Double Trouble

The first three North Korean aircraft destroyed by U.S. forces were shot down by F-82 (“Twin Mustangs”), the first being a North-Korean Yak-11 downed over Gimpo Airfield by the USAF 68th Fighter Squadron. The F-82 was rushed into production when two other projects failed. You can Wikipedia the matter and come up with the answer to the question but the F-82 won out over this aircraft – an all-weather jet aircraft. Do you know what it is without doing the research? Obviously it was built by Curtiss because their name is on the fuselage.


No more Chinese President Xi?

Lawmakers in Washington have introduced a bill to change the way the federal government refers to the leader of China, prohibiting the use of the term “president”.

The Name the Enemy Act would require that official US government documents instead refer to the head of state according to his or her role as head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Chinese leader, currently Xi Jinping, holds three official titles, none of which is “president”: head of state (guojia zhuxi, literally “state chairman”); chairman of the central military commission; and general secretary of the CCP.

Yet the English-speaking world, including US President Donald Trump, has generally opted for “president”, which critics say offers unwarranted legitimacy to an unelected leader.

Goodyear Banned MAGA Hats

Cause and effect – on display – in the woke American corporations that play politics instead of just making a product that people want to buy.



I Beg Your Pardon!

President Trump pardoned Susan B. Anthony is meaningless but watching the left get mad about it is entertaining. Obama wasn’t woke enough to do it, and now the cancel culture is canceling Susan B. Anthony. I wonder if progressive women will be giving up the right to vote over the outrage?


Map Section

What is $100 worth?

What is the real value of $100 where you live? The San Francisco Bay Area is the most expensive metro area in the US. Residents there have (in terms of purchasing power) about a 25 percent lower standard of living than their nominal incomes alone may suggest.



Several locations in Alaska observed their highest temperature of the year in the last few days. This is uncommon for the month of August. For most places, July is the most likely month to see the highest temperature of the year.


Map Showing where World Leaders speak English Publicly


Danish explorer Peter Freuchen and his third wife, Dagmar Cohn -1947

Lorenz Peter Elfred Freuchen (February 20, 1886 – September 2, 1957) was a Danish explorer,  notable for his role in Arctic exploration, namely the Thule Expeditions. It took a lot of pelts to make a coat for him.


  1. If Goodyear had banned ALL politically motivated items from their facilities, I’d have been fine with it. Since they decided to take sides, and the wrong one at that, screw ’em.
    Reasons to own a gun? Because I want to.

    • Goodyear, many other corporations and even our own diversity-obsessed government (which has softened under President Trump), have graduates from Satan’s Vaticans (Harvard, Yale, etc.) who are woke, and are making stupid decisions. Goodyear made good tires, but I will never buy another one, even if they reduce the price significantly.

      Slaves don’t own firearms, or weapons of any kind (the British have banned almost all knives). A good slave who deserves a pat on the head from mazza, will turn them all in. Of course, that’s not what created THIS country, is it?

      • I really like my Duratracs….suggestion for a comparable substitute?

        I’m married to a full-blooded Dane (wait, gotta be accurate these days – “Danish-American”)…a tough lot.

        2nd Amendment, the only concealed carry permit one requires (the others are for taxing the law-abiding – see Map 1 above, and control of the same).

        • I like Goodyear tires too. Look at Nitto and Toyo tires, made in Georgia. See if you like the tread pattern. I’ve had good luck with them.

          I have good friends who live in Denmark – we go way back. It’s a beautiful place, smart, tough people, but as the Vikings learned, it’s a tough place to earn a living. Sometimes you have to raid elsewhere, and look at what MRSCAMPERFIXER picked up in a raid on American men!

          • The Danes are the more quiet/polite conquerors (old Danish joke: the remaining Swedish army soldier staggers back across the channel to the castle, “King, there were two of them not one! Danes and Swedes in their perpetual feud).

            Pretty sure MRS-C may have actually married [sightly] down because I know for sure I married up. My hybrid vigor ancestry may have fooled her. {[:-)

            Nitto and Toyo tires – will take a look when the time comes. Goodyear screwed the pooch with this one…the death of common ‘cents’.

  2. Were I a factory rep for any other tire company I would be salivating. Goodyear sells most of their tires to independent distributors and retailers, all who have other choices. Next come fleet managers. Then used car dealers. Back in the day my company alone bought 10-20 sets a month.

    • How many billion dollars will the woke morons cost Goodyear? I’m sure that the stockholders are demanding scalps.

  3. The F-82 is one of my favorite piston powered warbirds. Had to look up the Curtis.

    Somewhere in a dusty box I have a magazine article co-authored by a pilot who flew F-82’s in Korea. IIRC, max speed in level flight was around 470 mph.

