Are There NO LIMITS on Taxation?

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Nerd and daughter would likely be exempt from tax.
Chicago wants to tax bicycles (Fox News). It makes sense. As soon as people buy off on the ‘green agenda’, the progressives want to tax bicycle use. Bicycle friendly residents suggested a shoe tax to pedestrians for using the sidewalk. I’m sure that got the Chicago bureaucrats and bean counters working on that concept.

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made bike lanes and bike programs a signature issue, believing it makes downtown an attractive place for bright young people and innovative companies. More bikes means less pollution, less traffic congestion, practically zero wear and tear on the city’s roads and a healthier population.

Here’s a concept. Smaller government – less need to tax. Naturally that wouldn’t appeal to bloated bureaucrats who increase their pay by enlarging their personal kingdoms on the backs of taxpayers. I’ve been waiting for Southern California to tax sunshine (if they were only able to run it through a meter).

18 thoughts on “Are There NO LIMITS on Taxation?

  1. Living in the Golden State means that the government can beat you up at will. You're absolutely right on that.

  2. They're just fulfilling Reagan's observation: "If it moves, tax it." Liberal politicians are like a bad parody of everything we've warned against about government abuse. What gets me is how many of the people of the US just accept this sort of thing as what government is supposed to do.

  3. Heresy, you must be one of those Tea Party fanatics ti suggest less government,,, And don't give them any ideas… Algorithms and computing power would make it EASY to do that calculation, of course they'd have to also put a smog 'factor' in…

  4. Besides coining money, providing for the common defense, etc. most of what we currently recognize as the "role of government" needs to be handled as close to the local level as possible so that people can participate in meaningful decision making.

  5. I think I might be offended that you would be so bold as to lump us redneck Northern California Krazies in with the rest of the California Krazys.

  6. Punish the people who do good. So you get less of them. Sounds wrong. No wonder our government likes it.

  7. Two or three Northern California counties voted to secede from the State and form another State called Jefferson this year. They voted but nothing happened…

  8. So long as there's a fraction of income that doesn't end up in the government's trove, the move to increase the size and scope of taxation will continue.

  9. Which brings us to the definition of government that I use in teaching my classes: Government is that institution that exists with the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, is making money that it doesn't control.

  10. I don't like to think of Orange and Riverside Counties as being part of California either — but sadly, we all answer to the same immoral majority.

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