21 thoughts on “Pet Lover Wednesday

  1. I'm pretty sure that's what my Erica kitteh would do. She would also be thankful I was nice and still.

    Happy day before Thanksgiving, LL

  2. Dogs have preferences, you know, regarding their food in this order:

    1. People food – includes beets, cabbage, pork rinds, anything you eat, they are up for.
    2. Dog treats, yes, those are ok too, but fall short of people food.
    3. Cat food. Pretty good stuff.
    4. Dog food. Meh.

  3. The first one is only true while you're still warm, and before your cat gets hungry.

    Our cats are actually very sweet, they follow us around, come and greet us at the door, etc. Still true.

    I don't blame them, they know how to be happy. Smarter than most people that way.

  4. A nice light post after yesterday's heavy missive.

    True about the actions of cats and dogs.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  5. LOL, all good ones… And my grandson DID the last… That was not pretty, and that jacket went in the trash bin as SOON as we got home (and I had to clean the seat/cushions).

  6. Denny's? No, it would be a mercy 5o be strapped down to a gurneys at Huntsville State Prison (TX). No aftertaste, that way.

  7. Check out Jeff Leedy's art–




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