A Hazy Shade of Winter

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Bullet Points:

** How did the migrant Africans travel from Africa to Arizona? We know they didn’t walk.

** When we marry quantum computing and AI software, are we creating a life form? (I think, therefore, I am) What happens when we create something that is significantly smarter than we are?

** If you want to bend your noodle, try to grasp the absolute nature of “time” (for EdB). It sounds easy at the outset, but as one delves, nothing seems to be more complex.

** “After 30 years of strident rants, science has not shown us that human emissions [of CO2] drive global warming. There’s been a relentless propaganda campaign for 30 years, and the basics haven’t been shown.”

** Ride the time machine back to the premiere of Jurassic Park in 1993. Actress Laura Dern (56) is now complaining on tabloids that Sam Neill (76) was “too old for her” in the film. I don’t know whether or not they shared STDs or anything, and I don’t care, but I thought that Dern (not that attractive) was roughly the same age as Neill. I guess these complaints explain how washed-up actresses such as Dern remain relevant.

** Jules recommends the series Slow Horses. I’m in the middle of 3 months free on Apple TV, so I will give it a go.

Slough House is an administrative purgatory for MI5 service rejects who have bungled their job but have not been sacked. Those consigned there are known as “slow horses”. They are expected to endure dull, paper-pushing tasks, along with occasional mental abuse from their miserable boss, Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldham), who expects them to quit out of boredom or frustration. Life in Slough House is defined by drudgery. Yet the Slow Horses somehow get involved in investigating schemes endangering Britain.


On the Plate

By this, I take it that not all Canadians are happy living under the rule of Trudeau.




Bangles (2000)


Spear Points:

** Last night, I went on a date with a girl from the zoo. She’s a keeper.

** Did you hear about the Italian chef with the terminal illness? He pasta way. They could only do so much. He’s just a pizza history now.

** (From the Cold War) A Frenchman, a Brit, and a Soviet Russian are admiring a painting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The Frenchman says, “They must be French; they’re naked and eating fruit.”

The Englishman says, “Clearly, they’re English; observe how politely the woman offers the man the fruit.”

The Russian notes, “They are Russian, of course. They have nothing to wear or eat and think they are in paradise.”


Identify the Military Aircraft






Parting Shot

Alien would have been a much shorter film if Jonesy had been a more proficient mouser.

46 thoughts on “A Hazy Shade of Winter

  1. Migrant Africans – a number of years back I read of one US school that was teaching that the ancient Egyptians were black, had wings, and could fly. Maybe that’s how they’re doing it???

    1. One US school was teaching that?
      One? And WAS? Outrageous! Infuriating!

      ALL schools should be teaching that, now and forever. Earth was a paradise under the Real Nubians and their 200% (typo, but I’m keeping it) renewable solar-powered technology. Then Big Head Yakub couldn’t leave it alone and created Dem Whytte Debbils. (Yakub sounds suspiciously Russian; spelcik revealed it to be Yakov.)

  2. Identify the Military Aircraft:
    1. Kharkiv KhAI-5 (?)
    2. Folland Gnat F.1
    3. TBD after coffee
    4. Gloster Gamecock Mk II

    1. Way back in the 70s the British Red Arrows gave a flight demonstration flying Gnats at the Canadian base I was stationed at. My memory is calling them de Havilland not Folland but sure looked the same so I will bow to your superior knowledge. By far it was the the most impressive flight demonstration I have ever seen.

  3. “Migrant Africans”? You mean they had legal visas and actual passports when they showed up at a legal crossing point?

    Dern? Did she actually make any other movies? At 56 she is still concerned about some guy from twenty years ago? She should be happy she still gets a royalty check.

    1. Hahahahaha – Africans showing up with passports and visas, that’s a good one.

      I think Dern starred in some low-budget, straight-to-video-style productions post-Jurassic Park.

    2. I had a crush on a girl in high school who strongly resembled Laura Dern. Personality shines through and greatly enhances raw physical appearance. Dern’s … just doesn’t. I read some interview with her (iwhile in a doctor’s waiting room) that she was seeing two or maybe three therapists. Typical Hollyweirdo.

  4. “Migrants…natch…illegal aliens unlawfully entering our country under the guise of asylum didn;t walk, they teleported, hence why they are clean, well fed, and check all the DEI requirements to get through TSA without ID while us schlub’s have to halfway undress and get nekked-scanned by some unknown person who might be posting images on Instagram.

    The problem with Jonesy is he was a space cat not a barn cat…pampered and lolling around the craft bored out of his skull. Barn cats are necessary to keep the vermin in check. What he needed was a daily stint in the Holodeck to gain some skills.

    Thanks for the earworm, that’ll be in my head all day. Started the second I read your title, then – like a “migrant” to a Squinty-Eyed Joe ™ free EBT Card and plane ticket to Anywhere, USA – a listen. No amount of tractor therapy will get that unstuck.

  5. “biden broke the compact between the state and the federal government.” thems fightin words. the house has vowed to support texas as they can. a known terrorist says he crossed the border, but nobody is looking for him. its all about to go from interesting to spicy to hot all at once. there will be a giant swooshing sound immediately after the first shots. that will be thousands of fed up rednecks headed to texas with truckloads of gear. a davy crockett quote comes to mind. remember the alamo.

    1. Had two wolves come by the neighbors ranch the other day…we already have plenty of “varmint” ammo…assuming one could have plenty of ammo. If the Invaders decide to infiltrate rural areas because they think no one lives here it won’t go well for them. Here’s the rub: Would taking out a Middle Eastern Bad Guy looking for trouble award a medal or political prison?

