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The Police

“The Runaway” 1958, Saturday Evening Post

Oh, how the media’s view of the police has changed. You need to ask yourself why that happened. What is the Democrat Party’s motive behind “defund the police” and their current war on municipal police agencies across the nation?

We know that the FBI promoted a coup to unseat the President of the United States, supported at the highest levels – director, assistant director, etc. What role does the FBI play currently? Are they engaged in law enforcement activities or do they stand with the mob and the Democrats in Congress?

A naive fool might suggest that it has to do with disenfranchised inner city people, but the rioters are organized, well equipped and funded, and the shot callers are mostly white.



Batmobile – Demobilized

For those of you who wondered why Batman didn’t come when summoned, it appears that he was defunded…too.


Define Oppression


European countries by percentage of black/negro population, 2018.

Offered without additional comment, except to say that it might be progressive if they took some immigrants from America, just for shits and giggles.


Declassified Map

The Military Situation in Western Europe – 1951


Hollywood Love Gun Violence

But the people, with bodyguards, high fences and millions of dollars are uncomfortable with the Second Amendment. Interesting, isn’t it?


After masks?

Maybe an identifying tattoo – possibly a bar code – and an RFID chip under the skin?

36 thoughts on “A Modern Perspective

  1. No simple 666. Got to hide it so people don’t suspect.
    I don’t follow any commercial sport.

    Sad days, regarding the police. I did suddenly wonder why most police uniforms are some sort of Blue…

    1. About thirty years ago there was a movement to generally standardize law enforcement uniform colors. Police wear blue, Sheriffs wear green or tan and state police wear Green or tan.

  2. I may have figured this wrong but it appears that if he appears in every single regular season game Mookie stands to make around $187K per game. Must be nice to be oppressed.
    It seems most of those action stars, Stallone, Neeson, Schwartzenegger, don’t much care for firearms. I don’t know where Reeves stands, but I have seen the video of him shooting in a 3-gun match. No telling how he’d be in a fight, but he can handle firearms.

    1. I think that Reeves is pro-Second Amendment. I think that Bruce Willis is as well. The rest that make their living portraying brave men using firearms don’t seem to be.

      1. Reeves shoots 3-gun competitions.

        Willis is good on guns.

        Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs fame) definitely is pro-gun.

        Tim Allen (once he got his rights restored) is very pro-gun.

        Tom Selleck.

        There is a significant portion of Hollyweird that is very silent about their support for all things right-wing as it will get them cancelled.

  3. Let prisoners out, defund and malign the police, anarchy in the streets. Alinsky on steroids. All about November.

    Take a knee, lose your spot in the show. Major sports continuing down the drain. Okay by me.

    Heard a very articulate ER doctor discussing real time success with HCQ, Zinc, and Azith and factually disintegrating the propaganda against it use…got back to LA to having lost her job. Nothing to see here…uh huh.

    Actors will say that it’s not real (but made to look really real) so their conscience is clear. And since they are only acting most of them can hate the 2nd Amendment.

    1. The therapeutics sound (from what I’ve heard) to be safe and effective. I don’t know about the vaccination. I think I’ll wait until the first 100 million take the shot to see if eyes drop out or dicks fall off.

      1. Ah yes, there’s that, the vaccine. Question is will “they” force it on you? Not holding my breath it’ll be elective…as it should. And if forced, they can take their COVID vax and go pound sand. I’d be real upset if the man parts were affected.

        The producers behind Renismovax (or whatever the $$$$$ vax is called), don’t want competition from something that costs ten bucks. Follow the moolah…it’s like a truth compass.

        1. I approach the PlagueVax with considerable introspection. My sense is that if EVERYONE but me takes it, the plague will be gone and I’ll be in the clear.

          1. Herd immunity…as the Vet bride says “no need to vax all the horses in the pasture, leave the old ones alone as they’ve gotten enough over the years.” (Not sayin’ yer an old horse, but some of us have had enough crud and meds over the years that nothing can live in us for very long before the system does its work.)

