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Some Things to consider:

** Marbury vs Madison (a review)

** F-16 or Su-27 (article here) I will note that all F-16s are not created equal. The F-16 A/B (1976) is a different aircraft than the F-16CJ/DJ Block 50D/52D (Wild Weasel) (1990s) and the Israeli F-16I Sufa and the F-16V Block 70. No distinction is made in the article. 

Fifty-year-old T-62s

** H/T Claudio –  an article on strategypage discusses the Russian introduction of old T-62 tanks in Ukraine in support of infantry. They don’t have thermal sights, but in their current employment, they may not need them.  The T-62 is antiquated (a museum piece) but it can still function and in large enough numbers, they could turn the tide in specific engagements. It’s a good article.

** The CCP threatened Elon Musk after he dared to publicly agree that Covid-19 was a product of Fauci’s gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab.

** Musk enters the arena. Scott Adams: “Based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people,” Adams said. “Wherever you have to go, just get away, because there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed. You just have to escape.”

Adams also called black Americans a “hate group” and claimed that this racial divide was irreparable.

“The media is racist,” Musk responded.

** Water in the Southwest.

** “Who’s Sisyphus?” she asks. You begin to respond: “it’s this myth about a guy being punished in the underworld where he has to—”

Her phone rings.

“One second,” she says. A few minutes later, she prompts you to continue: “I’m sorry, I cut you off.”

You start again. “Sisyphus is a-“

Her phone rings again. “Sorry, one sec.”

Just when you think you’re on a roll, it all goes downhill.


Have fun!

39 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. Sisyphus – looks like a repeat of “A Recursion In Metastories” in a more modern setting.

  2. Is there more than one joe biden? I’ve seen squinty eyed joe and bug eyed joe. Are they the same person on different meds or two or more actors? Haven’t been able to get good pictures to check the ears.

    1. It’s a question worth asking. There have been pictures posted suggesting two, but photoshop is with us forever, so it’s a difficult question to answer.

  3. Not only is the agricultural water mispriced, there’s all that rainwater rushing to the sea to allow the snail darters, or whatever other ‘endangered’ species, to have a ‘protected’ habitat. Interesting about Saudi alfalfa. I wonder which ‘big guy’ got his percentage?

      1. …which eventually kills the host supply as it’s unsustainable. The Left and Powerful believe there is such a thing as a Perpetual Motion Machine, where they put nothing in but take the back end output at will. These are known as The Takers (nod to the movie “Instinct”)

    1. All water is mispriced when the governments are in charge of the supply. If water was charged at market rates, how much better would LA and all of California be?

    1. Might be two of them to dislike, the wide-eyed one and the black soulless eyed one. We’re being played like a fiddle…well, some Americans.

  4. Where does that genius think food comes from? Perhaps the grocery store. When the cities and city dwellers run out of water for their swimming pools and green lawns, then I’ll be concerned about their little inconveniences. The writer would do well to worry more about the long-term drought in the plains states, than where the Saudis get alfalfa.

      1. The suburbs are green and pools abound. The inner city is just a concrete jungle.

      2. Yeah, Rob, you have a point. However, where I come from, suburbs = outer ring of cities and are an integral part thereof, so…..

  5. Since McCarthy nixed the Pelosi proxy voting scam, senators have to be present in DC to vote. California senator Feinstein, who’s 86 and suffering from advanced dementia and now in hospital with shingles has been unable to vote for months. Now Fetterman is out of service, so that makes the senate equal with no longer dem majority? The dems seem to be playing the Weekend At Bernie’s scenario with both of them. 3 days since demands for Fetterman proof of life videos and radio silence from his staff. Is he gorked? Is Feinstein bedridden and mentally gone? Hmmm?

    1. McCarthy and Pelosi are in the House. How do they affect what the Senate does or how they vote?

      1. You’re right, only house reps were given vote by proxy under Pelosi, the senate still has to show up in person. My bad. Trying to make sense of the clown show in DC is confusing. I believe the dems no longer have senate majority.

  6. Water: Article comments are very telling, people arguing whether Eminent Domain should be used to steal “legacy” water from farmers to support the urban sprawl (basically). If California had built more reservoirs the heavier snow Winters like this one would mitigate the problem (plus desalination plants along the coast). But no, the Unicorns and Rainbow geniuses in charge think takings is the answer. Ranchers here were told the few years, “That’s all you get, tough darts.” “It’s my water right, if you prematurely shut it off for green lawns in town due to your relentless allowance of sprawl how am I supposed to grow my hay?” Answer: “That’s your problem.”

    When government officials become tyrannical we are coming into a world of hurt. There is only one recourse (especially since elections can’t be counted on anymore).

    Then there’s this:

    First off, look at this woman…”Comb your hair lady!” Zero comportment respecting the setting and seriousness. She simply doesn’t Give a S—. Another arrogant POS with a PhD who thinks she’s immune from inquiry. Clearly a handpicked Dem operative designed to make Joe & The Magical O’s classified records problem go away.

    1. They don’t know where the food comes from. They don’t know where the water comes from. They think that energy 24-7-356 on demand comes from the Sun.

      It’s just who they are. And most of them have bad hygiene.

      1. …and smell of Rec-Med.

        But I may be rethinking my position on such matters, taking LSP’s admonition to “report myself immediately”…altho he didn’t specify ‘where’, which leaves it wide open. Maybe I’ll report to the far end of the property where there is no WiFi or cell service, drag the ’56 Shasta over there and fire up the BBQ and pour myself an adult beverage. Quiet is healing and enlightening, so are the adult beverages and steak.

