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I had breakfast with friends today. There were a mixed bag of people present including retired Navy, and active county and federal law enforcement people present wolfing pogey bait. One tag-along was a BATFE (ATF) Special Agent Supervisor. During the course of the meal and chatter, the death of Navy Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Chris Kyle came up as a topic of conversation. His death was tragic in the extreme.

Kyle was a lethal sniper with 160 confirmed kills. He enlisted in the Navy in February 1999 and was discharged in November 2009. He had four tours in Iraq under his belt and received two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor and two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals. After leaving the Navy, he wrote his biography, “American Sniper.”

The discussion moved to current efforts to restrict or ban most firearms as a matter of a combination of federal or state laws without repealing that portion of the Bill of Rights which guarantees those rights. I commented that there were a lot of Chris Kyles in America who might see things differently.

ATF Special Agent Supervisor to group: “Do you really think that if a law is passed making firearms illegal that Americans will rise up and take matters into their own hands? This is the federal government that we’re talking about.”
My Response: I think that Patrick Henry was speaking about the British Government when he addressed the Virginia Convention. At the time, the sun never set on the British Empire.
ATF Special Agent Supervisor to me: “The federal government has the right to tax, to take away the property of law breakers, and in this case, I think that they might do it.”
My Response: Goliath was a 40 point favorite over David.

ATF Special Agent Supervisor to me: “I’ve read your books.”

My Response: Did you enjoy them?

Then I pimped the upcoming book, “Black Scorpions (2): Electric Butterknife”

The Electric Butterknife

…Loose no opportunity to miss out on shameless self-promotion.

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  1. Hope you passed the ATF guy the bill, saying "Take care of this will you, mate – I've spend all my money on guns."

  2. I omitted the soto voce (undertone) responses of "dumber than a box of rocks", etc. and my rolling eyes. All in all, not a fun breakfast. He's been banned from future gatherings based on group consensus.

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