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Bullet Points:

** Those who want us to work to 70 but won’t hire us after 50, are the same people.

** Jules checks in with castles, cake, and cultivation. More art philosophy!

** Another T-90 bites the dust. An AFU T-64BV tank destroys a RuAF T-90S tank in close combat. Note that the RuAF tank’s gun is pointing down the tree line meaning it had no idea where the AFU tank was. It is very possible the T-64 was receiving information on the T-90’s position from the drone reconnaissance team meaning the Russians were fighting “in the blind.” More from Forbes (h/t Claudio)

** There is a huge bias against so-called alpha males in the world today. Toxic Masculinity is tossed out as something that needs to be crushed without remorse. Beta males are rewarded. Dictionary: a man tending to assume a passive or subservient role in social or professional situations. “there’s nothing macho about him—he’s a total beta male”. There is a lot of institutional focus on US Special Operations Forces in an attempt to weed out alpha males or at the very least to control them. Many of us recall when being an alpha male was a default baseline requirement.

** Miss Zimbabwe – The very Caucasian Brooke Bruk-Jackson was crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023, and she is a native of Harare, the country’s capital. Since she was crowned over her two black female runner-ups, the internet has been erupting with many people voicing their disapproval of this decision. The internet is full of racists.

** Trust the government – Parents are increasingly expressing concerns regarding their children’s education and attending school board meetings to voice their opinions. Still, Cardona said he does not think highly of such people.

** CDR SAL has a good article focusing on America’s aging and untested nuclear arsenal, the value of tactical nuclear weapons, etc. It’s worth reading.

** The Obama and the Biden administrations finally seemed to have achieved their aims, in what the Obamas once boasted would be the “fundamental transformation” of America into something unrecognizable by its Founders. But what they gave us was nihilism—the destruction of norms, laws, and customs.

** Judicial Watch – “It is no coincidence the FBI operatives implicated in improperly protecting Hunter and Joe Biden were also abusing President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Justice Department and the FBI have been irredeemably compromised and their refusal to follow federal transparency law further confirms their corruption.”



From the Days of Fighting Sail


There are many suggestions for the origin of the word hijack, a 19th-century Americanism that originally meant the coercion or illegal seizure of a person. In all versions of the word’s possible origins, the plot line and outcome are the same: one person is seized forcibly by another. The stories vary only in the identity of the person responsible for the seizure or the use of the keyword, hijack.

According to the nautical version, ” Hi, Jack!” was a prostitute’s come-on to a lonely sailor on shore leave. Anticipating a pleasurable encounter with the lady of the night, a distracted, unwary sailor was instead struck from behind and knocked senseless by one of “the lady’s” confederates.


He was then sold to a ship in need of a crew. The counterpart where a poor Sailor was kidnapped while drunk and then in a state of drunken unconsciousness was dragged onto a ship – usually to China – was called Shanghaiing.

The word hijack, also spelled highjack, now means the illegal seizure of cargo or a vehicle in transit, or sometimes even the theft of ideas.


Identify the Aircraft







    • #2 – McDonnell Mercury capsule – it’s the cone shaped thingy covered by a tarp.

      Ha! Beat Surly at his own game!!!! HA!

      But, really, shows you how small the Mercury was.

  1. “ The Obama and the Biden administrations […] transformation of America into something unrecognizable by its Founders.”

    Eh. This has been going on for well over a century. Obama and Biden admins are merely end-stage overt manifestations. And it’s highly apropos that you discuss the word “hijack” in this post. Because that’s what happened to the US.

  2. Plane #2 must be in dire straits to have deployed Jules’ Emergency Clown Nose.

    Speaking of emergencies, Acela follies #454. Train stops in New Haven. Conductor comes into car shouting (because PA is faulty): we are being held because there is a wire [power line] down on the Hell Gate Bridge (NYC). Next update is that said bridge is on fire. We are told to get off train, switch to an alternate rail line that doesn’t use Hell Gate. Half the train gets off. I dawdle. Three minutes later they announce that one track might be opened up soon. People clamber back aboard, muttering. I say, loudly, “This is the classic Chinese Fire Drill. And I’m allowed to say that.” People look, see me, and avert their eyes. Hahaha.