        1. Speaking of rec-med, a dear friend has been OCONUS for about three years but came back last Friday for a visit. Walking around Boston and NYC (for my sins I had to be there on business for a day) she was very surprised by the frequency of the reek of marijuana from random people walking down the street, be it from their clothes, or actively smoking.

          This friend lived in the US (college town then big cities) for 17 years before the three year hiatus, so it’s not as if the US is unknown to her. How far, and how many ways we’ve fallen in a few short years. (Frankly *I’m* at least weekly shocked by the bullshit, degeneracy, and aggressive entitlement on display at all times now, and I live here and pay attention to the culture wars.)

          On the topic of culture wars, my two cents: the only way forward is through. There is no “if only we can vote some good people in” or “all we need to do is return to Constitutional principles”. That’s GONE. The major institutions are irredeemably corrupted. Thanks to stupid (or intentionally malignant) policies and deliberate undermining of laws already in place, the demographics of the US are fucked. Not only are 75-IQ Squatemalans and 65-IQ [redacted] not suited for Our Principles and Way of Life, neither are many/most 100-105-IQ East Asian immigrants for that matter. And the supposedly highest-IQ group has done the MOST to destroy the West, both daily and through deliberate trashing of its foundational principles (plus actively re-writing history). “We’re better than that” or “we won’t stoop to that” and similar hopium (the opiate of the grillers) conserves nothing and saves nothing. It must be “Chicago Rules” (metaphorically) as articulated by Sean Connery‘s character in The Untouchables.

          1. Two comments:

            1) I appreciate the way you present the argument (along with others here), but if I covered as much as you just did it’d be twice as long.

            2) Spot on! Well said.

          2. That’s very kind of you, Paul. And I appreciate it.

            It’s sad though. I really wish that we could fix society through a bit of discipline, self-sacrifice, and leading by example. But I don’t think it’s possible. That said, I’m not black-pilled. I believe that decency and common sense will ultimately prevail. Unfortunately we have to go through a LOT of crap to get there. Very likely I will not live long enough to see a renewed free and mostly fair society. But our job as men is to defend the right, and to plant trees in the full knowledge that we will not personally enjoy their fruits nor sit in their shade. But that’s okay. That’s life.

          3. We are born innocent, but as Genesis 8:21 says “the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth”. Some embrace that, most do not, preferring the good…and man cannot serve two masters, usually they pick one or the other. Unfortunately we have a leadership and people in areas of influence who prefer Satan over God, and they tend to gravitate towards each other. It’s a club.

      1. Knew a former Colorado WRA…said he got into tech development because one day while in his office he came to the realization that he produced absolutely nothing and his “work” was confined to transferring money from one person to another under lawsuit and contention. Great guy.

    1. At least we’re not Russia or that guy would jump off a balcony, you know, for the greater good. Geez.

      Nothing to see here, move along folks. How can so much damning evidence be ignored and without consequence? (that’s rhetorical, just wanted to say it)

  7. My comment for severe constipation was intended to reply to Larry’s bad hygiene comment.

  8. Supply chains.
    This has been a harsh winter in Wyoming. I-80 has been closed as often as open. Given the large number of commercial trucks that use I-80, I wonder what the impact is on the supply chain?

    Wyoming can’t hire enough snow plow drivers at both the state and county level. How fair is it to the residents that more assets are used to keep the three Interstates open than the local highways?

    Bad decisions persist for decades. Routing I-80 over Elk Mountain instead of following US 30 is one. Colorado routing I-70 along US 6 instead of US 40 is another.

    People in other states can say, Who cares?” The answer is they are on a supply chain with choke points.

    1. I just wish they’d ban left hand turns at red lights, and straight-through at red lights, here in R.I. (amongst myriad madness)

      Sure, they’re technically illegal, but there’s zero enforcement. I see it dozens of times a week from the bus, and I’m only part-time…


  9. F-16 or Su-27? The F-16 and Mig-29 would be more equal. The SU-27 and the F-15E would be fairly equal. Comparing the F-16 to the Su-27 is as lopsided as comparing the SU-27 to a F-22.

    1. Only the early F-16s.

      Any of them built since the ’90s are very different animals, and the shoe is on the other foot.

      Russia would be happy to sell their aircraft to Israel, if the Israelis wanted them – and they’ve had plenty of them to try out.


  10. F-16 vs Su-27? Two totally different concept of aircraft. F-16 was the Lightweight Fighter. A simple dog-fighter and air-to-mud built to include foreign sales (against the F-5/F-20). I agree that there are many variants of the F-16, and the more recent ones are a much more capable aircraft than the old Block 15/25/40 variants. F-16 will turn inside nearly anything shy of an A-10 and newer versions have the radar and weapons just shy of Fifth-Gen fighters. Su-27 has been upgraded as well but is also much larger, heavier, and more powerful. But can you use it in a tight dogfight? Probably not.
    Just like hand-held weapons, you don’t take a compact carry pistol when you need an AR (or Barrett) and you don’t conceal-carry said Barrett (unless you’re Andre the Giant).
    Wandering Neurons

  11. Interesting T 62 article and borne out by:

    But is it true that Russia, with all its vastness, can only manufacture 10 tanks a month? How pathetically useless of them. You’ll recall ISW told the world Russia would run out of ammo within a week this time last year. Also, remember the Fuhrer’s rare recorded convo with Mannerheim in which the Germans were shocked and amazed at the extent of Russian tank factories.

    Bitter surprise for the Panzers.

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