … DOUGH!

  7. It gets better. She posted photos of her with a Black male and claimed it was her father. And while she does have a son with her Black ex-husband, she touts her adopted brother (African) as her son. She will be gone soon, even the NAACP can't put up with that.

  8. From what I've read the NAACP is doubling down in their support of her. And when you think about it, incessant lies are what built Obama. I expect her to run for president one day…as soon as she makes a decision to become the first transgender black white (zebra) woman with actual zebra stripes on her flesh to denote her dedication to Africa. The only question left is whether they will give her the Nobel Peace Prize before or after she is elected. Barack received it after, which anyone can apparently do. It would be a trick to get the Nobel Committee to give it to her before.

  9. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall as a psychiatrist gives her an ink blot test.

  10. I'm a bit delighted with this whole ordeal. It's the MOST PERFECT twist on the whole situation of people choosing to subvert their genetics. Before long, we'll have bonafide centaurs running amok. Maybe I shouldn't let my boy ask to be face-painted as a puppy dog! What if he one day decides he was meant to be a dog all along?? good LORD.

  11. Keep him conservative and he won't want to become a dog. However if he grew up in liberal Austin — well, it might work out the wrong way.

    Don't dress him up like a girl for halloween…stick with Iron Man or Bat Man.

  12. It's interesting that black people tend to straighten or process their kinky hair to look more "white" or non-negro. Rachael worked hard to kink and perm to look more black.

    Mixed up, shuffled up world.

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