“Those who proclaim themselves to be socialists are usually depressed, have no sense of humor and attend expensive colleges. Fate loves irony.” – Elon Musk


According to the BBC…

These are the rudest map names in the world. (No, they didn’t include Asia) So I immediately thought that they would have a place on this blog.


If you’re Tired of Eating MRE’s in the Tank

and it’s raining…

and you’re in Poland…


Albanian armed militia from Southern Albania, early 1900s

Albanians seem to have a love of knives and firearms baked into their DNA. I may have more in common with them than I’ve been willing to admit.


The Kentucky Negro Militia

They are demonstrating a few things:

(1) They have no idea what they’re doing. (who gave the children gasoline and matches?)

(2) They’re drawing down on other negroes, for fun, I guess.

(3) They are more dangerous to themselves than they are to white people….maybe we need more of them?

Maybe the Albanian militia needs to meet the Negro militia?


Infant Mortality Rates

It’s a little challenging to read. If you click on the picture, you can read it better.

I wonder how the curve would look if you had one for abortions in the US, China and Europe?


Biden Takes Aim


Worth a Try in the interest of Social Distance


The latest entry in the war against the Chinese Plague. If you are a GOOD DONKEY, you’ll invest in one and wear it day and night.

Finally, something proven to work.



This past week I went to a friend’s home in Payson, AZ. There are a lot of ‘hanger homes’ near the airport and he has one.

Here’s his hangar with his Cessna 182 in it. The living quarters are upstairs. The garage for cars and the hanger is downstairs. I think that it’s called a fly-in home. Too cool.


  1. A friend has a hanger with a home in part of it. Very popular in air-parks in Florida. He’s turned the hanger portion into quite a workshop for everything except a plane. Why? Because he’s a weirdo.

    Albanians? That culture and the surrounding cultures have a huge affinity for sharp pointy things, especially when islamics are around. Add in guns, and, well, if you invented a gun that shoots knives, you’d be rich in a second.

    The United Negro Shooting themselves People? Gawd, seen better trigger control at a carnival. Heck, you’d be safer, like with most of that diversity crowd, standing at least 30 feet in front while carrying a target, as they only seem to be able to hit the target when 10″ or less or something. Could be worse, but I don’t know how.

    I could comment on the murder of over 50 million American citizens, but… as I said over at LSP tonight, I’ll add that death toll squarely upon the shoulders of communists and their better dressed cousins, socialists. God, how many deaths can be attributed correctly to communism of all forms just in the 20th Century? Add in all the ones since the Cathars (who were, well, communists) and the Puritans (who tried communism and succeeded (well, if you consider death as succeeding as communists (only good commie is a dead commie so, well, yes they did))) and the whole French Revolting experiment before they tried royalty again, and the number is just staggering.

    Regarding Biden, still waiting for his VP pick to show up. Funny, Oprah! has announced her mag will stop being published soon (now, one of the requirements for prez or vice-prez is divesting oneself from one’s media, so… hmmmm…) Kamala, Michelle, or Oprah!? Bleh. Anyway, Biden’s dead January 21st, 2021, well, his body will follow where his mind is already.

    Polish tanks. They have many German tanks, and they all work, work quite well. The Germans? They have a few tanks, and last I heard they couldn’t get 100 or so running, let alone 50% of all of their armor. And now Germany is actually having to provide protection as The Don is moving the troops to Poland or out of Europe. Horray!!!

    • Oprah as VP would be a threat. Kamala and the rest of the hacks – not so much. I don’t know what sort of president she would be but why would she want it?

  2. That steampunk mask is impressive.
    It still does not entice me to wear a mask.
    I am reminded of the recently departed J.D. Kinman who was putting together an impressive hangar home, having sold his house to do so, before his demise.
    Albanians, get on their good side.

  3. I thought for a moment they missed the town of Intercourse but then I noticed they used the one in Alabama instead of the Pennsylvania version. One amusing thing is a sign on the edge of the town of F*cking Austria. It says “Bitte nicht so schnell.” That is, of course, German for “Please, not so fast.”
    I used to have an AR-Covid-19 but when that canoe tipped over…. Now it’s on the bottom of that lake beside my AR-14.

    • Me too…but they did miss Blue Ball, PA, just up the road from Intercourse. Those Pennsylvania Dutch have a good sense of humor…’course, maybe they were being serious.

        • BWBandy
          How about Whiskey Gap in Alberta?
          Interesting story about how the town got its name and why the Card family as in Orson Scott Card of Ender’s Game fame settled there back in 188somethin’.
          Hint: Orson’s great, great, granddaddy was on the run from the law.

