Joe, Ho, and the traitorous Milley –

Blood on their Hands


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin does not want to testify before Congress about his role in the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and if he continues to resist, even after being subpoenaed, he could face a penalty up to and including jail time.

It doesn’t appear likely things will escalate that far, but jail, among other things, is on the table for a man too smug and cowardly to face the public.



Got blood on my hands…
Got blood on my hands…
And I don’t understand…
What’s happening
There’s blood on these hands
And still American’s…
Left to the Taliban…
Now how’s that happening?
Winkin’ Blinken
Can’t you look in my eyes
Willy Milley
Tell me when did you decide…

In addition to making music, Ondrasik is making a difference.  He performs for the USO, and has keynote speaking engagements across the globe.  A great supporter of the U.S. military, Ondrasik has given away five volumes of compilation “CD for the Troops” albums to our U.S. Armed Forces.  Over one million copies have been distributed to soldiers worldwide.  Additionally, the charity site,, inspired by his song, “World,” saw fans uploading videos showing their respective interpretations of a better world.  That initiative raised more than $250,000 for five designated charities – Augie’s Quest, Austism Speaks, Fisher House Foundation, Save the Children and Operation Homefront.

For more information on Ondrasik and Five for Fighting visit:


It begs the question of whether SECDEF Austin and the traitor General Mark A. Milley deliberately set up the United States for failure as part of an even more sinister and darker game in collusion with the communist Chinese.


This Meme returns by popular demand






Identify the Czech Helicopter


    • Wolves have to eat. Of course, when they’ve cycled it, they fertilize the land with the corrupt flesh that they tore apart. Wolves are our friends. Naturally white wolves have to be lumped into the concept as well…

  1. I can’t decide if the liberal elite have decided to throw Milley to the wolves (not Jules’, don’t want to give them heartburn) or if this issue will be made to go away like so many others. Part of the problem deciding is Mr. Woodward’s poor track record with dealing with facts. Sometimes it appears as if he invents facts to make a story more interesting. Interesting times indeed, the next 6 weeks should tell the tale.

  2. Let’s see if I have this straight…
    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was dealing with(?), reporting to(?), just talking with(?) the communist Chinese in secret because he didn’t like the President….
    I’d wonder who he was really working for but his midnight calls to the CCP kinda answer that question.
    I’d have thought he was working for the Deep State like the FBI and rest of them….

  3. And the chopper is a MIL-8 with a US-made minigun. The Czechs are replacing their ex-Soviet helos with modern, twin-engined Hueys. So is Ukraine, BTW.

  4. Right on the choppa – right on the court-martial. Who should the presiding judges be? And the jury? His peers – a bunch of stars? The problem with trying somebody of Mark Milley’s military stature is that finding an honest judge is like finding an honest man in Congress.

    Maybe they should reach into the ranks of the has-beens and you and I could sit on the jury. I’ll be impartial.

    • I’m sorry I would LOVE to be on the Jury,
      BUT, I could NOT be impartial.

      I would however Love to volunteer for the firing squad.
      After the POS Treasonous Bastard is found guilty of course…
      AND as a bonus:
      I am a marksman and can guarantee to put a shot through the heart

      MSG Grumpy

  5. Like I said earlier, getting stupider by the minute, but I’d edit that to “nanosecond”. More traitors today than likely ever before.

    Great song, and hat tip to them for their service to our service men and woman. MrsPaulM did USO shows back in the 80’s and early 90’s, quite the deal hearing her stories between Okinawa (hot rain she said), South Korea, Atolls, Marshall Islands, Guam, Hawaii (got a great tan), and other places I likely will never see but ones a lot of you have been in service to what was once a great country (still is in some aspects, but the cliff of no return is approaching fast).

    The Helo- My idiot not-a-savant answer is: Gray blue with a touch of darker gray. That’s as good as I can get.

    • They’re huge and are trained to go for the throat. She is said to supplement their dry food with the bodies of the unwary.

  6. Nothing will happen to Benedick Milly, maybe promotion or a cool gig as a Chinese lobbyist or with a defense contractor or industry. He’s Teflon at this point, too many others are involved and he won’t go down alone. The media adore him.

      • the media is hyping how the calls weren’t “secret” b/c there were 15 people present during the calls. so 15 co-conspirators then, and the calls were still classified, which makes them “secret”. the spin machine is in high gear. the calls don’t concern me as much as the insertion of himself into the nuke protocol a a blocker between the prez and norad. i’m sure with slojoe it remains that way.

  7. Simply put, my understanding of Milly os that he decided to tell the Chinese that he would decide what the military would and wouldn’t do and in turn ignore the CIC. That in my book as to how I read it should result in immediate ouster from the service and jail or worse.

    The worse part is listening to these puke heads “justifying” what I feel are traitorous actions.
    How much lower can we sink if the top honchos of the military are involved with this deep leftist takeover?

  8. I saw your title for today’s post, and warmly remembered a long-lost chum from the early-1990s.
    This was a favorite:
    Dog-Day Afternoon by Shelby Lynne from her album Tough All Over.
    Another treasured cut — I Lie Myself To Sleep.

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