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March is (still) Black Gun Month!

Let Us Whisper The Songs Of Our People – Canik Mete Pro w/ CGS Kraken


My Walther PDP SD Pro Full Size.


“LL, don’t you have anything better to do than take stylish firearms photographs?”

No,  not at the moment.

Vickers Tactical Master Class – Springfield


I can stay inside and mess around on the machine or I can shovel snow…


For Riverrider


Identify the Tank

French Foreign Legionnaires with armor support in the Vietnamese Red River Delta, 1954


Bullet Points:

** It was announced Wednesday that Fetterman was co-sponsor of a bi-partisan bill targeting railway safety, along with the three other senators whose states, Ohio and Pennsylvania, were affected by the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio a month ago: Bob Casey (D-PA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and J.D. Vance (R-OH) along with Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL and Josh Hawley (R-MO).

How can a stroke victim who can’t communicate and is being held incommunicado in the psych ward at Walter Reed Hospital, co-sponsor a bill?

Then again, the demented Pedo Joe is president and doesn’t even know he is on some days.

** Are UK Citizens happy or sad about Brexit?

** The Cost of Borrowing – CBO –  The cost of interest payments on the national debt will continue to grow as a financial burden for the U.S. over the next decade, even surpassing what the nation spends on national defense within a few years, a newly released budget analysis shows.

The national debt hit $31 trillion last fall and is well on its way to $32 trillion this year. As that debt grows, the U.S. Congressional Budget Office projects that the federal government will shell out over $10 trillion in the next decade on interest payments alone.

“To put this $10.5 trillion total in perspective, this means that spending on net interest will exceed all defense spending over the next decade,” the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said in its analysis of CBO’s data. “In addition, we estimate the net interest spending will surpass all federal spending on children this year, meaning that we will be paying more to service our debts of the past than to invest in future generations.

Feel the Bern…

48 thoughts on “Black Gun Month…continues…forever

  1. The Fetter-saga reminds me of the movie “Dave”, only we have two of them operating…and this one is without the “Imposter” doing daily duties while the real guy is plugged into machines keeping him alive. Apparently voting is done online (like mail-in ballots and electronic counting), so if the guy is still alive he may be able to push ENTER.

    People are asking his Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson who’s signing the bills if Fetterman is so addled? His answer is to block them from his Twitter feed. But it was never about the person, for the Dems it’s about the seat.

    1. I’m sure that Fetterman, a vegetable, gave permission for his staff to sign bills and introduce legislation in his name.

      1. Yeah, thought that was illegal, but maybe that’s just me. I mean, why even have “elected” officials if staffers can fill in on a whim? (Not really a question.)

  2. Why do I have this creepy feeling we are living Caligula 2.0?

    1. You have to admit that is a nice tactical heinie and the weapons are nice too… You are a lucky dog for LL to think of you.

  3. You could bounce a quarter off those jeans, well…not when she’s standing up.

    1. He just needs to rent a Costco sized warehouse to store classified paperwork …and his gas guzzling Vette.

    2. Okay, I am slow. It just occurred to me how appropriate Mr. Sanders initials are. BS, it’s like a message from God. Of course all of you already realized that probably 10 years ago. No excuses other than to say I try to avoid anything democrat as much as possible.

  4. I understood that the Senate required its members to be in person to vote, participate, and be in committees so if Fetterman is in a hospital they are shading the rules. I think the Dems should let the Gov of Pennsylvania step in an replace Fetterman, but they likely want another “Biden” they can control.

  5. +1 for Canik. Picked up a TP9SF last May. Got that model specifically because it does not have the decocker. It is my first ever plastic fantastic Tupperware pistol. Like it. Very comfortable to shoot. Trigger reset is VERY short. Have only put about 50 rounds (store bought) through it so far, but did finally find time to work up some handloads to try next.

    I have never been a Glock fan. Not that I fault them or can’t shoot them well, I just don’t care for the way they feel in my hand. IMHO, Canik incorporates many features that Glock should have long ago. Just checked Bud’s Guns, and they have the TP9SF in stock for $374.99.

    The only Glock I own is one of their field knives, which I have had for decades. Nice knife photo above. Appears to be right-handed shooter with knife set up for left-handed draw.

    1. I was just gonna ask if anyone had any real experience with the Canik. Thanks muchly.

      Bad time to be in the Red River Delta. I hope those guys got out.

    2. Caniks are indeed nice. The TP9 series comes with a pretty decent out of the box trigger. They make a decent CZ75 clone as well.

  6. Debt service is going to eat up the revenue? Quick, get another $50 billion to Ukraine! How on earth will Zelensky be able to retire in the South of France on what he currently “earns”? Not to mention all the “Stand with Ukraine” politicians in NATO/EU.

