9/11 and Beyond

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In the intervening years, I’ve written a lot about my feelings about September 11, 2001. How fickle the American public that only 7 years later, they’d elect Barack Hussein Obama, who would spend his presidency on a tour around the nation and the world apologizing for America. 
The cause and effect of that administration was the election of President Donald J. Trump, who personally witnessed the attack on 9/11 and a Republican majority in both houses of the legislature. Now there’s a big move to make America socialist? (WTF?)
Barack Obama is a man who would not say “Islamic terrorism”. During his time, we saw the rise of ISIS and his administration’s impotence to do anything about it. We also saw how quickly ISIS folded when we changed leadership.
My comments are that we not only need to remember the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the aborted attack on the White House due to patriots who stood up to evil – and the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi (2012) over a decade later, but we need to look at ourselves as a nation and on the unwavering course that we need to take into the future for ourselves and our posterity.

18 thoughts on “9/11 and Beyond

  1. We can list all of the Obama era scandals including the Fast and Furious disaster where Obama (and his DOJ) decided to traffic firearms into Mexico covertly in the hopes that they'd be used to commit crimes in the US and give them more cause to institute tougher firearms control measures.

    The Benghazi Scandal was just as odious – blaming somebody nobody ever heard of in Santa Monica for making an offensive film that the savages never saw.

    It was scandal after scandal and I'm glad he's gone — and took that wicked crone, Hillary Clinton, with him.

  2. Well said and it's remarkable to me that immediately after 9/11, starting with Bush and all through the long Obama years, we were subjected to a constant barrage of pro Moslem sentiment from the government.

    The sheer scale of the doublethink is astounding.

  3. The Trump Administration brought welcome relief. Hopefully we can keep majorities in the House and Senate.

    CNN and MSNBC are working hard to spread lies to get the Illuminati back in power. Fortunately, CNN has lower ratings than Sponge Bob.

  4. I don't think that Obamski was "impotent" when dealing with ISIS. "Impotent" generally implies a want or desire to do something, but physical limitations won't allow you do carry out any action.

    He just flat-out wasn't going to do anything to try and stop them. "Impotence" had no part in his actions…..

  5. The wound that won't heal is the whole debacle was preventable. The instructors at some of the flight schools where the "martyrs" trained at alerted the FBI that something didn't make sense.

    Afterwards, the "never let a good crisis go to waste" was used to forward many agendas. When you are on a roll, got to keep that crisis alive. Kill off some young men and women in pointless and poorly managed wars? Bankrupt the nation? On and on.

    Yeah, I'm a bitter clinger conspiracy believer.

  6. One does wonder just where all the money that he had after his presidency came from.

    I much prefer a president who sees the office as a burden to bear, rather than an opportunity for fortune.

  7. Beans, there was a lot of 'pay to play' in the Obama White House. If you wanted to talk to him about an issue that was pressing, $100K would buy you a few minutes. Hillary Clinton was more rapacious than even Obama was. There was a situation in a foreign country where I thought that it might be advantageous to use Bill Clinton. A one day trip to Latin America (turn around) for Bill to make an appearance was $10M + executive jet + expenses. We never had to execute it, but I knew how to get to Bill to get a quote. For Barack, it was a steady stream of six figure "honorariums" that were paid to his foundation.

  8. He was too "imPOtant" to get involved in the details best left to "little people', as dialect puts it. That he had appointed shit kicked off the heels of betters as 'little people' and gave them no real power except to lie creatively for The Cause whenever possible speaks no good of our Freat (Half-)White Father in Washington. Hawk! Spit!

  9. If Obama had done ANYTHING to help black people, he would have gone down as a good president. But he didn't even do that. Maybe because his evil white half stopped him. It would make a good movie…sci-fi/horror

  10. I'd pay good money to see the actual Barack (who apparently has a show on Netflix from what I'ver heard) try and hack the white half out of him with a machete.

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