    Initially, the props spun in the same direction as the P-38 Lightning, the prop tips swinging up on the inside. You can read the details here–

    In the P-38, loss of an engine on take off was dicey. The pilots reflex was to add power to the running engine. This could spell disaster as the increase in engine torque tended to drop the opposite wing with the dead engine. The F-82 wound up with the props spinning opposite of the P-38, and the effect was also opposite. Torque from one engine tended to lift the opposite wing. The author of the article said his squadron would routinely perform formation maneuvers with all planes flying on one engine.

    • VMC roll is what you describe. The bane of multiengine pilots, at least the two engine, non-centerline thrust variety.

  4. #1 reason to own a gun: BFYTW.

    Twin Mustang vs Yak 11. That’s like an F-14 against a Zero. Actually hard to do if the slower plane knows what they’re doing.

    I have the feeling that President Trump was just trolling the Leftists with the pardon of Ms. Anthony. I mean, there’s no need to have ever done it, and during the Donk’s convention, than to just stir up the rabble. Serious points for Trump. Not tired of the winning yet.

    As to Premier/Chairman/Supreme Chairman Xi? Call him whatever you want, it still looks like his career is taking a nose-dive along with the rest of Communist China.

    • Beans, the Chinese had a good thing with the USA, and they thought that the rape and pillage and plunder would never end. Hillary would have spread her legs for them like the globalist that she is to this day – but Trump called BS and now the world is.

  5. Imagine all those lib cities when their tax base walks away. And there it’ll be in all its glory, Wakanda. Apparently we’re supposed to aspire to this as a country, universally. Just ask Bank of America, Walmart, Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and on ad naus. Of course by then there’ll be nowhere to run except the Republic of Texas, and we all know border security’s gonna be tight.

    • LSP, the woke (burning) liberal cities are betting that senile Biden and his foolish Indian will just redistribute wealth to them to compensate for the loss of revenue. ‘Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money’ (Thatcher).

  6. What are those pilots in the Twin Mustang trying to do? Left roll, right rudder.

    I’m an art collector. It so happens my art also spits lead. The epitome of performance art.

    I knew, then forgot the particulars about the Curtiss bird. Forgotten info is useless. Classify me as I don’t know.

    • Also, the other day I contemplate my receding hairline. When did I ever get such a high forehead? Well, put me down as having a Freuchenesque head shape. Swedish – Russian – American.

  7. It only took one pelt to clothe Peter Freuchen, in this case. That coat’s made from a polar bear he killed. 6’7″ tall and would’ve made a formidable Viking.

  8. i just purchased a set of Cooper tires about a month ago. Made in the USA. Never have bought goodyear. Been running toyo for a while and just was not getting the miles out of them i want.

    • There is the eternal push and pull between the life of a tire and the grip on the road. Tires made for the US highway market last twice or three times as long as tires made for a European market, because of the different sorts of roads, etc. You MUST have run-flat tires if you’re ripping down the Autobahn at 140 mph, for example. Everyone buys tires for their own needs and research, with a large dose of experience lets you decide what’s best. Goodyear makes quality tires. I just won’t buy them in the future. I’m not running them now on any of my vehicles, but they are outside of the decision matrix.

  9. Have you ever run Cooper tires? Before i purchased i did some research and talked to a couple guys i know that are absolute “gearheads”. Both felt that Cooper was, for the money, a solid buy. Hoping for 50k out of them-i drive an f-350.
    On a more personal note, your blog is a gem. Great information given on so many different areas with much personal knowledge. And many of your “regulars” seem to be very interesting people. Thanks for putting the time in. Virtual mirage is a daily go to for me.

    • I just got 55K out of a set of BF Goodrich tires on my Raptor (F-150 sorta), they were OEM and good enough. They were never aired-down and trail driven. The Raptor isn’t my go-to for trail driving.

      I didn’t replace the BFG’s with another set, not because I don’t like BFG, but, I wanted a different ride and a different sort of performance with more of a trail option and with a tire that would perform better in the snow. I’m almost positive that I won’t get 55K out of these tires, but I think that they’ll do what I need done. Softer more gripping rubber, so there is that tread transfer to highway and a better grip.

      Thanks for your comments on the blog. The commenters and regulars know more than I do on almost any topic.

  10. I’m gonna have to yield on that jet, too. I’ve seen a pic of it before,but no idea any more.

    Coopers are a sold “B” tire, and very good per dollar. I’ve got Goodrich T/A KOs on my old truck, I like them a lot in that application.

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