  4. I’ve have the opinion you have peace officers and cops. Among my 50+ first cousins and their spouses are numerous LEOs and probation officers. Most are/were peace officers. Cops, to me, have an attitude of a hardcore infantryman mixed with a dash of bully. In that category, one was LAPD Rampart Division 1970’s. He was so rank even LAPD couldn’t stand him and forced him out. All guts and no brains. Did a Navy hitch as UDT and the Navy didn’t want to keep him.

  5. Without going into the whys and where-fors, the militarization of police beginning back in the 80’s was a bad move.
    My understanding is that Reeves is a serious 3-gun competitor.

    As for “The Vaccine”, not just NO! but HELL NO!

  6. Whoever owns that Bat-Mobile should be horse whipped. To let an American automotive icon rot like that is a crime against humanity.

    Have they no soul? No shame?

    A pox on that guy. And yes, it’s a guy, not a gal.

    1. …unless that’s the little known back-behind-the shop of George Barris and he didn’t like prototype #1 but was saving it for posterity, ’cause guys never toss anything worth keeping (which is most everything).

      1. Perhaps. I wonder where he dumped the proto-types of the Munster-mobile, the Monkee-mobile and that snazzy pea-green Family Truckster…

        1. Always wanted the Munster hotrod, now I want the Beverly Hillbilly’s truck. What’s that say? Hehe

  7. “A naive fool might suggest that it has to do with disenfranchised inner city people, but the rioters are organized, well equipped and funded, and the shot callers are mostly white.”

    My dear fellow, were you somehow involved in Law Enforcement?

    Larfs aside, these fkrs need to pay. My blood boils.

    1. “the shot callers are mostly white.”
      Dangerous road, that. Noticing THAT leads to noticing patterns, and highly disproportionate representation. And that, dear fellow, leads to forbidden thoughts.

      Some time around the end of the 20th century, noticing things became the de facto greatest crime.

      1. Though I’m dating myself, the “Sergeant Schultz approach” never worked with me.

          1. Yeah, late at night on the same re-run channel that shows I Love Lucy and McHale’s Navy.

  8. Officers of the law come in many groups and may be part of more than one group. Their are the Law Enforcement types who enjoy being “the man”. The Peace Officer who is like sheriff Andy Taylor who is part of the community. The good old boy police who would look the other way if somebody was socially connected. Then the scumbag who flew just beneath the radar to get a job as a cop and was on the take from day one.

    I have had about a dozen interactions with law officers while they were at work over the past 50 years and experienced all of them. A quarter of them were a combination of the scumbag and Law Enforcement – they were the ones who are the bad apples and do not need a job of authority.

    I have acquaintances and friends who were Officers of the law. All but one were a combination of Peace officer with a little of “the Man” mixed in. But there was one that got off on being “the Man” with a little bit of scumbag mixed in. He was a great guy until he pinned on the badge. Now that he is retired he is still an asshole.

    1. I think that you find jerks in all professions, in all walks of life. It tends to surface more clearly in law enforcement because you’re giving those people a lot of power.

  9. That 1951 map is cool, but it should have shown # of nuclear bombs.

    Changing police attitudes?

    Well, the big cities tend towards Dem rule, as they attract people who say “give me” instead of “leave me alone”. Big cities = big government, and big government = corruption. Big cities need big police departments, which means corrupt police departments. Dems want everyone to live in cities, so they will be dependent, and they control the media which means they get to set the general tone for people who aren’t experiencing it themselves.

    There is also a lesser but repetitive situation with small rural departments having uneven professionalism (elected Sheriffs are often sort of a grab bag) and a different sort of small-time corruption. I think the big city PD administrations create a lot more bad cops by orders of magnitude, though.

    It’s funny that Big City Cops are essentially a creation of the Left, and yet the Left still hates them, but they are sort of famous for auto-cannibalism. Plus, even though the Left keeps trying to make city cops into obedient Party thugs, the vast majority of people joining the force are good intentioned and just want to help people.

    Hmm. I can’t decide if that was incoherent or not. Must be the brain rot, again.
    Apologies if it doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Truth and facts always make perfect sense, except to those on the Left…brain dead people who can’t think for themselves only rely on emotions and feelings.

      1. Insane people can most often be identified as “emotions out of control”. I’ve noticed that it’s precisely those people who (not unexpectedly) identify as being donkeys.

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