  7. Is the tape on the Walther because the grips are too slippery, or too abrasive?


  8. The interest on the debt will never be paid. The dollar will collapse, along with default on all the bonds and other debt out there, taking down most of the western world with it. The dollar will be replaced with central bank controlled digital currency that’s continuously monitored and probably continuously devalued. All other digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) will be outlawed, as well as barter and trade.

    I think that’s above the 90% level of probability, now.

      1. Can barter and trade be completely (or even mostly) suppressed? No. But They could entrap a few folks (over something nontrivial in value, like a car; or better yet firearms) then have a show trial, and impose a wildly disproportionate punitive fine and sentence.

        Beheading the chicken pour encourager tout les autres singes, as it were. (Think along the lines of the “why” of what’s being done to the January 6th “insurrectionists”.) The point isn’t to stop barter and trade. It’s to make people fearful of the State, distrustful of each other, and to make sure that They have something on every individual that can be used as leverage against that individual.

        1. The Feds used to regularly bust up and arrest people at the various “barter camp” festivals that run (or at least used to run) in New England.

          That’s one of the reasons I’m so continuously amazed that they allow Crypto to exist. There was zero money in smashing those weirdo off-grid hermits, and trillions in Crypto. I suppose that’s the reason.


    1. Because millions of conservative preppers in America with billions of rounds of ammunition are just going to sit at home in lockdown and get jabbed and starve like the mainstream media will tell them to do, forever?

      The real economy is mines, farms, and factories, operated by humans manufacturing and consuming objects for daily living. Government is organized crime funded from its own looting. These two systems are fundamentally different. The second is a parasite on the first. When the surgeon cuts out cancer, he doesn’t replace it with anything.

      As its debt to income ratio increases, the US federal government will have the credit rating assigned to it by the world go down. Then costs of US federal borrowing will go up. The government will hyperinflate trying to get out in front of that, which is mathematically impossible. Then most Western governments will crash. Not the Western “world”. Not the Western population. Just the governments. “Crash” means that, having ruined its method of tax collection by making the dollar worthless, government will no longer be able to pay its employees who enforce its will. TV is going to say cashless society, but it’s all bluff and you can turn the TV off and ignore it.

      Red is for commies. We should take back the political color of blue by simply using it and refusing to speak otherwise.

  9. Have to admire Mr. Sanders ability to run a scam this long. Did he ever hold a real job and actually contribute to society before becoming a politician?

    Very nice pistols. Picture prior to the canoe accident?

    Debt for a country is just like debt for an individual just writ large. In the long term it will destroy the country. I worry since it seems people are thinking if it is okay for the country it should be okay for an individual. And unmanageable debt is not okay for either.

    Very nice knife; it is good to be prepared.

      1. Nope, never…unless you count his Russia stint. But even that may have been on someone else’s nickel, hard to tell with grifters. You can always send him money for his book since he’s against capitalism (he considers everything a donation). Dangerous bum.

        1. Exactly, yet continues unabated in our Congress. His supporters are not wise people, even after his wife destroyed a college…for money.

          1. There is a rumor that he was kicked out of his Commune for being a freeloader.


  10. What are you using for those photos? The depth of field is extremely narrow (esp #2). So is it a super-fast lens, or software magic?

  11. Nice pics of your ‘tools’… Re the CBO report, we’re spending ourselves into third-world status… When income is less than outgo, that is not good… $4.9trillion income, $5.9trillion in spending in 2022… sigh

  12. What a neat pistol.

    Then there’s the debt, no matter how much you shovel you’ll never be able to clear it. So what then? Do we hit some kind of Weimar reset? Perhaps and we all know what happened next.

  13. Coming Attractions:
    When you think about the national debt, consider what it is really covering. For example, when you purchase something tangible, the object is right there and is not ethereal. The national debt is figures on the computer screen.

    -That our elected officials allowed legislation which in the event of large stock market busts covers the brokers losses with tax money.
    -Janet Yellen told us last month that there would be no more bank bail outs but inferred bail ins using depositors bucks.
    -The British economy almost collapsed last September when the Guilt Bond (British sovereign bond similar to our Treasury bonds) couldn’t sell because no one would buy them.
    -Credit Suisse had trouble in the Fall and was bailed out by the Swiss National Bank. This month, Credit Suisse is in trouble again and is almost insolvent.
    -The Bank of England is pushing their CDBC with a 20,000 pound limit in your account. More than that and the Bank of England will take the excess and hold it for you. (Yes, they said that on TV)
    -Last month the Lebanese pound was revalued at 10 percent of previous value because of graft, corruption and excess spending. Everyone with that currency took a 90% haircut. Ouch.

    There is always some means of countering problems and I am not of the opinion that the end of the world is today or tomorrow. But, I do think we are in for a severe spanking similar to Lebanon.

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