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Trump Candidacy – Retrospective

As we approach the conclusion of President Trump’s first hundred days in office, it may be a good time to look back and ask yourself why pundits are paid so well — sometimes millions of dollars every year. Now, the look back – our retrospective:

The NRA Convention is Coming

Firearms dealers and manufacturers are mourning the loss of their champion, Barack Obama – the man who sold firearms and ammunition in a way that nobody else could. Clearly statues will be erected to him by Smith and Wesson.

With Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, Americans can finally rest easy in the knowledge that in the near future, the Constitutionality of the Second Amendment will remain intact. Thank you President Trump.
Now that the left is turning violent against anyone who exercises their First Amendment right to free speech, one can only wonder where all of this is going at the NRA Convention where the protestors are going to show those gun toting NRA types a thing or two.

Another Retrospective – From when United Airlines flew Zeppelins. 

Here I was hoping for federal troops rolling down the streets to put down the secessionist progressives…but no. Nobody cares about my amusement anymore — ok, but this is pretty amusing. The progressive communist who was leading the California secession movement moved out of town. I hope he likes chilly winters.

(HuffPo) The push for California secession just suffered a major setback. The colorful co-founder of the “Calexit” movement revealed that he’s withdrawing his petition for a California nationhood ballot and setting up home permanently in Russia. 
Louis Marinelli published a lengthy farewell statement on the website of the Yes California Independence Campaign announcing his move Monday. “I do not wish to live under the American flag,” he wrote. “I do not wish to live under the American political system or within the American economic system.”

16 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. And don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Louis. My advice, take a extra roll of toilet paper with you.

  2. He'll end up using his socks. On those days when you forget to bring your own tissue with you when you leave the house.

    I hope that he stays. They don't often do that.

    I wonder if they'll give him a job in a tractor factory or if he will have to glean the fields for food?

  3. Better China than Russia, if you have to pick. But as I pointed out, neither are communist. (China is a one party system with raging capitalism; Russia is a democratic oligarchy that brooks no BS from foreigners). Part of me is sad that Louis didn't choose North Korea. It's far more of what he is pining for.

  4. Ah shucks, LL, I was hoping you would make your California exit to the White Wolf Mine and then those knuckleheads would go ahead and leave the U.S.A. The Kalifornians could then learn the true failure of the politics they espouse without the assurance of "someone else's money" to spend on their idiotic ideas. 🙁

  5. I don't think that the US would let them go.

    Fortunately it's not too late for me to get out of town for good.

  6. Now if a few more Californians would join him, it just might become a livable state again.

  7. I'm about 60 days from my CALEXIT. You may beat me out of the People's Republik. Don't forget to haul down the flag if you're the last patriot out.

  8. The Russians don't like homosexuals and Kardashians…they do have standards where as California has none.

  9. I just returned from Coronado and a good-bye lunch with navy friends who remained in the San Diego area after they retired. Most are in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming or AZ. The good-bye lunch circuit with various nar-do-wells and low life friends will take a good month.

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