    • Poking the dog there, eh, Mike? Understand, most suburban commuters are stuck in their daily track, any interruption to “the routine” (which a lot hate) makes them grumpy, humor is lost. Good on you for keeping it light.

      (“Grumpy” is not the same as “cranky”, I was cranky yesterday, mainly about the state of affairs at the hands of morons running the boat off the cliff. DrJim rightfully pointed out that so are 70+ million more…so I’m in good company. At least we “Clan of the Cranky” can still laugh at ourselves.)

      • Come on Jack, Pedo Joe is the most popular president in US history.

        Mike_C is a racist for talking about a Chinese fire drill even if he self-identifies as Chinese. Heck, we all self-identify as Chinese before talking about something as racist as a “fire-drill”.

          • I am going to lunch with a client at BJ’s today in Phoenix. I’m confused about how I should self-identify to avoid the possibility of a misstep.

          • Good luck with the lunch and how to selfidentify. I had a work friend named Bernie S[redacted] at a company that our group collaborated with. (No, not Sanders, that guy never worked.) So the entire engineering team had to initial certain documents. The others in the group teased him about marking everything with “BS”. I suggested he use his middle initial as well. Bernie hung his head, “it doesn’t make it better.” I looked around, confused. Chuck snorted, “His middle name is John.”

            So there you go. ☹️

    • I used to work with a guy who had a Chinese father and a Mexican mother. He looked mostly Mexican except around the eyes, which had folds kinda like a Shar Pei dog. His description, not mine. He was also the class clown type, always working the ethnic humor of his ancestry to the limit. Especially in Mexican restaurants. He would say me Chinee to the server and when they questioned him, he’d whip out his driver’s license to prove it.

  3. “Hijack/Highjack”- Perfect word of the day for our government, prostitutes calling out to us while seizing our stuff for their gain. Be wary of come-on’s by these people.

    My parents went to every school board meeting, at a time when the board worked for parents…and there were no police in attendance unless they were there as a parent. When a school board turns on parents and criminalizes dissent, it is a indicator they are trying to hide their evil agenda.

    Miss Bruk-Jackson- A stunning young lady. The Massively Uninformed also don’t like her because she is a Christian woman using her unabashed God-given talents for the betterment of society. Gee, what a concept. I will only say this once: “You go girl”. Also refreshing was the very gracious host. (Wonder if the naysayers would hate Ms. Theron in the same manner?)

      • Side note: “Caucasian Africans”? The internet hater club exposes the serious lack of actual education of world cultures (in a proper sense) in modern era schools. Students in the fifties knew more than your average HS senior today, who use their phones as the knowledge gap-filler.

        How many Americans truly know the demographics of countries around the globe? Very few. (Hint: All Danes aren’t blonde blue-eyed goddesses…well, except for MrsPaulM)

        • I had more Math, Physics, and Chemistry in High School than most college grads have today. And I suspect I knew more as an 8th grader than most “high school” grads today….

  4. Barack’s presidential portrait is appropriate. You might think he is man from the jungle who has been civilized, but it is to the jungle he is leading the Republic. Now in his 3rd term. At least he’ll get to enjoy his 3 housesfor a few more years

  5. Nukes. I certaainly agree with Cdr Sal. Se no need for a sub launched nuclear cruise missile. Sounds like another money pit. I believe the last operational physics package that was actually tested was the W 87 (Misty Rain) back in the early/mid 80s. Too damn long to rely on just computer modeling if we want to rely on these things in a war.

    The Mercury capsule in the Globemaster picture reminded me just how small the innards of those things were. Like riding in a phone booth only with less room and a lethal environment outside.

    And now I am thinking of Chinese food, thanks Paul, just what I needed.


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