      1. Prison of course. But maybe I’m wrong in assuming you’re thinking of Muslim middle eastern bad guys. Sure they do damage, sometimes significantly so, but they’ve been used as the pretext to turn us into continually-monitored serfs by our “elites” whose origins are more diverse 😍😍😍 and murky, though the Middle East is proudly claimed by some.

        For my money the “elites” have done orders of magnitude more harm to the Republic, and the West in general, than any number of Muslims. Also, “for my money” hah! It’s Their money — if my donkey hauls a burden, is the money earned the donkey’s or mine? Duh. The donkey will sweat, while I will sit like an effendi and eat! 😎

        I’m not advocating anything, but this is a little film from a ways back. I like the talk with the “big bad” at the end. And was Dominic Purcell’s character wrong to grenade the cubicle workers? You tell me. They were “just following orders”. We have been taught ad nauseum that it’s not an excuse. If a woman in her 90s can be prosecuted for filing papers or fetching coffee when she was a teenager, then Wall Street office drones do NOT get a pass.


        1. Never envy the wealthy, you never know how they got their money…could be legit, could be ill-gotten.”

          Wow…that was unreal, makes The Big Short & Margin Call look like a Happy Meal with a decent toy. But that was how many felt, cheated. Even more feel that way now, only Wall Street and K Street are the same players working The Middle Class harder, its residents having been turned into economic batteries (Matrix-esque) to prop up elite off shore accounts.

          “S-S-S” works in rural areas, no one thinks anything when you’re digging a hole in the back pasture. Some scumbag infils a ranch and they get a warning shot, after that all bets are off.

      2. Illegal Aliens. Paul I would go with total silence forever because you could not trust the state. You may be a hero at first (maybe not), but you would certainly be on the naughty list from then on.

        1. Callin’ it like I see it (words mean things, right? At least in my classical education they meant something.)

          Pretty sure in my extensive VM spleen vent-age I’m already on the list. I’m harmless…but after Mr. Meme Guy got jailed for a joke while his Lefty counterpart was ignored, I guess that makes me an enemy of the Current Criminal State, the real enemy from within.

          I’ll shut up now…the shop is calling.

        1. State line is a little fuzzy up this way. heh

          Rancher friends didn’t do anything, it was first light and the cattle were elsewhere. The wolves were given a pass…the ethical thing to do when not a threat.

          1. I know where the original stone markers are, thing is they’re frozen in the ground now.

            Update: Was out doing some tractor therapy, came back and parked. See blood drips on the back porch. MrsPaulM tells me she broke up a fight between two of our barn cats (who weren’t yet in the barn for the night for precisely this reason)…and a huge bobcat (bobcats hate domestic cats).

            All okay (this time) but to my point: If I put up razor wire on the house perimeter will the Fed’s; a) Notice the purchase thus flagging me in “the system”? – and/or – b) demand I remove it because it’s mean to interfere with bobcats from doing what they naturally do like “migrants”?

        2. Where is that “train station” that Rip brings troublemakers to anyway?

          @Paul: I picked the wrong clip from that movie. First, low res (sorry). More importantly, in the final final scene [spoiler], a uniform (cop) walks Purcell out of the building and lets him go. It’s ambiguous as to whether the cop knows that Purcell was the shooter, but it seemed to me that the cop did know.

          1. Was thinking the same about the Yellowstone train station.

            Even a better ending…one should have a contingency plan in hand.

  6. Riverrider , I was thinking of another Crocket quote. As I remember it went “ you can go to hell, I’m going to Texas “

  7. Spartacus. Imagine waiting your turn.

    Anyway, the Romans often had simple solutions to political problems. Just look at Masada, 73 ce… who else would have the patience to build a siege ramp to get up there vs starving them out.

    1. “** When we marry quantum computing and AI software, are we creating a life form? (I think, therefore, I am) What happens when we create something that is significantly smarter than we are?”
      This will be the singularity where we cannot know what happens next -though there’s a lot of science fiction written about it. Might be good to build in some disconnects like they tried to do to Hal in 2010

  8. When I think of time paradoxes, I think of the pre-incarnate Christ.
    He leaves the throne, supposedly a spirit being, maybe not.
    God created time, so He is outside of time.
    Becomes flesh as a man.
    Dies, rises as man 2.0. Walks through buildings, flies, etc. and I assume supersedes time.
    Then He appears in the OT, changing His own time line?
    I give up.

    1. God is not subject to time and I’m sure He doesn’t perceive it as we do. We see time as the point we are living in, at any given moment. God would see it as a line from start to finish. He would see us as our entire life, not as the instant we are currently living in. His acts of creation weren’t just to start them up and let them go. It was the whole thing from beginning to end. Thus we have plants created before the sun, but our perception is that the sun was here billions of years before plant life. But God created plants as a line, all in an instant from the first to the last. Then He created the sun’s line from its start to its end and layered it on the other lines of creation. The sun’s line is longer than most other lines on the side we call the beginning, hence our perception that it was here first. Jesus saw Lucifer flung from heaven, but that evidently doesn’t not occur until the events of Revelation in our perception. Jesus inserts Himself in our lines whenever He wills. Timelines don’t change, because they don’t have a start or a finish. They were created as a whole. We can’t get our minds around it because we live in the moment and cannot comprehend the whole. My opinion anyway.

  9. Ah, Time. Measurements in eternity. And let’s not forget, necessary knowledge of a contingent event doesn’t make the event any less contingent. Sorry, Calvin.

    Whatev, I like the closing infographic, even though not a “cat person.”

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