“Ho-ho-ho” is the standard greeting for the Veep… more below.


More Privilege for Illegal Aliens

(link) The Bradon regime has once again proven that it is not “racist” by allowing illegal migrants to board commercial flights around the country even though they don’t have identification. And really, what could possibly go wrong? They are receiving airline travel vouchers from your federal government. How generous. It would also be interesting (though racist) to know how many American hospital beds are currently occupied by illegal aliens. I’m sure those stats will never surface.


Historical Reference (in the Days of Fighting Sail)

Sailors and religion are a subject in themselves and many were not particularly religious, even if they had been brought up religiously. And yet there were masses and the Bible was also consulted at funerals, but the priest was to be avoided like the devil avoids holy water. After all, the priest was associated with morality and death, which no one wanted to be near. But if things got dicey and danger was very close, there were some patron saints who were called upon and asked for protection. But there were also some who simply wore the symbol of their patron saint as general protection. Here are a few of them.

Saint Brendan

One of the most popular patron saints is Saint Brendan (Irish Gaelic Brénaind), a Celtic saint and hero of legendary voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. He is best known for his legendary voyage to the Isle of the Blessed, later immortalized in the mythical Christian tale Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis Voyage of St Brendan the Abbot. This Irish epic depicts an incredible Atlantic voyage with other monks that culminated in their arrival in the “Promised Land of the Saints”. Because of his great navigational skills in finding this Promised Land, he is the patron saint of navigators.

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas of Myra is probably the most famous saint in the world. Saint Nicholas was born in what is now Turkey. When he was young, he lost both his parents. He gave away the inheritance they left him to the poor and sick. This is reflected today in his commemoration day of 6 December, which many celebrate. For the seafarers, however, he is more interesting because he is said to have managed to calm a storm by asking for help, which is why he is usually the one who is asked for help in a storm.

Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is also one of the more popular saints, though his existence remains disputed. He is said to be the patron of travelers and to help cross waterways.

Saint Clement

Clement of Rome is said to be the third successor of Saint Peter and the first Apostolic Father of the Church. Not too much is known about the life of St Clement I, a few details have survived. Because of his evangelizing efforts, he was drowned with an anchor around his neck. This anchor became his symbol, a symbol of hope. Although hope itself, by the way, is feminine and that is why she is usually depicted, especially in connection with seafarers. St. Clement, however, is a protector against storms and tempests, so he is also often asked for help in storms.

Saint Elmo

Erasmus of Formia, also known as Elmo, and was Bishop of Formia, Italy, at a time when Emperor Diocletian was persecuting Christians. The story of St Erasmus shows how he miraculously endured all kinds of torture. He suffered many excruciating punishments before finally meeting a supposedly cruel death. However, he himself became the patron saint of sailors, for he is said to have continued preaching even when lightning struck the ground next to him, which is incidentally where the weather phenomenon St. Elmo’s fire gets its name. This prompted sailors who found themselves in danger from sudden storms and lightning to call on his prayers.

Now you know.


And while we’re on Sail

There is the US Navy’s sailboat drone. There are no saints to call on, just the drone.


Orgies of up to 25 now approved down under

(more from zerohedge) One can only opine the damage to the orgy if a twenty-sixth participant came, and possibly brought a chicken (a 27th participant).


America’s Ho

(Fox News) Brit Hume told Fox News Radio host Guy Benson that the controversial op-ed Peggy Noonan penned about Vice President Kamala Harris (America’s Ho) and her struggling public perception included some sound, but unattainable, advice, as the VP has “never” been the person Noonan described.

During the 2016 election, Madonna (a whore and a witch) offered blow jobs in exchange for a vote for Hillary. It was covered by a number of liberal outlets. It might be that the same tactic, employed by another odious, old whore, could be used by the unpopular Veep, showing that she does have value to her party.

(Photo above: I think that most of us prefer that she wears a mask)


  1. We are not sure just who are the puppet masters pulling SloJo’s strings and the masterminds behind his campaign. Perhaps our esteemed VP offered her proven oral skills to the puppet masters in exchange? Why else would she be selected? After all, she came in last in the primary in her own home state.

    • The same people who pulled Obama’s strings pull slow Joe’s. Maybe it’s a bit more obtuse now because Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Wall St. Bankers etc. have their people sitting in offices in the West Wing to give immediate advice.

      I hate to give the ho that much credit. I mean, who would want that wretched, odious, old ho anywhere near them? Still, I’ve known guys who would f*ck a pile of rocks if they thought that there was a snake in it.

      • Ultimately the strings lead to Soros and other New World Order Europeans and some Americans. All sitting safe in their fortress homes.

        Who are working through the Tech com;panies and various 60’s US terrorists who are now multi-millionaires, along with some not-priests in various orders.

        It’s simple. Just look for the powerful people who all got on national and international tv to denounce Trump even before Trump announced he was running.

        • The self-described elites have gotten seriously too big for their collective britches and require a comeuppance. These dipwad’s don’t like an outcome, they simply ignore and/or change the rules or law by fiat.

          Insulting every decent American has gotten old and tired…requires an appropriately stiff response.

  2. Brandon may prefer “ho ho ho” but “yippee ki yay” would be my preferred greeting.
    Mask? I would prefer a flour sack like the bandits of old sometimes used.

  3. Harris tried to charge an electric car yesterday, inept does not describe the most hollow and inauthentic person in DC who is clueless about anything real or substantive. The nervous cackle proves she knows her tenure is skating on thin ice. Madonna sold her soul a long time ago, travels in the same boat as Harris…Satan is their driver.

    Changing my name to Martinez, heading south to sneak into Mexico, then coming back across the border to collect my $450k, freebie airplane travel vouchers (I am assuming First Class), and vouchers for my extended stay at La Quinta – translated means “Next to Denny’s”, where I have more vouchers for all I can eat — ALL free from Brandon the Fool. He’s got my vote.

    What we see with the sadistic overrunning the good (or trying), is getting more stupid by the day. It will come to a head and they will lose because we are The Wall.

    • Be sure to appropriate, er, ADOPT, a Nahuatl first name for maximum effect. (I seem to recall segments of the American fifth column — or is that “fourth estate” — gushing over a certain Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas because of his “native name”. I mean, support him or not based on his policies, FFS, not his first name.)

      I took the liberty of looking up some particularly euphonious and/or interesting Nahuatl boy’s names. “Meanings” from some random website. I have no idea of accuracy.
      Chimalpopoca: “a smoking shield”
      Nezahualcoyotl: a famous Texcoco king, means “the fasting coyote”
      Tecuetlaza: “the male who can throw similar to a Mexican beaded lizard” [ed. WTF?]
      Tlilpotonqui: “black-feathered”
      Xicohtencatl: “angry bumblebee”

      Or you could look for one that sounds like a bad word in English. One of my uncles, as a little boy, came home from his first day of French class snickering and delighted with himself. He’d picked the name “Pierre” because it sounds like the Mandarin word for “anus” (and apparently even more so in Shanghainese dialect).

      • Now that’s some good stuff right there. Was originally thinking “Juan”, which come to think of it is kinda lame, so with your scholarship am targeting “angry bumblebee”, which reflects my current state of mind against the scumbags in charge. Then again, “Grande Cajones Martinez” could also work.

  4. Joe and the Ho have no control… And the neat little SailDrones cannot be used in the SCS, because the Chinese will steal them. I know, they stole test equipment from us and we had to take it back.

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