          LL: Ender’s Game was one of the books on the Recommended Reading List for squid officers at one time. It still is probably on the list, because man is man, yesterday, today, and tomorrow and the lessons are still applicable.
          Back when paintball was a big thing I saw someone do a Dead Man’s Walk in a big competition that won the game. Ended would have been proud.

          • I read two or three of the Ender series, good books.

            You’d think that paintball would come back because everyone wears masks, and they social distance.

          • Nothing left of Whiskey Gap except a historical sign and some building foundations. Some of the buildings were moved to Del Bonita, Alberta. Cardston County in Alberta is a dry county and heavily populated by Mormons. The temple in Cardston is impressive.

  4. They missed Big Bone Lick in Kentucky, and Onancock down on the DelMarVa. Grand Tetons is pretty funny, too.


    • Some years back I went into a convenience store to pay for gas. The well endowed woman behind the counter was wearing a tee shirt that said Grand Tetons. I was certainly tempted to ask if she was bragging.

      • I’ve asked women who wear sweats that say “Pink” across the back or “Juicy” whether they were advertising some special message.

    • It’s difficult for me to stray far from Aviation, LSP. And speaking of that, I’ve been thinking that the DLC needs to transition to an air militia. It’s just a thought.

  5. Worked as a roofer for a few years. We did a job in a development around a small airport north of town where the streets were wide enough to taxi and most houses had the “hanger garage” as a standard feature. Coming from an aviation family, I thought that was one of the coolest things I’d seen at the time.

  6. “This is how a real man rocks a piss!”
    -Jared Keeso as Shorsey (the naked guy) on Letterkenny.

    There’s a wide spot on the road south of Portland, OR called “Wanker’s Corner”. Disappointingly, there is not any official sign confirming this. But there is a store/saloon/cafe of that name.
    Detroit suburb Troy, MI has “Big Beaver Road”. Which is only mildly amusing until you notice that it’s Exit 69 off of I-75.

      • PS – If “She’ll be riding six white horses when she comes,” she’s likely more woman than I can handle.

  7. Near me in Kent UK are:
    Pratt’s Bottom (a village)
    Cock Lane
    People had a well-developed sense of humour in the past, but now the horrible Karens are upset by historical names.

  8. You wait, some guy will be wearing one of those masks…to be safe..you know…against COVID.

    The Wyoming I-80 “helpful” PSA sign out of Cheyenne had this: “SEATBELTS SAVE LIVES, SO DO MASKS”. Our betters still pushing the false narrative, which isn’t that: N95’s are for a contaminated environment, surgical masks are for a sterile field, and all the other cute ones are detrimental to one’s health when worn longterm, but they are a political statement of superiority. $100 fine in Florida for having your mask on backwards, which people seem to do regularly.

    Saw a guy at the Colorado border sign, out of his pick-up walking around, wearing a paper surgical mask…on backwards. Yup.

    • I have a mask, I think that it was home made. Single ply, black, with ear loops. I don’t know that there is a front or back. You see, all masks are created equal to the progressives. On an occasion recently, I forgot my mask, but I had a t-shirt on, so I whipped it off, tied the sleeves behind my head and peered out through the hole at the top that my head had just been sticking through. So I entered Walmart and nobody looked twice at me. I fit right in. How could that be put on backwards? Inside-out maybe.

      • That’s hilarious. Good “in a pinch” solution. The boxed disposable masks and surgical masks are white for the inside, blue side out. Box states right on it “will not protect from COVID”. Symbolic at this point. An ignorant SJW woman accosted my wife and I…she, her husband, and the three kids all had their surgical style masks on backwards. The veterinarian of us two decided it wasn’t worth pointing out this detail.

        • The mask hysteria is not unlike some of the hysterical reactions that many people have to objects and situations, which is to say that people are none too smart. I’ve seen hysterical reactions to women breast feeding (with a cover over baby and breast…we were all babies once, and that is (primarily) what breasts are for. I’ve seen hysterical reactions in European restaurants to me eating a steak.

          You want to tell people to get over themselves, but as you point out, it’s usually not worth the effort.

  9. I am sorry. I just cannot see you in a Cessna.
    Maybe a Fieseler Storch . The Cessna just not fit your persona.

  10. The hangar homes are cool, but you’d have to be fairly well off to buy the house, the plane, and all the support equipment.

    And they forgot to include French Lick, Indiana on the map…..

    • His wife is the local FAA Inspector and he does aircraft maintenance. The house pays for itself.

  11. The bathroom ones were hilarious!
    The…helmet mask? Made me think of Doctor Who. When the Doctor was a guy.
    To me, the Hangar house is interesting, but I wouldn’t want one. Maybe if I was interested in being a pilot, or married to one; but I’m not.
    Still an interesting post overall. Thank you.

    • The way that this house is set up is very cool – inside. Elevator between the first and second story, etc.

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